Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: Furious Yun Xi

"It's too early to say this, but I believe that we can walk hand in hand, creating a future that belongs to us both. Therefore, I make this oath here: I will bless you all my life, I will love you, my most beautiful bride forever."

Hydra said so. Yun Xi could feel that a seed was growing and sprouting rapidly in his body, then pushed open his body, turning into a terrible power spreading in the air.

To love, Starchild!

No matter how horrible an experience you have faced in the past, and what a painful memory there is in your mind, "love" itself won't be wrong.

Love is sweet and wonderful. It's a behavior that can fill the world with happiness.

Even in the stars' old memories, love was still the most memorable scene.

Due to love, someone drew open the holy sword to save his lover.

Due to love, someone gave up his kingdom, traveling in distant parts.

The melody of love is a forever sung amongst the stars!

Therefore, learn how to love! Even if she was a supreme god, don't feel afraid to convey your feeling!

Even if this wasn't a real world and this wasn't really happening.

"Bang!" Earsplitting sounds of heartbeats came from Yun Xi's chest. It was similar to Hydra's heartbeat which could even shake a world, which should never be a human's heartbeat.

"Hum? This aura..." Shaya Longnis squinted, looking at Yun Xi and the Hydra's shadow behind Yun Xi with a strange look.

"Oh... this... is..." Hydra was also shocked, because it smelled its own odor from its bride, Yun Xi!




Like Hydra's huge amount of life force appeared after it woke up from thousands of years sleep, Yun Xi's aura could also make the world tremble at this moment.

"Hiss!" The White Emperor Mask twisted as a crimson snake tail stretched out from the back of the mask, rolling up tempestuous waves to the sky.

It was just a start.

Quickly, the second, the third... a total of nine crimson snake tails stretched out from the back of Yun Xi's mask, staining everything around him with a blood color.

In the legend, the nightmare monster of Western God's Domain, the undead nine headed snake, Hydra had infinite blood that could stain the earth and cover the sea.

Its nine heads, each an independent life. It was meaningless to just chop down one of its head, because it could grow a new head within a few seconds.

As long as Hydra's nine heads weren't chopped down at the same time, it was undying. It was one of the strongest immortal fantasy creatures in mythology.

However, not all nine headed snake had such a strong undying body. All nine headed snakes were the descendants of the Earth Goddess, but only the strongest one could inherit this godlike talent from its bloodline.

Once upon a time, a Hydra was killed by a demigod, but its poisonous blood also killed the demigod who had experienced the legendary twelve labours.

Hydra, it wasn't a name. It was the highest title of the Nine Headed Snake Race. Only the strongest nine headed snake could call itself "Hydra".

The Water God was such a Hydra, who had reached its race’s end of evolution. It was a fantasy creature, but also a real god.

The blood in its body was the real "ichor"!

At this time, the nine crimson snake tails on Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask was the Water God's God Mark, the confirmation of controlling all beings' blood.

"Arrrghhh!" Yun Xi pressed on his mask yelling crazily.

The Water God's power was too powerful for him now!

He shouldn't be able to touch this power at this time. If he was a common hero ranked being, 1% of the energy that was rampaging in his body now was sufficient to make him explode.

However, due to the power of the stars, the Water God, Hydra's power, was completely reflected into Yun Xi's body.

It was a legend ranked power!

The legend rank was totally different to the hero rank.

Moreover, it was a legend ranked power from a god who had lived such a long, long time in the universe.

If a mortal's power was like a drop of water, and a hero ranked power was like a river, then the legend ranked power was like an endless sea that was being poured into Yun Xi's body.

Legend ranked beings couldn't enter small worlds with their true bodies, because their existence itself was already sufficient to cause disasters in small worlds, like the disaster White Holy Dragon brought to White Lotus Sword Domain. At this moment, Yun Xi was like an expanding balloon, all the blood and nerves in his body were filled with the Water God's power.

"Boom!" A blood colored light emitted from Yun Xi's fingertip. Compared to Shaya Longnis' blast wave, the blood colored light was rough and ridiculously powerful, but for the first time, the Sky Sword drew back three steps and drew three lines in the air with her fingers.

Three earthshaking blast waves flew to the blood colored light and crashed into it instantly.

Undoubtedly, even though the Sky Sword just possessed the spider queen's body as its avatar, Yun Xi’s skill of controlling powers still couldn’t be compared to the Sky Sword’s.

Fortunately, the Water God was also not good at controlling its power.

Hydra had nine snake tails and nearly infinite strength. Its tactic was to always overwhelm its enemy with its absolute strength!

It had already become an instinct engraved in its bloodline, and now, it also infected Yun Xi, who just obtained nine Hydra's tails.

If one blood colored light wasn't enough, then how about a hundred blood colored lights?

The nine snake tails on Yun Xi's mask moved.

A hundred blood colored lights crossed in the air, turning the place where Shaya Longnis was standing into a realm of blood lights.

Hydra's blood could even have poisoned a demigod. Now, Yun Xi released a hundred blood curses at once!

Even more frightening was that it was just a start.

The nine crimson snake tails fiercely hissed in the air. Yun Xi had Hydra's power, but couldn't control the power as easily as Hydra. He could only simply release the infinite power of blood contained in his blood.

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand!

The nine crimson snake tails cheered. After becoming the Water God, they had never been so unscrupulous!

The infinite power of blood turned into huge waves, billows and the sea of blood, launching a crazy attack towards the intruder, Shaya Longnis!

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