Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Precious Mei'er

"Little Xi!" Hua Huo found that Yun Xi wasn't on his bed and turned around immediately. Then, she saw Yun Xi who was half naked and only wrapped in a bath towel.

"Alas!" Hua Huo was taught to be a lady of the sword since her childhood. She had no immunity in face of such a sudden impact.

"Hua Huo, wait!" Yun Xi understood his childhood sweetheart too well. He hurriedly found his clothes beside the bathroom, held Mei'er in his arms and ducked into the bathroom to change clothes.

After hearing Hua Huo's scream, several neighbors raised their heads and found that the sound was coming from the second floor of the bread shop. They showed both funny and annoyed expressions.

"That couple is squabbling again."

"Oh, it's a pity. They are such a perfect couple but will have to break up."

"Several young boys of our village have quietly cried several times."

"If it's possible, I want to see little Yun Xi's and Hua Huo's wedding."


Hua Huo brandished her long sword in front of Yun Xi. She showed her fantastic sword skill to cut down an unlucky mosquito's legs.

"What should I... explain?" Yun Xi's eyes followed Hua Huo's sword up and down. In the past, he didn't understand it, but now he found that Hua Huo's control over the force of her sword had already reached its peak.

If she wanted to cut down the mosquito's legs, she would never touch the mosquito's wings. When Hua Huo cut down the mosquito's slender legs, it was still flying.

"Buzz?" When the mosquito found that something was wrong, it had flown several meters away and knocked into the wall.

"Hum, you betcha. Of course, I mean those several foxes who dared to attract you!"

"I had a dream. I don't remember it clearly but you became a playboy in it, Yun Xi!"

"No! It was just a dream, Hua Huo!" Fastening on the stars as his shield, Yun Xi lied fearlessly.

To be precise, it wasn't a lie. For Hua Huo who was unintentionally involved in his first trial, it was just a dream.

So in truth, a lie was the best explanation.

Unfortunately, as his childhood sweetheart, she knew him more than himself. Besides, she had a god-like talent called the "Jealousy Radar", which wasn't able to be explained.

"No! There must be something wrong! I won't have a dream for no reason. Tell me, who is she? Where is she from? How many people are there?" Hua Huo blocked Yun Xi's way in a threatening manner. Her expression showed that she wouldn't give up until he told her the truth.

"You've got it all wrong! There is only this little dog staying with me." Yun Xi had to lift up Mei'er as his shield to defend Hua Huo's homicidal eyes.

"Woof!" Mei'er showed a pitiful look as she was lifted up by Yun Xi. It wasn't a play. It was her true feeling.

Compared to Yun Xi who knew nothing about famous dogs, Hua Huo's knowledge had a broader range. So after she looked carefully at Mei'er in Yun Xi's arms, she showed a look of disbelief.

"Little Xi, when did you start to care for a dog? Especially such a rare dog. To my knowledge, it's a special Royal Golden Retriever from the Western God's Domains, and it would never grow up."

What Hua Huo didn't say was that such a golden dog was a priceless good in the Western God's Domain and often had none for sale.

In the entire Western God's Domains, only several royal families with the longest history had this kind of special, never-growing golden dogs. Every year, there would never be over twenty of these dogs on sale and sometimes, there were only eight or nine dogs on sale. Their total amount had never exceeded a thousand.

It wasn't contempt, but even if Yun Xi were to sell his whole bread shop and land, he would still be unable to buy a toe of this pure-blood royal golden dog.

It was said that there were special blessings inside this kind of golden dogs' blood. They would give special luck and fortune to its master. So normally, they wouldn't train it.

In the highest circles of the Western God's Domains, these never-growing golden dogs were always a symbol of a high status. They were more precious than any diamond or gem.

Every year, countless princesses, princes, and dukes wanted one of these but they never succeeded no matter what their method or relation was.

"No, I just found this homeless little dog last night on the roadside. Doesn't our village also have dozens of golden fur dogs?" Yun Xi looked at Mei'er in his arms as sweat beads dropped down from his forehead.

"A homeless little golden dog?" Hua Huo's expression looked like she was saying ‘Don't kid with me!’.

Would any homeless golden little dog have such pure golden fur? It looked like real gold, the symbol of fortune and luck.

Would the dogs in the village have such a pair of pure, black gem-like addicting eyes? Some stupid big yellow dog would never have such a special charm that could catch everyone's eyes naturally.

Maybe the local people of the Sky Sword God's Domain didn't know it, but how would she misjudge it? This royal golden dog was known as a "Golden Fairy", a fantastic creature everyone dreamed of in the Western God's Domains.

Putting it bluntly, ten of these small towns weren't worth the little golden dog in Yun Xi's arms.

If this kind of fantastic dog could be found on the roadside, perhaps in the Western God's Domains, countless of people would wander around rivers, parks, and the wild to try to catch this kind of fantastic golden fairy.

As Hua Huo knew, in the entire Western God's Domains, this kind of fantastic dog was always on the verge of extinction.

Every year, many people worried about the amount of these cute fantastic creatures and for this, they showed no hesitation to use some taboo methods to produce descendants in order to save this race.

‘Yun Xi! You picked this dog on the roadside? It is equal to picking up a gold hill on the roadside!’

Something was wrong. There must be something wrong!

"Eh? Wait... this smell..." Hua Huo sniffed. Last night's indistinct dream suddenly became clear.

The milky aroma, sweet and intoxicating. She didn't have this odor. A strange odor.

It was not from Milei, El'phyllis, or Ye Li. It was a more sweet, heart-warming odor.

"How can it be... It's from this little dog?" By following the smell, finally, Hua Huo found the suspect who made her unable to sleep until early morning.

"Yes, it's from Mei'er. You must be misunderstanding something." This time, Yun Xi was so thankful that Mei'er was in his bed in the form of a little golden dog.

If Mei'er was in her human form, staying together with him in bed and a jealous Hua Huo found out, what would happen next... just imagining it made Yun Xi unable to stop shivering.

"Hmmm... hmmm... it's really from this little dog..." Hua Huo sniffed and finally relaxed.

However, in this way, this little golden dog who was named "Mei'er" had become even more valuable than before!

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