Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1177

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Chapter 1177: Return

Yun Xi never imagined that by just spending a little more time on his way back to the continent, he would come back to find the whole world covered with flags of the Underground Cemetery.

It was as if overnight, the Underground Cemetery completely destroyed all the countries on the Sia Continent.

Yes, that's true.

They simultaneously attacked all the countries on the continent.

It took less than twenty-four hours for the million-strong Opera House Phantom army to conquer all the lands, starting from the southern borders of the Leviathan Empire to the northern tribes' alliance.

Most of their forces were focused on attacking the capital of the Leviathan Empire, leaving the other countries with far fewer troops.

The Leviathan Empire, known as the strongest military power on the continent, was the only country that resisted until the end. They surrendered only after the Death Knight broke through their city walls and the million-strong Undead Army entered.

It's not that the knights of the Leviathan Empire didn't try hard, but the enemy cheated.

Anyone who saw their fallen soldiers, turned to ashes by heavy artillery, only to rise again moments later under the liches' incantations, would feel a sense of despair.

It was at this moment that humans could truly experience the terror the dragons felt when faced with this army of death.

It's okay, really okay, this is a true legendary army!

There are more than three-digit hero-ranked warriors on the battlefield now. The total number of hero-ranked warriors in the whole continent is probably not even this many, and they are also invincible. How can such a power difference not make people despair?

Even the powerful Dragon Tribe cannot withstand it, let alone the current period of magic decline in Sia's world.

This death legion, even if it's just a part of the full force army of the death from the peak period, is enough to sweep the entire continent.

After consecutive defeats of the black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, The King of Undead in the Underground Cemetery finally showed his true strength, entering serious mode.

As a result, within one day, except for Sia Royal City, which is protected by a magic barrier from the divine era, the whole continent fell into ruin.

The only city that remains unoccupied by the Undead Army is the city where the divine era tower is located.

Yun Xi, who came back on the Rift Space Dragon from the snowy world, shook his head when he saw the scene beneath him.

The power difference is really too big. The King of Undead in the Underground Cemetery truly deserves to be recognized by the Dragon Tribe as the continent's champion, with a hidden and immeasurable strength.

Luckily, now he has made an alliance with the highest military leader of the other side, so he can at least protect the independence of the Sia Kingdom.

If a full-scale war really breaks out, he can at most protect the Sia Royal City where the Divine Era Tower is located, but other places are beyond his reach.

No matter how strong he is in personal combat, he is powerless against opponents of this magnitude.

This is the gap between the legion and individual combat power, even the owner of the Rift Space Dragon, Kingdom's Shield, admits that the tactics used by the third layer Guardian, the Opera House Phantom, are almost unsolvable.

In theory, as long as the Opera House Phantom is defeated, this terrifying Undead Army will disintegrate, but the problem is that the Opera House Phantom follows a completely different development path from other ancient weapons.

In terms of combat power, the Opera House Phantom may be the weakest among the four completed ancient weapons, regardless of attack power, defense power, or speed.

The problem is that it doesn't directly appear on the battlefield, but is always located inside the heavily guarded Underground Cemetery.

It controls the coverage area of the undead army, which is the entire continent!

Each death legion has a projection of the Opera House Phantom to command, which allows them to simultaneously attack all countries on the continent in an organized manner.

This amazing power of mental control is the characteristic of the Opera House Phantom.

This is an ancient weapon strengthened with extreme mental power. Even though all the data ends with the final digit of four guardians, it is the undisputed ace of the Underground Cemetery solely based on this terrifying dominion.

Rift Space Dragon, ruling the skies.

Black Iron Giant, dominating the land.

Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, governing the oceans.

The Opera House Phantom is the controller of "death" and is the ancient weapon that best represents the Underground Cemetery.

This invitation from the Underground Cemetery truly allows humans living in the period of magic tide decline to understand what a real mythical army is.

Overnight, even the most proud and arrogant Leviathan Empire had to admit that the true power of the Underground Cemetery was enough to crush the entire continent.

"We have arrived."

Most of the body was still sealed, carrying the burden of the terrifying black iron giant, the Rift Space Dragon completed its flight journey from the end of the world's South Pole to the Sia Kingdom.

Faced with the Rift Space Dragon that could circle around the entire Sia's world in one minute, Yun Xi was really afraid to remove all the seals at once.

That speed was just too terrifying, completely unlike any species that should exist in Sia's world.

Natural evolution couldn't possibly evolve to a speed that surpassed the capacity of the entire world, this was only using the acceleration of three Electric Rings.

From the body of the Rift Space Dragon, no, from all the ancient weapons in the Underground Cemetery, Yun Xi could smell a civilization that didn't belong to Sia's world.

The King of Undead from the Underground Cemetery, this name that humans secretly erased from history, had too much mystery surrounding it.

Upon seeing the figure of the black iron giant, the magic barrier guarding the Sia Royal City slowly opened, revealing the figure of the divine era tower.

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Throughout this day and night, except for the royal city, Sia Kingdom was basically in a state of extreme panic.

The eerie undead army eventually surrounded the entire Sia Royal City.

In the story of the Divine Era, the slow Skeleton Soldiers that people read about rushed out of the Underground Cemetery like a white flood, with the help of the liches' acceleration magic, and overnight, they conquered the entire Sia Continent.

Now, besides Sia Royal City, there is no capital city left in any country.

At this time, Yun Xi, who was sitting on the Rift Space Dragon, was almost the only hope for the Sia Kingdom's return.

"It is indeed here..."

"Nothing has changed at all."

Walking into the tall tower of the Divine Era, feeling the same environment as the Divine Era, Kingdom's Shield was filled with a nostalgic expression.

Only here, for a thousand years, ten thousand years, no matter how time passes, it has never changed.

The tower that symbolizes the friendship between the Golden Ancient People and the Dragon Clan still stands in this age where all the Golden Ancient People have passed away and the Dragon Clan has disappeared.

Ironically, even though it is proof of the friendship between the two races, both the Golden Ancient People and the Dragon Clan subconsciously forgot its existence in the end.