Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: The Door of Memories

When did I forget that I am a "human" also, instead of just the Water God's High Priestess and the Caelian Queen?

She felt that it was a long, long time ago, which was a time much older than all her memories.

Why did I make that decision and arrive at this point?

The door of her memories gradually opened.

When she was five years old, she was just a carefree little princess. Her family was a branch of the imperial family, so she could’ve lived a charmed life.

"Elizabeth, you are one of the candidates for the next Caelian Queen."

"Elizabeth, if it's you, I know you can be the Queen."

"Elizabeth, why don't you have a try? Why don't you want to be the Queen?"

From a very young age, she always heard similar words from various people, which made her feel confused and angry.

Why do I have to be the Queen? Was I born just to be a candidate for the next Queen only?

What will I be after I’ve become a Queen?

The Caelian City's imperial family was formed by the relatives of the first several High Priestesses'. As time went by, they formed a stable blood lineage.

Because their bloodline conferred them great talent in practicing divine spells, most Caelian Queens were from this family. Although they didn't declare it to the public, but the whole world had regarded them as the Caelian Imperial Family.

"Elizabeth" was the first High Priestess's name. She never married during her long life and devoted her whole life to the great Water God. She was the person who was closest to god.

After that, once talented girls were born in the imperial family, people would call them "Elizabeth", hoping that they could become the next High Priestess.

Her family was one of the imperial family's branches. As a girl who had great divine spell talent, she wasn't an exception.

There were also a dozen of girls who had the same name, and they were educated by their families no matter the costs.

"I... I don’t want to be the Queen!"

Oh, now she remembered. At the beginning, she didn't want to be the Queen at all, because she thought that people's fates shouldn't have been decided for them by their births!

I just looked pretty and my bloodline talent is slightly better than others, why do I have to be called "Elizabeth" and must be perfect in everything?!

The courses of divine spells were difficult. I wanted to run, to play, to enjoy a free life!

At the age of eight, the dissatisfaction in my heart finally came to a head.

So she ran away from her family!

In order to have a free life, she secretly left the Caelian City and decided that she would never come back.

If to be the Queen is the best future I can have? Let it go to hell!

Yes, I was so rebellious at that time. It's incredible... the Caelian Queen gently smiled as she watched the little girl in her memories.

Wearing a big straw hat on her head and a pair of white leather boots on her feet, accompanied by her big loyal dog, she left the city.

Where should I go? What will I do? She had had a plan in her heart.

She could use her divine spells. Although she didn't want to be the Queen, she wouldn't refuse to take this on for a living.

She was only eight years old, but she received a good education. Once she found a place of refuge and hid there for several years, she would be totally free.

Yes, at that time, she thought that it was a very easy thing to do.

After leaving her family, even the air could let her feel free.

This is a wonderful world, I can achieve my goals easily. All people are living a common and peaceful life, why must I accept the fate to be a pathetic Queen? It's not fair!

She didn't hate being called "Elizabeth", but she wanted to be a free, happy Elizabeth!

I will create a happy future with my hands! I will take control of my life and won't let anybody tell me what to do!

At the first, the journey was happy. She met a friendly caravan, and several uncles and aunts who were very kind to her.

They were the owners of the caravan. They travelled amongst the islands in this world, trading different goods to the people in different places.

She gradually became a member of this new big family. She wasn't a pampered princess anymore, because there was only an "Elizabeth" who was working very hard for living in the caravan.

The more places she had visited with the caravan, the more understanding about this world she had.

The Water God's world was a very fertile world. It was a land flowing with milk and honey, and no one would die in hunger, because this world was a promised land that had been blessed by the god!

People in this world all believed in the old and great Water God. In all cities and villages, there must be a Water God's high altar.

The Water God was a very great god. The more places she had visited, the more she realized it.

The Water God's Human High Priestess, which also meant the Caelian Queen, was more sacred and lofty than she had imagined. It was definitely not a position that could be inherited, by a girl from a branch of the imperial family, easily.

The people who wanted to be the Water God's High Priestess would be tested many times. They must have great talent in divine spell casting and have reached the hero rank. After that, they would be allowed to hold the Water God's Scepter, and the result would decide if they could become the god's spokesperson.

So the Queen was such a great person. She was vaguely beginning to understand how special her bloodline was.

Is the first Elizabeth's blood, also flowing in my body?

If so, it's not that unacceptable to know my family wanted me to become the Queen.

However, I won't be the Queen. I have decided to be a free traveling merchant.

This idea is much simpler and easier compared to being a superior Queen!

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