Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Invasive Creatures

Yun Xi was standing at the top of the mountain and watching the whole island. The place where he and the girls were was just a very small area if comparing its size to the entire island’s. Judging from the sun's location, they should be in the eastern corner of the island within a radius of about ten kilometres.

The dormant volcano wasn't the summit of the island. It was just a part of a group of volcanoes. The largest volcano was about several kilometres in height at the center of the island. Although the island was in a tropical region, Yun Xi could see ice caps and white snow on the volcano.

"I never thought that it would be such a large island!" Yun Xi only saw a small part of the island, but the area he could see was already a thousand times larger than the small town he lived in in the past.

The island was located in the forbidden area of the White Lotus Sword Domain. Apparently, there wouldn't be any aborigines. It was an uninhabited island that had never been developed, which meant that it was an impossible goal to leave the island only with his and the girls' power.

The'd better collect all the materials they could find from White Lotus's wreckage and the forest, to build a solid makeshift camp and wait for the Sword Palace’s rescuers. Maybe there was no one that could match the Apostle even in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, but there must be someone far stronger than the Apostle in the Sky Sword God's Domain.

The legendary "Sky Sword" were a group of swordsmen that ruled all the sword domains, and the master of Sky Sword God's Domain was the strongest swordsman in the whole Eastern God's Domain. The fact that the White Lotus Sword Domain was invaded by an unknown Apostle wasn't a small matter. Yun Xi thought that the rescuers should be already on their way now.

"Before the rescuers come here, we should make sure that we have enough food, water, and a safe place to live." Yun Xi listed all the troubles they may face. Finally, he cleared his head.

He and the girls would strive to survive on the island together. None of them knew how to live on an uninhabited island, and they didn't know if there was something dangerous on the island. Therefore, they must be very careful.

"Master, be careful! A large part of the sky is becoming unstable!" Whilst Yun Xi was working on his "Desert Island Survival Plan", Mei'er suddenly warned him in a serious tone, "Invaders are intruding this airspace! Red alert! Red alert! They are not Apostles! They are monsters from the void!"

Even if Mei'er didn't warn Yun Xi, he and all the girls on the island saw that the sky was breaking up like a layer of glass, suffusing with waves.

A large number of unknown monsters were staring at the island and the living beings on the island with their vicious eyes.

"Mei'er, how many are there?" Suddenly, he had to stop his desert island surviving plan and fight against intruders. The change was too drastic.

"Scanning... the space is repairing itself, but there is a 4th ranked monster and a lot of its children squeezing into the airspace!" Mei'er's voice sounded anxious.

"Hiss!" A humongous blue spider was squeezing into the world from the void. It was about ten metres long with countless dark shadow patterns on its back. Almost half of its sharp legs had been broken, but it still emitted a gloomy and cold temperament.

Countless spider threads dropped down along its eight legs and were tightly wrapped around the island's main peak. With that, it barely pulled itself out from the void crack in the air.

"It's a dark shadow spider, a common hunter in the void. It's good at spinning webs and hatching little spiders, having a burning desire to catch prey to feed to its descendants. It's seriously injured now, but the chance of you winning is still not more than 10%."

Mei'er searched her memory and told Yun Xi the spider's information. It was one of the bottom feeders in the void and was known for its strong reproductive capacity and patience when it hunted its prey.

In essence, dark shadow spiders didn't need to eat blood and flesh. They could even live without food for dozens of years. The only purpose for them to hunt was to produce descendants.

"My chance of winning is not more than 10%? That's really bad."

Yun Xi watched the dark shadow spider. Maybe it was just a negligible existence in the void, but to him and the girls, it was a horrible monster that had the ability to eliminate them all.

"Be careful, master. It has noticed you!" Mei'er warned Yun Xi in an anxious tone.

"I know!" Yun Xi had seen its eight compound eyes, which were full of killing intention inside them.

To the dark shadow spider, it didn’t need a reason to kill, because it would never give up any chance to catch its prey, especially when the prey was a black-haired, sweet human. In the dark shadow spider's memory, humans were a kind of super delicious food.

I want to eat this human, hunting and hunting, then produce my descendants! The dark shadow spider's instinct was telling it that it was time to kill.

"I can't run away. The whole island has become the spider's hunting ground." Yun Xi took a deep breath with large drops of sweat dripping from his skin.

He felt nervous. After all, this was not a star's trial. He was facing a bloodthirsty monster in reality.

"Mei'er, tell me characteristics of its attacks!" Yun Xi started to run to the highest volcano at his full speed.

"Yes! Dark shadow spider is a creature that is good at lurking and spinning webs. Normally, dark shadow spiders will take a large amount of time to catch their prey in the void, so they won't eat their prey easily. Instead, they tend to stock prey and wait till the best spawning time. At that time, they will ovulate and fertilise themselves to produce clones. Oh, the spider is a hermaphrodite! Its super power is its dark shadow spider thread that has strong ductility and tenacity. It's not easy to break free from its threads!"

As Yun Xi heard Mei'er's words, the dark shadow spider had descended onto the volcano and started to hunt. One spider thread after another formed a prodigious web. Taking the dark shadow spider as the center, the web had covered the whole area within a radius of ten kilometers.

"No! Hua Yue, Xiao Cao and the other girls are still there!" Yun Xi stepped on the twin swords, flying to the volcano.




The girls emitted plaintive cries. They were bathing! None of them had expected that they would face such a sudden misfortune. They were wrapped up by the threads and dragged into to the sky.

"You said that the spider wouldn't kill its prey easily, didn’t you?!" Looking at this scene, Yun Xi's heart was burning with anger.

If the spider ate them immediately... No, I won’t let it do this!!!

"Before the spider starts to produce its descendants, it won't kill its prey. Master, be careful, it has locked on you!"

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