Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Dangerous Target

"I’ve things to do. The twelve bride candidates are supposed to come here, and it's your responsibility to protect them. Don't forget your duty as a Water God's Apostle!" Yun Que stared at Yun Xi and turned away.

Yun Que didn't want to work together with this man at all. She liked to follow prescribed order and obtained harvests with great effort. To her, Yun Xi's existence itself was a paradox.

He was so talented, holding two careers, hero-ranked baker and Water God's Apostle simultaneously, however, he actually loafed away his time all day and was only concerned with love and romance. What a waste!

She didn't understand what this man was thinking. Obviously, Water God's quest was the top priority, but he just wasted seven days in the first village, and only cleaned the slimes around the village casually.

"Ha ha... sorry, Yun Que." Yun Xi sighed.

Although it seemed that he was stealing what was entrusted to his care, but he didn’t regret his decision. Today, he must propose to the twelve girls, saving these Starwing Knights girls from becoming Water God's bride candidates!

Uhh... wait. Twelve? Shouldn't there only be eleven girls? Yun Xi opened the scrolls he got from Yun Que. He froze.

Something he hadn't expected happened!

This... this girl! She wasn't one of the Starwing Knights girls!

On the scroll, it was a beautiful woman with black hair and snow-white skin, who looked extremely noble. Yun Xi didn't remember any Starwing Knights girl that was so mature. She was like a queen out of a black fairy world. With a prideful, alluring, demon-like temperament, she stood quietly in the picture. Especially her deep eyes, which looked like a pair of soul-sucking abysses, leaving him a dark, dangerous and mysterious feeling.

She was absolutely not a member of his Starwing Knights!

"Who... is she?" Yun Xi's heart pounded. Obviously, this was the first time he had seen this beautiful woman, however, he had a feeling that he had seen her before!

Why do I feel nervous when I look at her picture?

Can it be the so-called "fall in love at first sight"?

Since she was specially selected by Yun Que, she must be unusual. Yun Xi had this foreboding.

"She is beautiful!" Lu Lu was jealous. She didn't know the reason, but when she looked at the picture, she felt disgusted and filled with hostility.

No, I shouldn't be so narrow-minded! I shouldn't feel jealous! I'm the great Apostle's first wife!

Although Lu Lu reminded herself of this in her heart, she still felt that the mysterious black-haired woman... was different. However, Lu Lu couldn't say which part was different.

"Yes... but it's strange... is she a native of this world?" Yun Xi took a close look at the picture and was sure that he didn't know the black-haired woman.

Then, why did his heart pound fast when he looked at the picture?

What a mystery.

Since she wasn't a member of his Starwing Knights, she wouldn't subconsciously take a shine to him just like Lu Lu. It would be too difficult to pursue her.

I shouldn't put her into the list of "my fiancee candidates" now. Yun Xi thought in his heart.

After all, if she didn't want to marry him, his proposal would be meaningless. The girls must "voluntarily" accept his proposal, otherwise he wouldn't be able to finish Side Quest Four.

"She... isn't one of my goals." Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief after making this decision.

Why? Why do I feel nervous even when I just look at her picture?

"What a pity. She is so beautiful." Lu Lu also let out a sigh of relief, then started to blame herself for her jealousy in her heart.

Such a beautiful woman surely could be an excellent bride. Lu Lu, why are you so narrow-minded? You can accept other girls, why not her? Is it because of her age? Indeed, she is the most mature woman in the scrolls. Her attractive body surely can let the great Apostle feel as if he is in heaven.

Compared to herself... Lu Lu felt inferior looking at her own chest. She sighed at the unfairness of fate.

Whoooooooh, why do none of the medicines I know enhance breasts?!

"Pa!" Suddenly, a memory flashed through Lu Lu's mind. She rubbed her temple in confusion.

Multi-headed Demon Dragon Blood, Dragon Blood Alliance... some strange information suddenly appeared in Lu Lu's mind.

Does such a monster exist in Water God's world?

"Ok, we should go." Yun Xi reorganized his mood and walked to the bustling ceremony together with Lu Lu.


In a cave which was one kilometre away from the village, the spider queen slowly stretched herself in the darkness. It wasn't very comfortable to walk in the outside world in her human form. She even spent twelve hours learning how to walk on two legs.

When she had just walked out of the cave, she didn't even deviate from her habit of walking with four limbs. It was too hard to keep her balance when walking with two legs. Human's body structure was too inconvenient. However, for Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, her current master's order, she had to appear in the human's world in this troublesome form.

There was countless food in this world. Compared to the void, this world was too noisy. She had to refrain herself with great effort to not hunt the humans who walked on the streets with no self-protection awareness.

"Hiss!" After weaving one dark shadow web after another, the spider queen finally stopped and transformed into her human form again.

She had gradually gotten used to transforming between the two forms.

It's time to hunt!

The dark shadow spider queen put on the robe made of her black threads, exposing her dangerous eyes.

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