Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: Terrible Non-combat Careers

Taking "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation" as an example, the hero-ranked cookie maker who could make this special supply could make five to ten biscuits every day. However, in the Ten Leaves Alliance, the demand for these special, precious biscuits was limitless!

Unlike spirit weapons or artifacts which demanded high requirements to their users, everyone could eat this type of special food. From a hero-ranked swordsman down to a mortal-ranked killer, even an ordinary person could get benefits from eating it with no side effects.

The number of biscuits the cookie maker could make was just like a drop in the bucket, they totally couldn't meet people's need. But what did she just see? The man named "Yun Hai" could make butter bread, which was clearly rarer than the "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation"!

Both the golden butter bread's weight and effect had far surpassed the biscuit Yun Que had once eaten. If the effect of the "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation" Yun Que had eaten was 10, then the effect of the sweet, soft, golden bread Yun Xi had made was 100! In a word, a golden loaf was equal to ten biscuits.

From what Yun Que knew, the cookie maker was a big shot in the Ten Leaves Alliance and was protected perfectly by the alliance. The cookie maker was more important than any of the hero-ranked warriors in the alliance... no, more important than that! Because the Ten Leaves Alliance could recruit lots of hero-ranked mercenaries easily, it was as difficult as climbing up to the sky when they tried to find any free hero-ranked cook.

The cookie maker, whose name was highly confidential, was cultivated by the alliance itself. Hero-ranked cooks were rarer than ordinary people's imagination. Even if this man named "Yun Hai" only exposed his ability of making the butter loaf in the outside world, countless forces would fight to recruit him, at all costs.

Hero-ranked non-combat career was a hidden career amongst all hero-ranked careers!

People thought that hero-ranked non-combat careers were "weak", but in fact, it was a complete misunderstanding. Once they reached the later stage of the hero rank, their abilities would reach a brand new realm.

Among all hero-ranked careers, "poet", "painter", "musician", and "clown" were four of the most dreadful careers, because it seemed that they had no fighting strength on the surface.

As for "baker", "cookie maker" and "pastry chef", who could make special food, they were rarer. They were qualified to be called "master".

Strong hero-ranked warriors could help in increasing a force's fame, however, hero-ranked cooks could help in increasing the whole force's upper limit!

And now, such a "master" was standing in front of her!

Why did such a shameless, salacious man have such great talent? What a big waste!

Could it be that only abnormal people had the potential to become a master?

If so... Yun Que looked at Yun Xi with a peculiar expression.

It seemed that it was the truth.

To hero-ranked non-combat professionals, they must be fanatical towards their careers, and their upgrading methods were also totally different from the upgrading methods of combat careers.

Most hero-ranked painters were incurable pursuers of beauty.

Most hero-ranked musicians were fanatics of all kinds of weird sounds.

Most hero-ranked clowns were psychiatric maniacs.

As for bakers, cookie makers, and pastry chefs... if they weren’t monomanias, how could they focus on making food all day and cast special, fantastic effects in foods?

In other words, almost all hero-ranked non-combat professionals weren’t normal people!

All the normal people in the universe had gone to practice their combat skills, and only lunatics were willing to practice their non-combat skills till the hero rank! They were all eccentrics, because normal people couldn't make bread or cookies containing magic power.

They could change the rules of the world in some sense, which was far beyond ordinary people's understanding. Strong hero-ranked warriors could smash a mountain with a single blow, shake the earth with a single stomp, and change the wind and clouds with a single roar. However, even though they were incredibly powerful, they couldn't draw a magical picture, play euphonious music, or make a piece of "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation".

Hero-ranked non-combat professionals were closer to the nature of the universe and would eventually become terrible "monsters". They were not inferior to the strongest hero-ranked warrior in the world in some sense.

If they reached the sixth rank, standing at the top of "hero rank", they would become a painter who could draw the world's nature, a musician who could play "death", or a clown who could bring "madness". They told people in this way that non-combat careers weren't as weak as people thought. They were geniuses above geniuses!

And now, there was such a genius in front of Yun Que.

He was a "Water God's Apostle" who could control mist within a wide range. And also, he was a "baker" who could make fourth-ranked golden butter bread, which was ten times more precious than "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation".

He had two hero-ranked careers and was eminent at both of the careers.

"What a terrible man." Yun Que whispered, looking at Yun Xi who hadn't realized his worth.

"Great, you like it. It seems that my bread isn't bad." Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief. If Yun Que, who was always serious and meticulous, also liked my loaf, then it shouldn't be a problem to present the bread to the girls as engagement gifts.

Everything is under my control! What I should do next is to propose to the other eleven girls!

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