Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: The Last Marriage Contract

After entering the Water God's world, Yun Xi had looked for Hua Yue and Xiao Cao many times, but found not even the slightest trace, as if they had completely disappeared from this world.

At first, he thought that they had joined Shaya Longnis' camp, just like the twin witches and Hua Huo.

Apparently, he was wrong. There were not only the two camps, the Water God's and the Sky Sword's camp. There was a third and even a fourth camp.

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao joined the unknown third camp and fourth camp.

Compared to the Water God's camp, who had done their best and were all exhausted now, perhaps the third camp and the fourth camp were the keys to change the fate of this world!

"It's about time." After tasting Yun Xi's savor, Shaya Longnis licked her lips with a pleasant look.

It's time to enjoy my dinner!

"Hua Yue! Xiao Cao!"

Yun Xi was already at an absolute disadvantage. In desperation, he shouted out the last two girls' names.

"Who is calling me?"

"Who am I!? Where am I going? Why am I here?"

Behind her, there was a white golden longsword that was inserted into the ground and emitted a cold and sacred aura.

At the south pole of the Water God's world, Xiao Cao stood on an ice mountain and stretched herself, looking at this world with her confused eyes.

"Are you calling my name? ... Who are you? Your name is..." Behind her back, a dark yellow sword was floating in the air, emitting infinite Aura of the Desert.

They were really in this world!

Now, all the Starwing Knights girls had been accounted for!

Therefore, say it. Say the magical words that could change this world's fate and create a bright future.

"You don't know my name, but I know your names. Please trust me. I need your help, I need your power! If you can believe in me, if you can lend me your power, please listen, listen to my voice and wish."

Behind Yun Xi, the Water God's Opera House opened again.

This time, the singers weren't the three High Priestesses but the Starwing Knights girls.

They pressed their chests and sang at the top of their voices.

"Why? Why? We can go everywhere, but we can't go anywhere."

"The dark is hovering in the sky, a fantastic miracle is generating inside it."

"My eyes opened for glory, writing the future that had been recorded."

"Other people can't loan me the power to open up a new path, we can only open the closed door with our own hands."

"I'm willing to be your wings and glory, offering our unshakable belief to you."

"Our love, will be forever!"

At the end of this world, the north pole.

Sacred lights were shining inside Hua Yue's eyes.

Oh, I heard it. I heard the sounds from the people I love, I heard the sounds from the people I want to protect.

Sword, hold the sword!

For the important thing I need to protect!

This is the guardian's persistence!

At the end of this world, the south pole.

Xiao Cao took a deep breath and exhaled.

Yes, this is the feeling. This is the impulse, spirit and will.

No matter who the enemy is, I will never give up or concede!

A flame was burning inside her heart.

The fire from the Battle God!

"Lend me your powers. Marry me!" Yun Xi announced. He proposed to the last two girls of the Starwing Knights with his most sincere voice.

"I accept your proposal."

Hua Yue didn't remember why she was here, but the voice was so familiar and went straight into her heart.

The proud princess was moved by the girls' song echoing in the world. She drew her sword.

At that moment, a vague figure appeared behind her.

The figure had three strands of ice blue hair on her forehead, long braids on her back, steel blue gems on her sleeves, and sword shaped ribbons on the corner of her dress.

Hua Yue's sword was from this cold, beautiful girl. The sharp sword blade was reflecting a cold silver white light.

The sword handle was half a metre long, in the junction of the sword's handle and blade, there was a round compass. In the middle of the compass, there was a big lock-hole, looked as if something was sealed inside it.

At the end of this world, the south pole.

"I'm willing to marry you." Following her instinct, Xiao Cao also accepted Yun Xi's proposal and caught the sword that dropped in her hand. A tall woman appeared behind her. She was wearing a special, tribal style clothes with a pair of fetters on her feet. Her body shape was so perfect that it far exceeded any mortal. On her fallow coloured skin, there were tattoos of black and white. Her braided tail was also very long and reached her ankles.

The sword in Xiao Cao's hands looked very rough, as if it was made of some poor quality sand gravel, but these "sand gravels" were flowing along the shape of the sword!

The sword handle looked like a strange sandglass. The sand gravel were flowing out of the sandglass and flowing into the sandglass, so that the sword could keep such a strange shape due to such a weird circulation.

"Ga!" When the two girls accepted his proposal, Yun Xi's mind was instantly covered by two prodigious powers.

Unlike Hydra's infinite power of blood, the powers Yun Xi obtained from Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were two pure, special mental strengths.

To Yun Xi who had the great physical power but didn't have the mental strength to control it, the two mental strengths were like a welcome rain after a long drought!

"Hum? Those two auras..." For the first time, Shaya Longnis didn't look calm. Something was out of her control.

Because something should never belong to Yun Xi appeared on his body.

"The oldest Sky Sword, the guardian of the door..."

"And the sixth Sky Sword, Casina, the Battle God!"

Shaya Longnis cocked her head, looking at Yun Xi in surprise.

Why did their powers appear on my food?

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