Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Hua Huo's Weak Point

"Tell me, Little Xi! Is she that sleeping beauty?! What's so special about her that you would want to go in the dark forest, even if it means you have to defeat me? And it needs you to awaken her by ki-ki-kissing!" Hua Huo's face suddenly turned red.

Oh, right. It looked like Hua Huo was so shy that she didn't dare to look at him. Yun Xi had a vague idea.

It seemed that Hua Huo had a weak point.

"Tell the truth and you will receive a lighter sentence. Keep lying and you will receive a heavy punishment!" Hua Huo waved her small fists and knocked on Yun Xi's chest. Her expression showed ‘I won't let you go if you don't tell me the truth’.

Yun Xi had no idea how to deal with this. He knew the power gap between Hua Huo and himself. It was not something that could be filled by hundreds of deaths. It was a desperate natural chasm.

Did he have to use that method?

This trial, how ruthless and twisted in human nature it was!

"I'm gonna see the sleeping beauty!"

"She dares to seduce my Little Xi. She must be a cheating cat!" A fire burned in Hua Huo's eyes, which made Yun Xi have a really bad feeling.

Thinking back to the past earthquake-like pitiful scene in the sword skills teacher's courtyard... although he had never seen the sleeping beauty who was in the dark forest - however, since she was the sleeping beauty, of course, she was a feminine girl who had no power to fight against the last boss of the trial, Hua Huo.

If Hua Huo found her, the trial would be equal to having been failed. Yun Xi was pretty sure about this.

So, it was time to use that method.

Sorry, Hua Huo. As your childhood sweetheart, I know very much about your weak point.

"Hua Huo, look at me." Yun Xi reached out his hand to grasp Hua Huo's hand. He pulled his nerves together and sat up to get near Hua Huo, just like what he once did in the past.

"Ah... wow... whoa..." Looking at Yun Xi's face that was getting closer and closer, Hua Huo suddenly fell into a panic.

This time, she had lost all prestige as an unchallenged swordmaiden. She was just a confused girl who was lost in love.

"Little Xi... what... what're you gonna do?!" She was the girl who pushed down Yun Xi and straddled on his body. However, when Yun Xi really got close to her, she was confused and panicked.

This was Hua Huo's biggest weak point. She had no power to resist Yun Xi's intimate behavior.

It was already an above-standard performance to ride on Yun Xi's body with anger. As for further intimate behavior? It was still a forbidden zone in this young girl's heart.

Conversely, due to that summer, the hands on teaching from that gentle big sister and the forbidden game he played together with Ye Li, El'phyllis, and Milei in their childhood, Yun Xi was more skilled.

This was Hua Huo's biggest weak point. She was a well-behaved girl, always jealous but knew nothing about the things not written in the textbooks.

She sucked at intimate behavior. She was a well-behaved,and would be a virtuous wife and caring mother, a sword girl.

So, when Yun Xi took the initiative to attack her, she immediately froze as her whole body started to tremble.

She was too over excited and terrified, she didn't know what to do. Finally, Yun Xi kissed her lips and her eyes became thoroughly misted.

"Woo.. en..."

According to the kissing skill he learned from his sword skills teacher, Ye Li, El'phyllis, Milei, and Mei'er, Yun Xi invaded and occupied his childhood sweetheart's lips and mouth bit by bit. He didn't allow her to breath.

"Little Xi... wait..." Because her lips and tongue were blocked by Yun Xi, Hua Huo sent out a vague voice, then her whole body softly laid down in Yun Xi's arms.

In terms of sword skills, a hundred Yun Xi couldn't compare with one Hua Huo.

However, in terms of kissing, a hundred Hua Huo couldn't compare with one Yun Xi.

After all, Hua Huo was a simple sword idiot, she always practiced over 12 hours a day. The skill of courting was too difficult for her.

I'm sorry, Hua Huo.

After kissing Hua Huo till she couldn't breathe and finally making her lose consciousness, Yun Xi carefully changed their body position, letting the dizzy Hua Huo lie down beside him.

As he expected, the trial wouldn't let him face an unbeatable enemy. At least for Yun Xi, Hua Huo wasn't an unbeatable enemy.

However, this strategy he used to win, made people speechless.

Except for Yun Xi, no one else could make Hua Huo defenseless and come into this attackable distance.

"Little Xi... no..." Hua Huo's mind fell into a mess and her body also fell into a strange dissonance. She saw Yun Xi stand up and was going to escape, but she failed every time she tried to stand up to catch him.

In some sense, Yun Xi's attack was a complete success.

Run! Run! Yun Xi didn't know how long Hua Huo would remain in this state of disturbance of consciousness.

He still remembered that year he was twelve. After he learned the lesson which the textbook wouldn't tell him from his sword skills teacher - the Big Sister. The first target he found in order to practice it on was Hua Huo.

As a result, Hua Huo was dazzled for over a quarter of an hour. After that, she would never allow him to play this game with her again.

Well, after that, the 12-year-old him played this game with several other childhood friends. They were Milei from the flower shop, El'phyllis from the gem shop, and Ye Li, who joined in on the fun later on.

It was true. Yun Xi never thought there was anything wrong until last year.

For children, playing something never played was interesting. And making their heart beat faster was a natural thing, wasn't it?

Till the girls who played this game, such as Milei and El'phyllis, all shyly told him that they could play this kind of game much more often. That it would be better if he added the prefix ceremony like "wedding" for the game, then he finally realized something was wrong.

As for the youngest girl Ye Li, she didn't make such a request. It seemed that simply hugging and kissing was already gratifying for her.

Compared them to the new girl - Mei'er - she was the most zealous one. Her odor was unlike the girls who played the game with him, she had a fantastic but slightly milky aroma.

Hua Huo should have smelled it, so she found out something was wrong. How sensitive her nose was!

"Little Xi, stop!" At the entrance of the forest, Hua Huo's voice was raised. Apparently, she had woken up from her trance.

That was bad. Be quick! He should move faster!

Sleeping beauty, where are you? Yun Xi anxiously searched the map in his mind and found he had almost overlapped with the green point on the map.

At the same time, the bright red dot, which was at the entrance of the dark forest, started moving at a terrifying speed.

The death line of the trial was coming!

"Here!" Wrapped by countless branches, Yun Xi saw a place where it was surrounded by black brambles.

A girl wearing white pajamas lay still, sound asleep, surrounded by a bed of thorns.

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