Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: The Truth of This World

"Shaya, you know as a lady fantasy creature, I won't return anything I have eaten. After all, we are not kids anymore, are we?"

Hydra looked at Shaya Longnis with a pleasant mood.

He really changed it!

My most beautiful, excellent bride defeated the strongest enemy on the stage called "The End of the World"! He had changed this world's doomed fate!

Oh, what a perfect ending!

He deserves to be my bride. Even though it will make Shaya Longnis regard me as a lifetime enemy, it's still a sure-fire business!

Everything has been solved, the next is to enjoy the honey days with my cute bride!

"The Water God, Hydra, deranged the rules of White Lotus Sword Domain, caused the tenth Sky Sword's irrational behavior, and protected the intruder from another god's domain."

"Even though you are a god, you have still sinned."

"You shall be judged."

Yun Xi looked at Hydra's happy face with a straight face, pouring cold water on her.

"Gee? ...Oh! No, wait!" Hydra was dumbfounded. She forgot that the Guardian of the Door was still possessing Yun Xi's body.

A cold light reflected on the silver longsword. It cut through Hydra's necks accurately. Seven of nine Hydra's heads dropped to the ground. Infinite blood squirted from Hydra's necks, even though she was a god, she still cried with pain.


"Puff! Puff!"

Being accompanied by some unknown sounds, Hydra's huge body toppled down to the ground.

"The intruder from another god's domain, the White Holy Dragon, you have sinned and shall be judged."

The Guardian of the Door controlled Yun Xi's body, brandishing the silver longsword again.

A painful dragon's cry came from the void. Apparently, even the Mist Demon couldn't protect Mumu from suffering this attack.

Yun Xi finally understood how the White Holy Dragon was hurt. It was too incredible a power. It was the power from the Guardian of the Door, the great will that was taking over his body and Hua Yue's body.

"The rulings are over." After the three attacks, the oldest Sky Sword's will faded away and returned back to the "door".

Now, there was no "legend ranked power" that was still living in White Lotus Sword Domain. All the labile factors that may break the balance in this sword domain have been cleansed.

The Guardian of the Door wouldn't intervene other things, because all things had returned to balance.

The lights of stars shone on Yun Xi's body, which meant that this trial had finished.

However, Yun Xi surprisingly found that he didn't return to the palace of the stars but was still standing on the ground of the Water God's world.

"Is it over?" After 15 minutes, Yun Xi finally realized that the trial had finished.

However, the scene around him didn't change at all.

He was still standing on the island in the center of his world. Under his feet, there were innumerable blooming flowers extending to the end of the world.

"It's finally over." Yun Que walked to Yun Xi from a distance. She was still carrying the black longbow, smiling toward Yun Xi. "You did it!"

"Oh, I also didn't expect that I could do this! Thank you for your help!" Yun Xi looked around with a lot of questions in his head.

Why didn't I return to the palace of the stars?

Haven't I accomplished all the quests?

"Where will you go? You are a hero ranked Baker and the Water God's favorite, countless forces will be happy to open their doors wide for you." Yun Que looked at Yun Xi with a mixed mood.

If she didn't witness it with her own eyes, she wouldn't believe that "Yun Hai" could defeat the tenth Sky Sword.

Although "Yun Hai" wasn't using his own power, but anyway, he had stepped into that realm and defeated a legend ranked strong being. This experience was sufficient to bring him a bright future!

"Where will I go…?" Yun Xi looked at the bright stars in the sky in confusion. He couldn't stop the perspiration from pouring down his face.

Hey, hey, the great stars, what's the situation now?

Why did the real starry sky appear in the Water God's world?

"Yun Que... where are we?" After hesitating for a while, Yun Xi questioned Yun Que with a fluke mind.

"Where... where else can we be? Of course we are in the central area of White Lotus Sword Domain, the Storm Eye. Don't you know we were in the Water God's world? Now, this world just begins to dock with the real world." Yun Que looked at Yun Xi curiously.

Due to some reason, we were involved in the Water God's world, then the battle between you and Shaya Longnis broke the barrier between this world and the real world, so that it exposed itself in White Lotus Sword Domain. Do I really need to explain such an obvious truth to you?

The Water God was this world itself. This world located in the center of the Storm Eye. From the beginning, Water God's huge body was the nature of this world.

Now, due to the attack from the Guardian of the Door, the Water God had to sleep again, and this world gradually restored its true appearance and started to dock with reality.

Probably the Water God's world was the main reason why the space in the Storm Eye was so unstable.

"Cough... you mean... this is a real world? Not just a dream?" Yun Xi touched his White Emperor Mask and clearly felt that the Water God's power had become very weak.

However, it just became weak, but didn't disappear.

Hydra just slept again but didn't die, so her god power still existed in the White Emperor Mask.

Yun Xi could even call his one million brides' figures to appear again if he wanted.

"Yes, the Water God's world was a real world from the beginning. It was hiding in the center of the Storm Eye."

"We were chosen by Water God to be its Apostles and other people were chosen by the Sky Sword to be her Apostles."

"Now, we have won the battle, so we have no reason to fight with other people again."

Yun Xi didn't know what facial expression was under his mask, he knew it must be very bad.

Wait, so the trial wasn't just a dream.

What does it mean?

It means that I really, really...

Married a million girls!

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