Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Mist Souls

Only in this way, can you inspire your potential. Only in this way, can you become Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's executor, guiding her will to descend to this world!

So, it's time for outrage! It's time for seizure! Catch the thing you want! Catch the man who had committed a crime against Shaya Longnis, the great Sky Sword!

"Hiss!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen stretched one black red spider leg after another on her back, which gave Yun Xi a familiar feeling. Every leg was engraved with black, ancient rune words.

She was evolving! With the help of Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's power, the Dark Shadow Spider queen had broken through her limit and healed all the wounds on her body. She had reached her optimum state, and now, she was even stronger than the old her when she had just swallowed all her race members in the dark void.

At this moment, the Dark Shadow Spider queen's will and spirit completely overwhelmed Yun Xi’s and Yun Que’s!

"I should have known, it's not good to be with a shameless, salacious guy like you!" Yun Que's face looked terrible.

Why did you say, "I don't mind my lover's race"? You just directly aroused her abnormal desire!

If it wasn't because Yun Que really needed Yun Xi's ability, she would have thrown Yun Xi to the monster and ran away.

Judging from the black red legs on the spider queen’s back, she had the worst expectation. The woman was an insect-type monster! Once she finished her evolution, she would be far stronger than other monsters at the same rank!

"Sorry, Yun Que," Yun Xi sighed. He didn't want to see this happen, but he didn't want to be eaten by the dangerous black-haired beauty too, so he had to fight.

Large amounts of water vapor gathered towards Yun Xi from all directions, forming a wave of mist tide. For the first time, Yun Xi exposed all his power.

"What... you... impossible!" Feeling the energy contained in the mist, Yun Que couldn't believe her eyes.

She had observed and recorded the range, size, and energy of Yun Xi's Water Mist Field. She also had a Water God's Mask, so she didn't think that she would misjudge it. But now, Yun Xi's power was three times stronger than what she had recorded.

According to what Yun Que knew, even it was a famous genius who could reach the hero rank as easily as blowing off dust, the time the genius required to become three times stronger would be measured in years. And how long had Yun Xi used? Seven days!

Yun Que was sure that Yun Xi played with his fiancee all day during the seven days. How could he increase his power if he hadn't practiced at all? Was it because of his talent?

He was a rare hero-ranked baker, but also had great talent in controlling his Water God's Mask? The world was too unfair!

"If so... there is still hope," Yun Que murmured. She felt jealous about Yun Xi's talent, but she was also satisfied with the increase in Yun Xi's power, because it was really helpful now.

Means weren't important, because the truth was written by the victor. Only the victor could survive and own the future; the loser would lose in the past and lose all possibilities. Victory was the greatest justice, because only the victor could declare himself to be justified. The dead couldn't speak.

This was Yun Que's life criteria. For justice, which also meant victory, she would do anything. If she had to kill one thousand people to save one billion more, she wouldn't be hesitant to do it.

"Hesitation" and "indecision" wouldn't help her become the final winner. If she lost, it would also mean that justice had died. For the belief she wanted to protect, she had joined the Ten Leaves Alliance. She had killed a lot of people, and also obtained a great amount of rewards at the same time. She didn't mind other people's opinions, because it was all she could do.

Yun Xi's talent and potential shocked her. She understood the reason why Water God had chosen him. Unlike her, this man who called himself "Yun Hai" was really as talented as the true Yun Hai, the legendary Sword Master. She thought that he was probably one of Yun Hai's descendants.

Even though he was shameless and salacious, his talent was far greater than hers. He was the key to accomplish Water God's quest instead of her. He couldn't die here! She would protect him. For her mission, and for her belief.

If this bastard was the key to change the fate of this world, then for the sake of this world, she would protect him. It had nothing to do with "moral principles". It had nothing to do with his personality. It was simply because he was the key.

"Three Times Water Mist Field!"

After obtaining powers from his one hundred and seven fiancees, Yun Xi’s power had reached a new realm. He could control the mist around him like he could control his body. The mist within a range of ten kilometres was his eyes and ears.

The rules of Water God's world naturally integrated into his body, letting him understand what he could do now.

"In the name of Yun Hai, respond to my call. Come out, Mist Souls!"

Along with Yun Xi's voice, one girl after another whose bodies were formed by mist, came out from the mist tide behind Yun Xi. The total number of girls was one hundred and seven, corresponding to the sum of the Starwing Knights girls and the native girls who had signed the marriage contract with him.

Yun Xi’s Water Mist Field had just responded to his will, forming these girls from his imagined world. They would be his swords. They would be his army!

"He himself is an army... and they are..." Yun Que seriously recorded Yun Xi's performance, because his power would become the key to the battle between Water God's camp and the Sky Sword's camp.

If she was an assassin who would accomplish the whole task with a one hit kill, then Yun Xi was the "emperor" who would sit still and call the shots. His white Water God's Mask symbolized his pure white will. He could be called "White Emperor"!

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