Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Lamia's Game

On the seashore not far away from Caelian, Yun Xi was sitting on the reef and thinking.

Splash! Splash! Sea waves splashed on the reefs.

"Ah ha ha ha ha!" About a hundred metres away from Yun Xi, a dozen Lamia girls were playing.

However, their game was different from human games.

A one meter blue water ball rotated, rose and fell in the sea with an ear-piercing whistle. It was about half a ton in weight, causing a series of circular ripples everytime it rolled.

These Lamia girls were playing with this frightful water ball with their screw like tails, having an intense competition.

If ordinary people saw this scene, they would be frightened into a cold sweat, because the water ball’s weight was over half a ton. If ordinary people got hit by it, they would undoubtedly be severely injured. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider it as a kind of "magical weapon".

However, these Lamias could wrap and pat this frightful water ball with their tails at their command. To them, it was just a method used to practice their control force.

Lamias had a strong tail, enduring physique, and a powerful bloodline. Their strength was even stronger than the green hippo. No wonder that they were called Sea Demons.

After observing for a while, Yun Xi thought that he knew the reason why the people in Caelian didn't like to get close to the Lamia Race.

Compared to the Mermaid girls, who had excellent talent for arts and were approachable, the Lamias looked strange and their strength was very dangerous to humans.

It was said that their method of showing their love was to coil around their lovers with their screw like tails, but their tails were so strong that they could even strangle a hippo easily! Imagine it: an ordinary person was wrapped up by their tail because they wanted to show their love... that feeling of dread and despair could scare away anybody.

The gap between the Lamia Race and mankind was just too wide. Suppose, if a Lamia girl just sneezed, then the person that was coiled in her tail would’ve been squeezed to death.

However, from what Yun Xi had seen, such a thing wasn't very likely to happen.

The Lamias could control the water ball easily. It showed that they had confidence in controlling their strength.

They were born with such a tenacious strength! Under the tutelage of the older Lamias, they learned how to control their strength through games.

Their long tails looked dreadful to humans, but to themselves, their long tails were the most important battle organs.

They could even move at high speed on the ground with their tails, and their explosive force was also higher than that of a human's ultimate.

"What a strong race!" Yun Xi exclaimed.

No wonder that Yun Que instructed him to propose to the Lamia Queen. The Lamia Race could become a strong force to his Mist Soul Army.

However, Yun Xi felt a bit awkward now, because he couldn't find any chance to intervene into the Lamia girls' game.

Although there were already many dozens of Lamias that had arrived at Caelian, they rarely talked to humans.

They formed several small parties and swam in the streams of the city, exploring around this old Water God city with curiosity.

Because the Lamia Queen was one of the High Priestesses, humans couldn't refuse them to enter the city, however, they also didn't know how to deal with these appalling, half human half snake creatures, so they could only pretend that these Lamias did not exist.

The Lamias didn't know how to get along with other intelligent species too. Occasionally, they would talk to the girls from the Mermaid Race, but most of the time, they wandered around the city alone.

Yun Xi had searched half of the city, and finally found them on the eastern seashore. He didn't expect that they would not live in the magnificent palaces, but preferred to live in the dark caves besides the sea.

Yun Xi waited in front of the cave for half an hour, then, he saw the Lamias swimming out of the cave. In the lead was several old Lamias, they played a game of water ball on the sea to practice for themselves.

The game’s rule was simple: the playground was a narrow rectangle that was about one kilometre long. The Lamia girls were divided into two teams, and the goal was to shoot the water ball into the other team's goal area.

They could beat and bump their opponents with their tails, but couldn't use their hands. No matter what method they were using, as long as they could shoot the water ball into the other team's goal area, their team would get a point.

The competition was intense, because the Lamias were striving with all their might for the win. They had used various hitting skills with their tails, which was really an eye opening experience to Yun Xi.

"Boom!" Occasionally, such a dead sound would echo through the playground. It was the strongest blow from the strongest Lamias. Everytime such a sound appeared, it would mean that one team had scored a point again.

Without using any magic, they simply patted the water ball with their tails. Even so, the water ball had been accelerated to a speed that could smash any human in front of it into minced meat.

"Is it a kind of military manoeuvres?" Looking at them, Yun Xi's forehead was covered with sweat.

If they shot such a water ball on the battlefield, it would undoubtedly plough a long, deep gouge in the ground.

"No. They are just playing, and the water ball is just for training. When we are on the battlefield, we would normally squeeze the water ball ten times tighter than the training water ball." Yun Xi heard a gentle voice besides his ear, and then, he felt that a cold, flexible thing had wrapped around his waist.

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