Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Mask

The eye appeared without warning. Yun Xi was sure that there had been nothing there a second ago, but after he had left the bonfire, the eye had instantly emerged. The eye looked at Yun Xi and his twin swords with curiosity and confusion.

"Who are you? Where are you from? Where will you go? Why are you here?"

Yun Xi nervously gazed at the giant eye. Sweat dripped from his face. It wasn't a real eye, but formed from countless mist crystals. Tiny mist crystals reflected colorful lights in the sun, as fantastic as if a dream.

The eye's pupil was an engaging dark blue, looking like a very profound gem. It could control the mist in the air so easily. Since the trial world was named "Water God's Fantasy Island", Yun Xi had already guessed what the eye in front of him was.

Water God! It was the fantastic creature sleeping under the island, the strongest, god-like creature in this trial world!

What the hell?! He had just left the bonfire and then immediately saw the ultimate boss of the world. Yun Xi felt desperate. What should he do now?

It wasn't even "Hell Mode", it was the "Nobody Survives Mode" he was facing!

"Why don't I see my mark in your body? You... You don't belong to this world?"

Fortunately, even though it was the world's ultimate boss, Water God looked like it was still half awake and half asleep. Its voice sounded deep. The mist crystals resonated, shaking both Yun Xi's body and heart.

Undoubtedly, it was a legend-ranked creature that wouldn't be inferior to the White Holy Dragon. Its existence alone was enough to change this world's rules. It was like lightning, a storm, a volcano. As a legend-ranked being, it was as miraculous as god. Water God was undoubtedly an ancient creature that was as strong as a god!

It was impossible to defeat such a god-like creature! The difference between them was as large as the difference between a drop of water and an entire ocean. Did he still have a chance?

Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief after he realized that Water God wasn't going to kill him directly. Fortunately, he wouldn't be killed countless times immediately after he left the bonfire. Even though he could revive in the fire, he didn't want to fight against the ancient creature, Water God. The gap between the nature of their lives was too wide. It would be meaningless to repeat such combat.

"What's your name?" Water God gazed at Yun Xi with no hostility. On the contrary, Yun Xi felt kindness from its tone.

"I'm..." Yun Xi almost told it his true name. Fortunately, he remembered Mei'er's warning at the last second.

"Yun Hai!" Finally, Yun Xi said a common name in White Lotus Sword Domain.

Yun Hai the Sword Master was the whole White Lotus Sword Domain's pride. He had once helped to promote White Lotus Sword Domain to become a middle-level sword domain, and was one of the founders of White Lotus Sword Palace and a Sky Sword! People in White Lotus Sword Domain often named their children "Yun Hai" hoping that their children would be as great as Yun Hai the Sword Master.

"Yun Hai... What a memorable name..." Water God blinked.

Ah! Yun Xi suddenly realized that as an ancient creature, Water God must have lived a long life.

If Water God's true identity was the monster sleeping in the Eye of the Storm, then it may really have met Yun Hai the Sword Master in the past.

Besides, the stars told him specifically that a Sky Sword would appear in his star trial. Would it be Yun Hai?

"So, you are my old friend's descendant. No wonder that I feel a sense of familiarity from you. Just in time. After a month, my world will hold a ceremony. You can be my Apostle. I hope that you can help me find the most beautiful and excellent bride for me." Water God's Eye turned into a stream of transparent crystals and fell on Yun Xi.

Yun Xi heard a series of system beeps.

"You have chosen your camp. You have become Water God's Apostle. Once you finish choosing your camp, you can't change or betray your camp. Please play as Water God's Apostle in this world. The world line has been changed. Please help Water God find the most beautiful bride to complete its wish."




Yun Xi didn't expect that his lie about his true identity directly made him leave the human camp and become the Water God's Apostle.

What did this mean? It meant that he could never join the human camp to fight against this world's boss together with Hua Huo, the twin witches, Hua Yue, and Xiao Cao!

Why? Why can't I challenge the world's strongest boss together with the others? Why did the world's ultimate boss directly find me and select me to become its subordinate?

"I have lived a long, long life. To be honest, I'm tired. As this world's god, I desire change, even if it means new enemies. My old friend's descendant, can you help me look around the world with your eyes? I want to see what will be changed in this new century. The world may have boundless beauties, but only one love is needed in my life. As a god, I'm looking for a person who can span time and space, becoming my lover!"

Countless mist crystals converged on Yun Xi's face, finally turning into a silver mask, covering Yun Xi's face.

"Hence, I give you my mask. You will become my eyes, my ears, my sword, to look for my bride!"

With four white sharp horns projecting upright from the mask, the mask looked like some dragon's mark.

"Remember, you have my mask, so you can use my power. You will become the legend!"

The system beep echoed in Yun Xi's mind again, "You have been recognized by Water God. You have obtained Water God's Mask. After you wear the mask, you will obtain the fake 'Power of the Emperor'."

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