Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: The Guides

"How do you know this?" Yun Que's pupils contracted. She had read almost all the information about the Mist Tide, but she still didn't know this.

"They told me." Yun Xi's fingertip lightly touched a Butterfly of Death's wing.

The Butterfly of Death flapped its wings and happily flew around Yun Xi. Soon after, its partners joined its dance.

"What is exactly the so-called Mist Demon?" Yun Que held her shoulders in her arms. She could clearly feel the butterflies' differential treatment towards her and Yun Xi, so she gazed at the butterflies with an unpleasant look.

"We will know very soon." Yun Xi could feel that something in the mist was summoning him.

The huge, thick mist was rolled up. A "large thing" was approaching them.

After a while, the overlord at the top of the food chain on the Island of Mist, the bone dragon appeared.

"It's a bone dragon!" After seeing the monster, Yun Que immediately stepped up her vigilance.

It wasn't a half dragon like her past partner, the male fiery dragon, but a real super monster who transformed from a dead dragon's body. It was said that after absorbing the air of death for countless years, some bone dragons could even become stronger than when they were alive.

Generally, most dragons lived in the Dragon God's Domain, but bone dragons were a taboo there. Once a dragon died, its partners would bring its body back to the Grave of Dragons.

Only the dragons that died in another god's domains would transform into bone dragons under some special environments, for example, this bone dragon in front of Yun Xi and Yun Que.

"Ga!" The bone dragon opened its mouth and tried to say something. However, its vocal cords had already eroded in the endless time, so it couldn't speak anything.

"Hiss!" The bone dragon also realized it. It angrily prodded the ground with its claws, then turned around and patted the ground with its sharp tail.

"It’s telling us to follow it... the butterflies said so." Yun Xi first mumbled something with the Butterflies of Death, then told Yun Que the answer in an uncertain tone.

"Is it the Mist Demon?" Yun Que looked at the bone dragon in awe. Even the male fiery dragon, who had only a portion of dragon blood, could automatically enter the hero rank after becoming mature, not to mention a real dragon. She couldn't imagine how strong the bone dragon was, perhaps it had the power to destroy the entire Water God's world. Obviously, the bone dragon had lived countless years on the Island of Mist. The whole island should have become its territory.

It wasn't surprising to know that this bone dragon was the Mist Demon, the chief criminal of the Mist Tide in this world.

"No. It's just one of the Mist Demon's subordinates, just like these children." Yun Xi listened to the butterflies' whispers.

The butterflies' language wasn't any language Yun Xi had ever known. They talked through the spirit network amongst them, and only the person who was allowed to join the network could hear their voices.

Similarly, if they didn't want to be seen, no one could see their true appearances. They were the minions of the mist, the avatars of death.

They didn't absorb living beings' life forces on purpose, but they would bring countless deaths to the places they had passed, because they were the special existences who were born in the air of death.

Where had the thickest air of death? Undoubtedly, it was on the Island of Mist, the nightmare of this world.

"What is exactly the Mist Demon?" Yun Que asked.

"Probably it's unlike anything you have imagined." Yun Xi couldn't describe the Mist Demon's appearance the butterflies had told him.

"Very big... very big..."

"Very light... very light..."

"Very white... very white..."

"Very cute... very cute..."

From the words the butterflies had told him, Yun Xi couldn't imagine what thing was very big, light, white and cute.

It seemed that if they wanted to know the Mist Demon's real appearance, they had to go to see the Mist Demon with their own eyes.

"Anyway, the island had become a battlefield. If the Mist Demon is on our side, we should invite it to join our camp." After finding that Yun Xi could communicate with the legendary Butterflies of Death, Yun Que quickly made her judgement.

The more help they could find, the more possibilities they would be able to defeat Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword. If the Mist Demon could possibly join the Water God's camp, then it was worth a try.

"Of course. I'm also curious about the Mist Demon's true appearance." To Yun Xi, it was also very important, because it was the core of one of his four side quests.

The bone dragon impatiently rolled Yun Xi and Yun Que up with its tail and put them on its back. Then it started to run quickly in the mist.

The silver butterflies flew besides the bone dragon, going forward at full speed towards the deepest area in the mist.

On the road, Yun Xi and Yun Que witnessed a lot of weird creatures.

The Mist Mantis, who had a pair of transparent forelimbs and could sneak in the mist.

The Mist Tengu, who had a long nose and a pair of big feather wings.

The Red Butterflies of Death, who were recorded in the notes about the Mist Tide.

After the unprecedented Mist Tide appeared, the Island of Mist became these weird but powerful mist creatures’ territory again.

The slimes had once occupied the whole island, but now, they were hunted by the mist creatures and their numbers were rapidly dwindling.

Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army didn't need to launch any attack now, because the slimes on the whole island had been annihilated.

Especially when the red butterflies flew past, even the strongest slimes would die instantly.

Under the Dark Shadow Spider Queen's control, the slimes occupied the whole island after half a month, but when the Mist Tide came, they were utterly routed.

The whole Island of Mist was becoming a silent world again.

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