Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Hua Huo's Seed

"There's no problem. The stars absorb the free energies in the trial and condensed them into the three seeds. They are perfect." Mei'er said proudly.

The stars wouldn't give him defective seeds.

There were three seeds in front of Yun Xi. Each of them were perfect and could absolutely let Yun Xi absorb their energies without fail.

"Then, why are their qualities so different?" Yun Xi looked at the three seeds, which had great differences in properties and thought that it wouldn't be that simple.

"It's because high-quality seeds need a much longer time to condense. Besides, the absorption rate depends on your affinity." Mei'er pointed to the three seeds and showed their absorption rate.

The first seed of the green hippo was easy to absorb and had a normal affinity. Its absorption rate would be a month.

The second seed, Hua Huo's seed was easy to absorb, but needed a high affinity. Its absorption rate would be one year.

The third seed, the sleeping beauty's seed was difficult to absorb and had quite a low affinity. Its absorption rate would be one-hundred-years.

Alright. Yun Xi knew there was no such thing as a free lunch.

The green hippo's seed was the easiest one to absorb. It could let him master skills like "Body Bulk-Up" and "Super Strength" in one month.

However, compared to the last two seeds, this seed was meaningless.

Unless he instantly faced death after opening his eyes, he would be blind if he chose it.

As for the other two seeds, each had its own merits.

Hua Huo's seed had a high potential and had the highest compatibility with him amongst the three seeds.

Considering that this seed was condensed by the stars, based on Hua Huo's characteristics, it wasn't surprising to have such a special compatibility.

The sleeping beauty's seed had the most terrible power, with the worst compatibility and the lowest affinity. It needed a hundred years to absorb according to the common method.

Which also meant that it would be a hundred times more difficult than absorbing Hua Huo's seed. No wonder it was a seed from a warrior whose rank was above the 4th Rank.

"Seems like I don't have any other choice." Yun Xi reluctantly moved his eyes away from the sleeping beauty's seed, which had super powers such as ‘Vacuum Seal, Cutting Blade, and Great Circulation’ and finally chose his childhood sweetheart's Sword Seed.

In fact, among the three seeds, each had its own merits.

The green hippo's seed was fit for people who needed power to go to the battlefield.

After all, on the battlefield, between life and death, the green hippo's iron skin and enhanced strength could bring an immediate effect. However, the battlefield was still a far-away world for Yun Xi, so he naturally gave up this seed which could only enhance his power instantly.

Hua Huo's seed had unlimited potential.

No matter if it was "Quicksilver motion", "Discerning highest level sword skills" or the marvelous "God's Sword Skill: Flying Sky Sword (Beginner Level)", they all showed his childhood sweetheart's uniqueness.

Especially the last "God's Sword Skill: Flying Sky Sword (Beginner Level)". Yun Xi didn't even know his childhood sweetheart had such a miraculous sword skill.

Undoubtedly, the sleeping beauty's seed was the strongest and most terrifying seed. Unfortunately, it was too difficult for Yun Xi, no matter its compatibility or affinity.

Thinking it over, it was normal. After all, it was a seed from a warrior who was above the 4th Rank.

In this case, Hua Huo's seed was the most suitable for Yun Xi, as if it were tailor-made for him.

Besides, unlike the green hippo and the sleeping beauty, Yun Xi knew Hua Huo very well. As he was close to the warrior herself, he had the opportunity to ask her for advice and improve himself.

"Give me Hua Huo's seed." Since he decided it, he wouldn't regret it.

Even if he could have the power of a Hero Rank after absorbing the sleeping beauty's seed, Yun Xi still believed that Hua Huo's seed wouldn't be inferior to it.

"Ok. Loading now... linking." Mei'er pointed at Hua Huo's seed, then the seed flew to Yun Xi automatically.

"Starting link with the seed."

"Open the image link!"

"Open the port, ready to absorb the mystical power of the seed."

"Code: Hua Huo!"

Yun Xi had a fantastic feeling as he saw Hua Huo's seed flying into his body.

It was as if there was an invisible, but real line between himself and Hua Huo.

A series of understandings about various sword skills, which he would normally never understand, naturally appeared in his mind. As if all of Hua Huo's understandings about the sword were shared with him.

Was this what Hua Huo's seed contained?

He finally understood what the sword meant in the eyes of the genius sword girl, Hua Huo.

The angle and time to brandish a sword, how to adjust the centre of swords, and how to achieve "Quicksilver Motion" by quickly moving one's feet. It also included the Flying Sky Sword, which Yun Xi could only touch the edge of but couldn't reach.

The more he came in contact with the power of Hua Huo's sword through the seed, the more powerful Yun Xi felt his childhood sweetheart was.

Her talent on the sword skill was definitely not only at the 3rd Rank!

Now, he only understood one-tenth of her sword skills. However, now he had the confidence to use the iron sword to kill that aggressive green hippo in only three strikes.

Hua Huo's seed was so powerful!

"Now, what's my swordsman rank?" Yun Xi felt good about himself after receiving Hua Huo's seed.

"Well, you should've reached the 3rd Rank at your combat reflexes on the sword. But master, your body is still at the 1st Rank."

"At the next trial, you will meet with more enemies. Later, don't forget to hunt and get more souls to enhance your body." Mei'er gave him a fair appraisal after evaluating Yun Xi's current status.

"Yeah. A 3rd-ranked sword intuition with a 1st-ranked body." Yun Xi murmured, and for the first time, felt something magical about the Love System of the Stars.

Become strong by loving. It seemed that this was the road the special trial system wanted him to walk on.

Looking at his seed and finding that it was only processed to 10%, Yun Xi couldn't help but imagine the power he would have after the absorption is complete.

It was worthy of being Hua Huo's seed, its potential at 10% had given him a 3rd-ranked combat intuition.

"Master, we should go. The next trial will be in one week."

"Let me warm your bed." Mei'er expectantly looked at Yun Xi. This was her most anticipated happy moment.

A fairy who could help him warm his bed... He never had such a fantastic creature.


Sunlight came in through the window and illuminated the bed of the second floor of the bread shop. Yun Xi naturally opened his eyes.

"Mei'er?" Yun Xi asked and an unexpected terror and shivering spread throughout his body.

Not only that. He was completely exhausted. Splitting pain clawed through Yun Xi's body.

"Ahhhhh!" Yun Xi's scream rang in the tiny room as he huddled his entire body on his bed like a big baby.

If it wasn't for the breathing method that ran itself automatically and helped him balance his body, he would've fainted.

The trial needed a price, but the stars helped Yun Xi shield most of the negative effect from the trial. However, after he returned to the real world, they bursted out together in a flash.

If he hadn't absorbed 10% of Hua Huo's seed, the pain would've overdrafted his limits and would've made him lie in bed for ten days.

"Mer'er... you should've warned me earlier!" Yun Xi laid on his bed and almost vomited.

"Woof!" The star spirit was in the form of a little golden dog. She reached out her paw and helped Yun Xi wipe his sweat.

"Eh... you can't turn into human form?" Yun Xi was a little confused after finding out that Mei'er couldn't turn into a beautiful girl in the real world.

"Woof!" The little golden dog nodded first, then stretched out her fluffy little claw and wrote in the air,

"Temporarily, I can't. But master, you can transfer your star power into my body after you become stronger. By that time, I can turn into my human form."

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