Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: The Transformation of the Stars (2)

On the second day, after their world outlook was shocked again, they built more observation tools and used a wider variety of monitoring magic to observe this star region. Some people had even stepped over the star bridge, travelling to the Sky Sword God's Domain day and night in order to observe the abnormal phenomena with a closer look.

The astrologers in the Eastern God's Domain had already gathered around the Sky Sword God's Domain to observe the rare astronomical spectacle at the closest place.

Since the beginning of the history of the Eastern God's Domain, it was the first time that so many astrologers had gathered together.

On the third day, finally the visitors from the Western God's Domain had rached Sky Sword God's Domain. After giving a previous notice to their fraternities in the Eastern God's Domain, they quickly arrived at some remote corners and started to build their observation tools.

That night, they witnessed the mysterious, beautiful scene again.

Taking the Sky Sword God's Domain as the center, countless stars shone and cheered, converging together, forming a bright star sea around Sky Sword God's Domain. Some stars that had nearly reached the end of their lives even started to self destruct of their own initiative, turning into bright lights.

"The stars are killing themselves!"

"Why? Why? Why?!"

"The stars' orbits are changing! So harmonious! So beautiful!"

"The stars are cheering!"

People exclaimed whilst looking at the stars self destructing. They didn't even dare to breathe when they saw any star's orbit changing. They shouted and wrangled, then quickly calmed down, waiting for the next change.

Only the star saints and astrologers knew the meaning of the change. It exposed a part of the world's nature, and it showed a corner of the eternal truth of the universe.

"It must be God's heartbeat!" A believer kissed his cross and praised the God of Light.

"No. It's the universe's heartbeat!" Other people retorted him. Compared to gods, who were only omnipotent in their god's domains, what was happening now was greater and contained more meanings.

Although they knew the stars very well and some of them were so strong that they could even destroy stars as easily as blowing off dust, none of them knew why this fantastic scene was happening in this star region. They didn't know how to explain what was happening in front of them. No theory or rule could explain it. The knowledge they had learned and found in the past wouldn't be any more useful than waste paper in front of this miracle.

From three days ago, since the stars began to change, all the theories and rules in the past would definitely be rewritten in the future.

It didn't matter. They had enough time to record and calculate the meaning of the changes.

To them, when they devoted themselves to study the stars, a thousand years was as short as blinking one of their eyes. Every achievement was worth being written into the annals of history.

Undoubtedly, the change of the stars was a phenomena that was worth being written into the annals of history. It would be researched by countless people for thousands of years.

All of them hoped that the fantastic phenomena would continue for as long as possible, so that they would have more time to record it.

They believed that it was a gift from the great stars!


"Mei'er, is it about time?" Yun Xi raised his head, gazing at the starry sky. He felt that more and more star wills were gathering around him.

It seemed that this time, the star trial would really be unusual. How many people did the stars want to drag in?

"En. The stars have finished writing the rules. Be careful, master. This time, the dream will be infinitely approaching the real world. The more creatures in the trial world, the more benefits you can obtain. After all, the stars love you!"

Mei'er sat on Yun Xi's shoulder, looking at the starry sky together with him.

"But master, you must remember to hide your true identity even in the star trial. The Apostle will also appear in your trial."

Yun Xi forced a smile. The Apostle was an 8th ranked White Holy Dragon! Oh stars, why would you drag it into my star trial? Your love is really difficult to stand.

"I will become strong!" Yun Xi stretched out his hand, opening his five fingers then held his fist.

"Someday, I will be strong enough to defeat the Apostle!"

"Yes! This is it! Master, as long as you can become stronger and stronger, you can finally solve all your problems! At that time, you don't even need to worry about your four ex-girlfriends!"

Mei'er had confidence in her master, because her master was the greatest man in the world, the beloved starchild!

With the stars help, nothing could stop her master. Moreover, her master was trying to become strong!

On the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day... In the eyes of the star saints and astrologers, the stars' change finally reached an end.

A transparent ring spread in the star sea, performing a song of stars.

On the seventh day, at 7 o'clock, Yun Xi's mouth was covered by his star elf's lips again.

Above the girls' fort, countless starlight turned into fragments floating in the air, shining down on the Eye of the Storm which was always covered with some weird power.

Even the weird power couldn't stop these star fragments.

"Hum? Why? Is papa in the neighborhood?" Mumu looked at the star fragments with curiosity. She stretched out her small hands, catching several fragments.

At that moment, the world's time stopped.

No. Time didn’t stop. It was because this other world was accelerating incredibly!

The stars forced the time velocity in the world and made it accelerate. In order to perform this, hundreds of stars self destructed into star fragments, raising a small wave in the river of time.

"Language and cognition, behavior and appearance, soul and body!"

The stars created a complete world for their beloved child. They even reversed the rules between life and death to create an immortal spark.

This was the stars' blessing given to Yun Xi, the truth about the transformation of the stars.

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