Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Water Mist Field

What happened?

Twelve, thirteen, fourteen... After Yun Xi presented his bread, the number of his fiance's was continuously increasing. After he realized that, it was already too late.

A hundred and seven. This was the last number after the bread on Yun Xi's table had all been taken away.

Why didn't the number keep increasing? Because it had reached the limit. No, it wasn't Yun Xi's limit but the number of the girls in this ceremony.

"Oh my god! Who is this guy?"

"No! I just bought a bottle of perfume with all my property!"

"Gosh! This man has so many treasures! Why would he like to come to the ceremony in this remote village?"

"Don't make fun of us! Why would such an honored man like you come to a place like this?"

All the young men around Yun Xi whined, trying to kill him with their eyes. However, they just stared at him. No one dared to do anything. Strong people obtain everything. Strong people take all. It was the natural rule of the world.

In Water God's world, strong people naturally obtained wealth, status, and honour, because there were horrible monsters hiding in the mist and ordinary people needed their protection. Ordinary people instinctively worshipped strong people.

Yun Xi was such a man. No one would think that he was an ordinary person after he took out such fantastic food.

If "the first row of golden butter loaves of bread were prepared in advance", then how would one explain the second and third row of loaves of bread? Moreover, everyone had seen Yun Xi creating bread from nothing. It could explain this mysterious masked man's true power.

He must be a hero-ranked person. The silver mask man wasn't at the same level with them.

After Yun Xi displayed that he could make food from nothing, the native girls finally decided to accept Yun Xi's gifts with excitement. Why? Because to them, Yun Xi's behavior wasn't just "share my food with them" as Yun Xi thought, but a rite.

Yun Xi underestimated the meaning of hero-ranked people in this world. He underestimated the temptation of his bread to these girls too. No girl who had taken bread from Yun Xi thought that it was just a present out of kindness. Such a priceless treasure shouldn't be presented with no cost. Yun Xi's self-righteous idea wasn't in keeping with the rules in this world.

"Accept Yun Xi's bread" was equivalent to "accept Yun Xi's proposal". No one treated it as if it was a joke, especially after Yun Xi exposed his hero-ranked power, no one thought that they would regret it.

Strong people couldn't be suspected or defied. You could refuse to accept their gift, and it was your choice to do so. Normally, hero-ranked people wouldn't force ordinary people to do something for them. However, once you made a choice and accepted the hero-ranked person's gift, there was no turning back. It was a common rule in Water God's world. In this old world, "honesty" and "morality" even overrode the law. Everyone in this world agreed with it.

In White Lotus Sword Domain, "sharing some loaves of bread with others" was just an insignificant thing, but this was Water God's world. Yun Xi mistakenly assumed that it wasn't significant in this world too. After Yun Xi realized what a mistake he had made, it was already too late.

"No! It shouldn't be!"

Yun Xi put on a long face. Looking at the girls who had started to chat about what clothes and jewelry they should wear at their wedding ceremony, Yun Xi felt that his outlook had crashed. He had just wanted to propose to the eleven Starwing Knights girls. At first, he encountered little twists and turns, but he solved them smoothly.

Ling Ling felt his enthusiasm and helped him complete his plan.

Everything would be perfect if only this and nothing more. If he knew that the situation would get out of his control, he wouldn't present his bread to these girls.

Yun Xi, you’re dead. I have a hundred and seven fiance's now? Oh my god, what should I do? How can I be an upright gentleman from now on? This is too bad!


Power was continuously being poured into Yun Xi's body. The power from the Starwing Knights girls and the native girls had all overlapped within his body, making him feel that he was going to explode.

If it wasn't because of the cold feeling from his Water God's Mask, which significantly relieved the hot feeling in his body, he would have gone mad.

Yun Xi could clearly feel the endless potential contained in his flesh and blood, which he had vaguely felt in his first limit practice but it hadn’t been as clear as it was now.

Yun Xi's power rose suddenly and sharply after obtaining the power from his one hundred and seven fiances. The range of the mist he could control had increased to ten miles, which had actually become his field.

"Gee? This feeling..." Yun Xi was exploring his ten miles Water Mist Field when suddenly, he noticed a black spot in his Water Mist Field.

He focused his attention onto the black spot, and gradually, the black spot became a clear figure. It was a black-haired woman who was bathing under a waterfall at the source of the stream beside the village.

She stood in the water, letting the pure water wash her perfect body.

Her skin was snow white and slightly red, as translucent as crystal.

Her slender body was graceful and exquisite, as flawless as a beautiful gem.

Her breasts were towering and heaving, as lofty as two towers.

Her legs were perfect and slender, which gave Yun Xi a feeling that they shouldn't appear in a mortal's world. Plus her slender, soft, pink feet, her beauty was seductive and breathtaking.

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