Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Captured Yun Xi

In the mountain's hot spring, Yun Xi entered the most fantastic cultivation state since his birth.

Hua Huo's seed was slowly emitting out its special spiritual spark and his body was helping him digest the talents with the mystical breathing method.

Gradually, on the surface of the water, round ripples appeared around Yun Xi.

In sync with Yun Xi's breathing, these ripples spread out and radiated one after another.

His breathing slowly became nearly inaudible. At first, his nose and mouth were exposed on the surface of the hot spring, but now had they sunk into the water.

In the foggy hot spring, Yun Xi's breath had already dissolved into nature itself, invisible and untouchable.

This was a wonderful realm which was so difficult to touch by mortals, even for Hero Ranked warriors.

Daoists called it "enlightenment".

Buddhists called it an "epiphany".

In the Western God's Domains, sorcerers and wizards called it "God's Thought".

No matter what kind of description, they all pointed to this state: a state which was like a merging with natural itself, to feel the truth of the world.

It wasn't relevant to strength, but was more reliant on one's personal understanding, luck or chance.

Many Hero Ranked warriors didn't get to enter into this state even once during their life, but due to an accident or something else, many ordinary people had the chance to get into this realm.

Each mortal, as long as they had entered into this realm once, with no exception, all of them stepped into the realm of the Hero Rank in the end. Due to this, this state was also called "the permit of Hero Rank".

By using Hua Huo's breathing method and fighting with the green hippo, Yun Xi finally broke the invisible barrier and grew Hua Huo's seed to a condition that was able to support him to enter the state of epiphany.

However, Yun Xi didn't know why, he had a strange feeling that he was pretty familiar with this state.


"I'm here again." Yun Xi raised up his head, looking at the gate from a distance.

It was a gate that stood upright between heaven and earth, high above the clouds. It was a scene that Yun Xi had seen in his dream a lot of times.

This scene had been in his dream since long, long ago. He clearly remembered almost every next step.

"A loitering spirit again?" In front of the giant cloud gate, the guardian showed her killing intent to the uninvited invader.

"This isn't a trial?" Quickly, Yun Xi had found that it was a different world from the Star Trial.

Because he didn't see the bonfire which was used for resurrection. Besides, there wasn't any weapon prepared for the newbie.

On top of that, the opponent he had to face was the guardian of the gate, whose level was so high that it couldn't even be identified.

Three wisps of icy blue hair were blowing in the wind, her long ponytail was hung down along her back as the giant sword was pulled up from the ground and held in her hands.

What a cold, but holy sword!

Its sword blade was cold, silvery white and its handle was studded with a big lock hole. When the girl pulled out the sword, Yun Xi seemed to see his death.

Its sword-type tassel danced in the air. Light flowed along the blade, as the night of destiny - cold and without mercy.

"Swish!" Again, Yun Xi was cut in two at his waist as he then turned into dust and disappeared from the beautiful blue dream.

"Recently, isn't the invasion of loitering spirits a little too much?" The girl frowned, though she had killed the invader again.

Was it her illusion? The loitering spirit she killed just now looked a little different.

Perhaps, it was like an ant becoming a bigger ant?


"I died again." Yun Xi depressingly opened his eyes and found that he was in another completely different world again.

What a big tree! Maybe it was hundreds of metres tall. He couldn't see its top even if he raised up his head.

What a giant stone! Each stone was almost a dozen times bigger than his own body. As for the mountain, it looked as if it was tens of thousands of meters tall.

What a wide and vast river! Was this the kingdom of the giants? How many people would drown in the river since it was so deep?

What a short and small paw... wait, paw?!

Yun Xi speechlessly raised his head and looked at his own hand - a furry, soft paw. Then he looked at his inverted image in the river.

What a cute, and unbelievably pitiful little golden dog! The most important thing was that he was quite familiar with the little golden dog.

"Mei'er?" Touching his own furry small face, Yun Xi questioned his star spirit.

"Master!" Mei'er's happy voice appeared in Yun Xi's heart - no, in her own heart.

"Tell me, what's going on now?" Yun Xi felt strange in his current visual angle and body. He finally understood. The world was so big and dangerous in the eyes of the little golden dog.

"Eh... Master, you probably unconsciously occupied my body while you were practicing."

"Master, don't worry. You will naturally return to your body after you finish your practice."

"My body is master's possession from the beginning." Mei'er didn't feel uncomfortable seeing that her body was occupied by Yun Xi.

"If so... it's not that bad..." Yun Xi slightly breathed out a sigh of relief. Since it was temporary, he could bear it.

As Yun Xi tried to control Mei'er's body to walk back to himself, he heard an unfamiliar girl's voice.

"Eh? There is a lonely little golden dog! It's so pitiful!"

"Sister, can we pick it up?"

"No. Wandering dogs are dirty. It will stain your clothes."

"If so, let's help it take a bath. What a cute little guy. It must have suffered a lot during its wandering life."

"Oh, right. The mayor told me that there is a hot spring."

Not good! Yun Xi had a bad feeling. He immediately spread his legs, planning to run away.

He started Hua Huo's seed!

Unfortunately, the body he controlled now belonged to the little golden dog. Even if Hua Huo's seed was great, it was also impossible to make a golden dog run like a human.

Moreover, even if Yun Xi was controlling his own body now, it was also a waste of effort to try to run away.

Because the girl who was ready to catch Mei'er was far more powerful than Yun Xi's imagination.

"You always make me sigh. Ok, I will do it for you, but just this once." The sister's voice was a little helpless, but also spoiling. Then, Yun Xi found that, though he was trying his best to run away, he was going backwards - as if time was turning back.

At first, the river was flowing at a great speed. But now, an enormous power forced it to flow backwards. Tens of thousands of tons of river water rolled to the sky with countless fish and prawns.

For an instant, the boundary of the sky and earth became a little ambiguous. Countless whirlpools swept across Yun Xi. They stopped his escape and finally made him fall onto a snow-white small palm.

It was a seemingly soft and small palm. It just softly waved, then reversed the flow of tens of thousands of tons of river water and rolled the air streams between the sky and earth. It was this incredible scene that successfully caught Yun Xi.

"White Lotus, I got it."

"Great! You're the best, sister!"

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