Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Descending

Unlike the songs of love they sung on Yun Xi's proposal ceremony, this time, the three High Priestesses was singing the same rhythm.

For this song, and the wonder named "Water God's Opera House", Yun Xi made a lot of efforts when he was still in Caelian. This song was the biggest "surprise" Yun Xi prepared for the Sky Sword.

"Singing for me, my children."

The first rhythm was muffled, like the whisper a mother to her baby, like a breeze in the sky of the summer. It was a whisper echoed between the sky and the earth, it was a sound of nature that could let the listeners forget their troubles.

At this moment, all Mist Soul girls stopped their battle and became a part of the song.

"You are awkward, but I know you are trying to be good."

"I'm willing to protect you, because you are small not gentle."

"I'm the grains in the hourglass of time, turn over and over again in the glass and scatter beside you."

"You are the treasures on my fingertips, grow up and disappear as time goes by. Finally, you all wake up in the small garden again."

"Your dreams are weak, but also strong as day in and day out. Sometimes, the reality is too cruel for you, which makes you regretful. However, you are still walking forward and keeping your faith."

"I'm looking at you at the bottom of the hourglass. Looking at your past, present and future."

"Because I'm immortal."

The song echoed between the sky and earth. It wasn't a song about love, it was a song to the god. It was the song that could awake the supreme god of this world, the Water God!

The god's dream. The place where the god is looking at... is at this place, at this moment!

When the girls sung the prayer song, one thread of old aura after another raised to the surface of the water from the deepest side of the sea. It was the aura of the god who granted Yun Xi and Yun Que their masks!

"Dammit, is it the Water God?" The Dark Shadow Spider Queen looked annoyed, because Water God was the only being who could threaten her master, the Sky Sword in this world.

However, why now?

The god should have known Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword's invasion from a long time ago, but it did nothing. Why would the god come at this moment?

"Great! I finally catch you!" A muffled weird voice appeared beside the spider queen's ears, then the spider queen lost her consciousness.

The next moment, the spider queen opened her eyes again and hummed a ditty. Compared to Yun Xi's song he prepared for the Water God's Opera House, this song sounded messy.

However, it had the same power like the prayer song the three High Priestesses were singing!

Because it was the song from a Sky Sword, who was at the same rank with the Water God!

"At all times, I'm always alone. I don't remember the existence of my fate, till I met you."

"I was awakened in the unexpected light. I stood up silently in the darkness."

"I want you to be my hope. I want to introduce you to my family. I want the things go toward a good direction."

"Whenever and wherever, we are always together. Whenever and wherever, you are always on my side. I take off my mask of fate, looking at you face."

"The future still looks reach-less, and I don't know anything about it. But I know you are my light. You are the person who found me. You are the person who stays with me."

"Tear off the surface, nothing in the world is unintelligible."

"Disinteresting, unpleasant, chaotic stuffs."

"Cry, tangle, confession, want to provoke my fond."

"How to describe my mood? Even to this day, I can't give an answer."

"I find that I'm a despicable creature."

"Noise, noise. So bored, so bored, so bored. Only in front of you, I can feel happy and forget the noises."

"However, I hate to be eliminated. If I can't become the most popular one, I will find it unbearable."

"After all, I hate to be defeated."

"Even if I will become dirty and foul, even if I had to lie, if I can't look down on the earth, I will lose the meaning of my life."

"I can't treat everyone equally and gently."

"I can't pray for the most important person of mine."

"I want to make her cry. It is a good thing to cry for me."

"Oh, incidentally, even if you won't like me, I don't mind it."

"Because I love you so much so much so much, to the extent that I want to eat you."

"Your name is..."

It sounded the sad, weird voice was singing a story about a human and a non-human. With the dark song, a mask suddenly appeared on the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's face.

The mask was different from Yun Xi's mask and Yun Que's mask. It was a small, round mask.

Instantly, the spider queen's body was wrapped by countless green threads from the void, then her body twisted and changed to another shape.

On the white round mask, there was a pair of horns, which were painted with two cute slimes. In the middle of the round mask, it was another cute slime figure.

On the mask, the places where there should be eyes were circled in white, in the white circles there were a pair of crimson pupils; the place where there should be a nose, was a red triangle; the places where cheeks should be, were replaced by two red dots; the place where the mouth should be, was a slit, which looked very weird.

Originally, the Dark Shadow Spider Queen had black long hair, but now, her hair was replaced by locks of green hairs, which were flying in the air as if they were alive. In the middle of her hair, there was a cute pink bowknot.

In a word, it was just a little girl who was wearing a round mask. She looked like a little girl from a masquerade hall and looked not like the spider queen at all.

However, the last word of her song told everyone her name.

"Shaya Longnis."

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