Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: The White Emperor's Power

Compared to Yun Que, Yun Xi really knew how strong his childhood sweetheart was. Even though he had obtained Hua Huo's seed, he had never seen Hua Huo in such high spirits. Her heavy sword had broken, but after reforging it, its aura had become much more frightening.

It looked as if she had been fired up. The flames of her soul were so bright, even her breath was so hot it was burning. Even though Hua Huo was still a few kilometers away from them, Yun Xi and Yun Que could still feel their bodies break out with "gooseflesh". This was how strong Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo was.

Yun Xi took a deep breath. Naturally, he wouldn't use sword skills like the Flying Swallow Sword in front of Hua Huo, which would undoubtedly expose his true identity. Similarly, he couldn't use any of the weapons he had used in front of Hua Huo, neither the Crane Wings Twin Swords nor the Killing Princess' Demon Sword.

However, if he couldn't use his sword, how could he fight against Hua Huo? The answer was obvious. He could only use the power he obtained in this world, the power from a million brides, the strong fake Power of the Emperor.

Why had he come to this world? Why did he have to fight against his first love?

For saving this world.

For the girls who believed in him and were willing to become a part of his brides.

The girls of the Starwing Knights, the three Water God's High Priestesses, the one million girls who came to the Caelian City and responded to his irrational request... they all trusted him and lent their power to him, making him the real "White Emperor".

While he was here, he gradually came to like this world and the local residents. He wasn't just following the Water God's quests, but actually wanted to do something to help this world. The tenderness this world had offered him, had changed him.

Like what the three High Priestesses had said, I’m responsible for this world. Therefore, I must bring hope to them!

"Since I'm the last hope to save this world, then I will change this world's fate with my own hands. Since this world is longing for reform, then I will bring new changes for them!"

Countless mist gathered together behind Yun Xi from all directions, forming a giant mist door. One ice blade after another emerged from the mist door. They were the Mist Souls who responded to Yun Xi's will and transformed into weapons.

It was Yun Xi's unique Mist Soul Armory!

"Fire, ice blades!"

If Yun Que's attack was a precise, deadly blow, then Yun Xi's attack was a long-range bombardment. Only with the support from the one million brides, Yun Xi could make such a splendid attack. He admitted that his control over his power was inferior to Yun Que’s, however, with the Mist Souls’ help, the "amount" of his attack could be thousands of times stronger than Yun Que's.

Tens of thousands of cold ice blades shot at Hua Huo from Yun Xi's back like a storm.

I can't lock on the target? It doesn't matter, because I can offset this weak point with attack range and frequency!

If anyone wanted to defeat Yun Xi, it would also mean having to defeat his one million brides at the same time!

"What?!" Even Hua Huo hadn't seen such a reckless exaggerated attack.

At first glance, they were just some newbie's imprudent attacks because the speed and direction of all the ice blades weren't very perfect. However, there were tens of thousands of ice blades, which made his weaknesses not a weakness any longer. The overwhelming number had offset all weaknesses, which was really surprising to know that they were made by a human.

Hua Huo couldn't imagine any hero ranked being that could have such a great amount of power like Yun Xi. If a mortal's power was like a stream and a hero ranked person's power was like a river, then the amount of Yun Xi's power was like a ocean, was totally beyond the limit of the hero rank.

This was Yun Xi's special property as this world's White Emperor. The White Emperor would never be alone!

He was an army of one, he was the Mist Soul Army!

The Mist Soul Army was a part of him and he was also an avatar of the Mist Soul Army.

At this hour, he had just learned how to release the true power of the Mist Soul Army, then he showed a frightening power which was even stronger than Hua Huo's.

"Yes, this is it! You are strong, you are stronger than my greatest expectation and imagination!" Yun Que knew it better than anyone.

She had known that this scumbag was the strongest being in this world since a long time ago. After all, he had one million brides' power!

"Even if your enemy is strong, you don't need to worry about anyone as long as you can release your true power. Don't worry, I won't let any enemy get close to you, I will protect you at all costs, because you are the unique emperor!"

Yun Xi sighed.

I have to fight against my childhood sweetheart. Is this my fate after putting on the White Emperor Mask?

"I understand. After all, it's a battle of my own choosing."

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