Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: The Wedding Gown

"Is it real? Even if an ordinary, weak girl like me deserves to be your bride? Dear Apostle, do you really believe in me?" Lu Lu gazed at Yun Xi's mask with excitement and hesitation.

He was the first person who had believed in her, in all her life. She was just an ordinary girl who was born in an ordinary village, a girl who only knew how to make medicine. Did she really deserve his trust?

When Yun Xi held her hands, her heart was beating fast feeling the temperature of Yun Xi's hands. She could barely look at Yun Xi's eyes after hearing his words.

"Yes, you should trust yourself. You will become a lady who won’t lose out to anyone in the world!" Yun Xi was sure about it, because her fate had been changed by his seed in her body.

According to what Mei'er had told him, she had a limitless, bright future.

"I... I will try my best!" Lu Lu blushed. She felt that her hands had almost been melted in Yun Xi's warm hands.

What should I do? Does my face look strange now? Will he feel that I'm a weird girl? Oh, his hands are so big! Ah ah ah! Idiot! Idiot! I'm an idiot. What am I thinking?! Why didn't I behave more gentle and restrained? What a shame!

Not surprisingly, compared to the honorable Apostle, I'm still a child. He just said a few words but he helped me regain my courage. I raise my head and gaze at his mask. I can feel his mature temperament and gritty determination.

Am I really his first fiance? To be such a great man's first fiance... it's wonderful, like a dream. I must make greater efforts to become a better lady, so that I can live up to him!


After that, Yun Xi announced his engagement with Lu Lu to the village people.

"Oh oh oh oh oh! Dear Apostle, you will marry Lu Lu? It's her honor!"

"Oh, praise Water God! How lucky Lu Lu is!"

"Dear Apostle, my daughter is also good! Of course, she isn't as good as Lu Lu, but if you don't mind..."

"Banquet! Banquet! We must hold a banquet immediately! This is the biggest event in our village's history!"

As was expected, all the villagers began to rave. They all showered their blessings on Lu Lu and Yun Xi, and no one doubted if there was something wrong.

Looking at these villagers, Yun Xi felt slightly guilty in his heart, because he wasn't really going to marry Lu Lu. It was just to help her avoid becoming Water God's bride. However, everyone thought that it was the happiest thing for Lu Lu to marry Yun Xi. Being affected by them, even Yun Xi himself started to have such an illusion.

The villagers built a dais beside the burning bonfire. Lu Lu was wearing the village's traditional clothes, standing beside Yun Xi.

Red and white cotton dress, black cotton belt and a flower-like hair headdress were the traditional clothes of the village, which would only be worn by the bride at her wedding. Yun Xi said that it was just an engagement, but he was Water God's Apostle. His marriage would be witnessed by the god, therefore no one thought that he would have any regrets.

In everyone’s eyes, including Lu Lu herself, when she agreed to be Yun Xi's fiance, she had become his property. In Water God's world, a girl agreeing to marry a man meant that she had entrusted her life to the man. Therefore, a "wedding" was an extremely holy ceremony in all the people's hearts.

The villagers ignited the bonfire. They drank and danced, showering their blessings on Lu Lu. It was an important event that would be recorded in the village's history.

"Isn't... this too formal? It is just an engagement ceremony." Looking at people's happy faces, Yun Xi suddenly felt that something was wrong. He felt that it was nothing like an engagement ceremony, but more like a wedding ceremony.

"Yes, it's our engagement ceremony." Lu Lu's answer subtly made Yun Xi misunderstand the ceremony.

Lu Lu's dog ears shook due to excitement. In the light of the bonfire, Lu Lu raised her hand in front of all the villagers.

"Today is a special day. I will sign an engagement with our respectful Apostle. From this day forward, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, I will offer my loyalty to the great Apostle till I return to the great Water God's arms. From this day on, I will only be his wife. Praise Water God, let us meet in the most beautiful place, in the most wonderful season, in my most fantastic age! After the great Apostle held my hands, I have regarded him as my only husband! I want to stay with him forever! I want to lend him my power! Everyone, please bless us!"

After Lu Lu's brave announcement finished, the villagers under the dais all clapped their hands excitedly. They just witnessed the wedding of the most beautiful girl in the village. Moreover, the bridegroom was a legendary Water God's Apostle! Their marriage would be recorded and eulogized from generation to generation!

"Umm... my Apostle, can we start the last ceremony?" Lu Lu said shyly and lowered her head.

"What's the last ceremony?" Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu in confusion. He didn't know the reason, but he felt that Lu Lu looked very guilty, because she didn't dare to look at his face.

"Can, can you come a little closer? I will only let you hear it." Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi expectantly.

She subconsciously stood on her toes. Yun Xi lowered his head. Unexpectedly, Lu Lu raised herself on tiptoe and kissed his mouth. It was totally unexpected. Yun Xi's lips were covered by Lu Lu's mouth tightly. It was a sweet, hot, and numb feeling. He even tasted a light herbal touch. It was Lu Lu's "girl's flavor".

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