Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: The Crimson Hound

The earth was shaking. Countless cracks spread around from Hua Huo's landing place like spider webs, and the strong shock wave killed over ten thousand Mist Souls at once.

Of course, the Mist Souls were deathless as long as Yun Xi was still wearing the White Emperor Mask. No matter how powerful the shock wave was, it would be meaningless eventually.

It's neither painful nor disturbing to lose ten thousand Mist Souls.

Soon after, these Mist Souls had returned to the battlefield from the mist door behind Yun Xi.

Hua Huo frowned as she looked at these "suspect rivals in love".

She had noticed that these mist girls wouldn't die when she was in the sky, however, she still thought that it was a foul to return from the mist door as if nothing had happened.

The undead army had over a hundred thousand mist girls. It could even straightly destroy a kingdom as easy as blowing off dust. It seemed that the Water God's camp had also sent their strong combat power, the so-called Apostles.

It doesn't matter. She was never afraid of battle. No matter who her enemy was, her Sky Flying Bloodline wouldn't lose!

Even if there was an army of a hundred thousand people or even two hundred thousand people, she only needed to beat down their leader.

Without their "Emperor", the army would be just a puddle of water.

I can take any enemy's head from the protection of an army! Any hero ranked being had the confidence to announce this.

However, the hero rank didn't mean infinite physical strength and combat capability. Theoretically, a hero ranked person was possible to be killed by a strong mortal army.

However, it was just a theory. No mortal army could trap any hero ranked beings. The hero ranked being didn't need to fight recklessly with the army. As long as the hero ranked being decapitated the army's commander, the army wouldn’t be a threat any longer.

Hua Huo knew what she should do exactly.

Yun Que also knew what she should do at this moment.

Only a hero ranked being could defeat another hero ranked being!

"Hu!" Hua Huo breathed. It was a breathing method Yun Xi had never seen.

Like a dragon was breathing, a circle of terrible aura surrounded Hua Huo's body.

Compared to her, the hero ranked male fiery dragon's “Dragon Aura” was nothing.


Suddenly, the ground under Hua Huo's feet exploded. Holding the heavy sword in her hands, Hua Huo used the skill called "Sky Flying Sword".

She stepped forward with a circle of translucent halo after another circle spread around under her feet. Compared to her attack from the sky, Hua Huo was more unstoppable on the ground. With crushing force, her every step increased the frightening force of the translucent halos.

Most Mist Souls immediately evaporated when they touched the halos. Only a very few strong Mist Souls still stood in front of Hua Huo and tried to stop her.

They had no fear in their eyes, not to mention no thought of stepping back.

Even if they could only slightly slow down Hua Huo's speed, they wouldn't hesitate to achieve it even with their real flesh and blood.

Yun Xi looked at the redoubtable figure, realizing his childhood sweetheart's strong power again.

She wasn't the "Hua Huo" that he knew when she was in the small town. At this moment, she was an invincible swordsman!

If he hadn't obtained the power from the stars, he probably would never see his childhood sweetheart's other face.

Even though he had obtained the stars' power, he still hadn't caught up with his childhood sweetheart's pace.

Even though he was wearing the White Emperor Mask, its power couldn't be a match for Hua Huo's bloodline power.

At this moment, Hua Huo looks... so beautiful!

"How dare you!" In the face of Hua Huo's assault, Yun Que decided to bring in the whole Mist Soul Army to stop her.

At the same time, her left foot pressed forward and her right foot firmly nailed to the ground. She drew open the black longbow like a full moon.

A bloody arrow suddenly appeared on the bowstring with a frightening aura.

Compared to the gorgeous Red Lotus Arrows and the Spiral Arrows, this arrow didn't pursue to be accurate, but was much more powerful.

"Boom!" The sound of the bowstring's shaking echoed in the sky above the Mist Soul Army. It was a limit arrow with all Yun Que's energy! After shooting this arrow, she had no strength to protect herself.

"Ding!" Hua Huo brandished her heavy sword, a fierce hound like light exploded on the sword blade. It was Yun Que's arrow, the Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound!

Although Yun Que wasn't beloved by this world, she had also obtained the Water God's mask. With it, she had developed her own way of activating her bloodline power.

She wasn't the Emperor that was beloved by the god, and she didn't want to be the princess. She put on her own crown of blood and sin.

The bloody Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound was the materialization of her strong will!

Once she shot the arrow, it would keep hunting its enemy till either it killed its target or was smashed to pieces!

The roaring crimson demon hound was her weapon she used to snipe her enemy!

I can kill anything, even if that thing is God!

Go ahead, my Arrow of Bloodthirsty Demon Hound!

As the demon hound roared, the two girls who had different fates started their earth-shaking duel again!

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