Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: At the End of Fantasy

Yun Que's blood flowed in her body like surging wind waves.

Unlike Yun Xi, her Water God's Mask could only let her control her blood, but it didn't mean she was weak.

Life itself contained the strongest potential.

Even if the most common people could burst with incredible strength when they were facing a life-or-death crisis or their emotions were stimulated.

Such as, in order to save her child from a fallen house, a mother could lift a stone that was several times heavier than her body weight.

Or, when a man is chased by a beast, his speed could be beyond human physical limits.

In the final analysis, they just dug out their final potential, so that they could do that. However, mortals couldn't control this power. The people who temporarily obtained this power all died of heart failure after breaking out of the crisis.

They were overdrawing their life force and releasing it all at one instant.

No pain, no gain, this is an immutable rule of the universe.

Yun Que's Multiple Competences Enhancing could increase her speed, strength and explosive force, greatly raising her fighting capacity in an instant.

An ordinary person’s heart rate was sixty beats per minute, however, Yun Que's heart rate had increased to two hundred beats per minute and was still rising.

"Not enough... be faster..." Even though the Water God's Mask could automatically adjust her physiological state, her face still turned red due to her fast and strong heartbeat.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" As the blood flowing in her vessels, Yun Que's heartbeat was becoming louder and clearer.

The heart was the core of a human body. Naturally, her heart rate was so fast, that her blood would also flow at a high speed.

Yun Que's visual field was gradually covered by red color. Her eyes had become bloodshot.

"Three!" Hua Huo took the third step. Her speed and impact force were becoming stronger and stronger as her footsteps echoed between the sky and the heaven.

Whatever it was Yun Xi's ice blade, Yun Que's Trace Arrow, or the Dark Elf Mist Soul's Multiple Assassination, none of them could stop Hua Huo from stepping forward.

"Since my demon hound can't stop you, I will stop you with my own blood!" Yun Que put her finger tip on the bowstring. Just like Hua Huo used her blood to make her broken sword become an artifact, Yun Que's blood wasn't as strong as hers, but it could also enhance her Black Moon Bow.

This was the only thing Yun Que could do that her Mist Soul couldn't do, because her Mist Soul didn't have blood in her body.

Staining with Yun Que's blood, the Black Moon Bow emitted a bright, florid light. An arrow formed by blood automatically appeared on the bowstring and loaded on the Black Moon Bow, Yun Que's artifact.

This time, it wasn't a fierce demon hound but was a strange hummingbird with blood-red wings.

The hummingbird couldn't lock on its target automatically, but its penetrating force had been greatly reinforced to the limit that Yun Que could reach. This was the second demon arrow Yun Que had learned - the Arrow of Blood Hummingbird.

Focusing all attack forces on one point. The hummingbird's blood-red wings could increase its speed to an incredible degree in the blink of an eye.

"Buzz!" The Arrow of Blood Hummingbird's attacking trajectory was instantly fixed on one point. Because it had abandoned all other properties and only focused on increasing its penetrating force, its trajectory couldn't be changed after being shot.

The arrow's trajectory was overlapped with Hua Huo's moving trace.

The arrow was directly locking on Hua Huo's heart.

"Chi!" Unlike the Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound, the Arrow of Blood Hummingbird only made an imperceptible sound when it left the bow.

A bloodline flashed through the space between Yun Xi and Hua Huo.

"Ta!" Hua Huo was still moving ahead, however, her speed reduced for a moment.

At that moment, Yun Que's Arrow of Blood Hummingbird directly pierced through Hua Huo's blood colored shield.

Unfortunately, the arrow still couldn't stop Hua Huo. After piercing through the shield, it was immediately blown away by Hua Huo's sword.

Yun Que could clearly see that the arrow's speed was greatly reduced after piercing through the shield.

No! Its speed is still not enough!

To ordinary hero ranked people, this arrow could take away their lives in an instant, but to Hua Huo, it could only cause her a bit of trouble.

There was a wide gap between their powers.

I can't win against her one on one!

Fortunately, I'm not fighting alone.

"Do whatever you can to slow down her speed, otherwise, we both will die here!" Yun Que said as she sacrificed her blood again. This time, she put three Arrows of Blood Hummingbird on the Black Moon Bow.

Even though she could control her blood, her blood wasn't infinite. If they couldn't defeat Hua Huo before her blood drained, they would all be killed.

"I know." Yun Xi's eyes were covered with a layer of mist.

He had gradually learned how to use his White Emperor Mask on the battlefield.

As expected, only a real, tough battle can force myself to break through and let me use my real potential!

Fighting against his childhood sweetheart was stressful enough to Yun Xi. He must think over and over again, trying his best to find out his invincible childhood sweetheart's weakness.

The plan of "stopping her in a distance by using ice blades" had failed.

It looked as if Hua Huo didn't have any weakness. She was a perfect female swordsman, a weapon master who wouldn't be bound by any existing tactic.

Both of the sky and the earth were her battle. Schemes and intrigues were meaningless in front of her.

Only the power at the same level with Hua Huo's can stop her!

Do I have that power?

"I have! I have that power!"

"I can turn my imagination into reality. I can create anything with the infinite mist!"

"Since I have obtained such an unreal power, then I shouldn't be bound by my common sense."

Yun Xi slowly closed his eyes. One by one, countless ice crystals emerged out of the mist door behind him.

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