Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: The Bell Is Ringing

The Mermaid Queen's cute sounds echoed inside the old palace. On the sparkling surface of the water, the waves of love were rippling.

"Puff! Puff!"

"La la la la!"

"Ooo ooo oooOOooo!"

The whispers which had appeared in the Lamia Queen's palace also echoed in the water, as if it was singing.


The next morning….

"Does this mean... the two High Priestesses have all accepted my proposal? Did Yun Que already expect this result?" Looking at the Queen who was sleeping soundly beside him, Yun Xi smiled bitterly.

Except for the last step, he and she had done everything last night.

I can't be an upright gentleman any longer!

However, why did the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen trust me so much? Even though I'm the Water God's Apostle, they still behaved too credulous, as if they were just two naive young girls.

If I really was a scumbag, they would have had a very heart-rending ending.

"Sorry. I hope I won't become a bad memory for you," Yun Xi sighed and touched the Queen's face with his fingers.

On his White Emperor Mask, there were already three different hero ranked auras inside three horns.

The first was from Black Moon, the mysterious dark elf and the commander of his Mist Soul Army.

The second was from the Lamia Queen, the Queen of Sea Demons and the Water God's High Priestess.

The third was from the Mermaid Queen, the queen of the Mermaid Race and the Water God's High Priestess.

It seemed that every time he had a hero ranked bride, the White Emperor Mask would naturally project the bride's aura inside one of the horns.

Their power had indeed been overlapped onto Yun Xi's body and their Mist Souls had also become the hero units in Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

"I proposed to you because I need your power. Can you forgive me?" Yun Xi felt guilty for his behavior.

The Stars above, is this all really necessary?

Maybe Yun Que was right. I'm no good as a so-called emperor, because I don't have such a wild ambition.

However, this world's god still chose me and conferred to me the false power of the emperor mask.

I have to take the responsibility for that and move forward.

"I forgive you. I will forgive you for whatever you have done or will do." The Queen opened her blue eyes and looked at Yun Xi. She knew he was going to leave.

"You have the right to do that, and whatever you will choose to do, remember that I will always be on your side. This is a timeless promise of mine."

Yun Xi shook his head.

She didn't understand. This isn't a real world. She, the Lamias and all the people in this world are just living in a dream. Maybe it is because this dream is too real, I had almost thought that I had really come to an old world and married these beautiful girls.

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted..." Yun Xi muttered in a sad tone. He helped the Queen tuck herself in bed and embarked on his journey again.

"When I dream of a butterfly, do I dream of being a butterfly? Or did the butterfly dream of being me?" The Queen looked at Yun Xi's back and showed a strange smile on her face, "My god, the future you are looking forward to is coming!"

"Puff! Puff!"

"Yeah! Yeah!"

"Wait... for..." A voice came from nowhere, echoing around the Queen's ears with the fresh smell of the sea.


In Caelian, the City of Water, the bell of blessing was ringing through the skies. After finding where it was from, people looked at the Water God temple in surprise.

This bell of blessing would only ring at a very special moment. The last time the bell rang was on the day of the Caelian Queen's enthronement.

The bell just rang 18 times, which represented the highest blessing of the city.

"It's strange. Today isn't a festival, why did the bell ring?"

"It rang 18 times. Anything good happened?"

"I don't know. I didn’t hear any rumours!"

The residents looked at the Water God temple's bell tower in confusion.

On the tall bell tower, the Caelian Queen, dressed in a white robe, was shaking the scepter in her hands with a gentle smile.

The Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen had each accepted the Apostle's proposal. Naturally, it was worth celebrating.

Perhaps this news would spread around the whole city soon after. Of course, people would know the Apostle wanted to marry as many brides as he could.

As the Highest Human Priestess, she could clearly sense the coming of a brand new era.

In the forests, caves and on the mountains, and even in the deep sea, countless slimes were gathering in crowds and groups and evolving.

Now, not too many people had realized how powerful these little things would become, because, these slimes would expose their fangs soon.

The Sky Sword's coming was unstoppable. She, the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen had all known it.

Because the Water God was looking forward to the Sky Sword's coming.

"My god, have you found your love? Have you found your bride? If he means the end of this world, we will also accept this result, because he is the only chosen one."

As the Caelian Queen whispered, a cloud of mist was flying into the city. With unease and befuddlement in his heart, Yun Xi arrived at the top of the Water God temple and landed in front of the Caelian Queen.

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