Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1156

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Chapter 1156: Touch

"Um... they entered the tower voluntarily to practice."

Yun Xi wanted to explain that he didn't do anything to the girls from the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order who were hatching eggs in the Tower of God.

Unfortunately, Princess Passed didn't believe a single word he said, not even a punctuation mark.

"What kind of practice requires taking off all your clothes, hugging that strange thing, and... and..." Remembering what she saw in the underground palace during those few days, Passed Princess's face turned bright red.

Looking at Yun Xi's eyes, it turned into complete contempt, the kind that wanted to trample him underfoot.

"People with power always like to do whatever they want..." This was an additional attack from the War Dancer.

"Sigh! I'm really innocent..." Yun Xi disconnected from the Pafu System and collapsed into the control core of the faceless god.

"Hiss!" A large amount of steam erupted from the head and hollow shoulders of the faceless god.

The engine stopped.

Because one hand was holding the head of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and the other hand was dragging its body, the return journey took more energy for Yun Xi than the way here.

Halfway through, both Yun Xi and the Pafu System reached their limits and needed to rest.

Yun Xi didn't know where this place was.

Judging from the rough direction, it should be in the blank area between the Leviathan Empire and the Sia Kingdom. No matter which side you look at, there are dense forests and towering mountains.

"Boom!" Yun Xi threw the huge body of the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast to the side, causing a loud roar, while its head remained at his feet.

"Pafu, let's take a rest." After traveling day and night, fighting a life-and-death battle with the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and dragging its body for most of the day, Yun Xi was really tired.

"Pafu!" Pafu temporarily disconnected from the internally reaching limit of the Faceless God's divided entities and walked out of the core of the Faceless God with Yun Xi.

It was already evening.

Looking up, you could see the sky filled with many stars.

No matter what happens in Sia's world, only this starry sky seems to remain constant.

Starting from the divine era, both humans and dragon clans have always admired the stars above their heads and tried everything to fly beyond the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be an impossible task.

Whether it was the dragon clan at the peak of individual strength in Sia's world or the mages of the divine era who took human magic civilization to its peak, neither could break through the constraints of the sky.

"What kind of beings are you?" Yun Xi looked at the Passed Princess and War Dancer who had come out of the faceless god with him.

Black iron giant.

Emerald Sea Dragon Beast.

These are ancient weapons that could shock the world, but in Yun Xi's eyes, the Passed Princess and War Dancer, who are the cores of these weapons, were even more incredible creations.

They are closely connected to ancient weapons, but they surpass these ancient weapons.

Compared to the black iron giant and Emerald Sea Dragon Beast that were defeated by Yun Xi, their level of mystery is even higher.

Yun Xi hasn't even heard of the existence of soul cores in his study of Sky Sword God's Domain.

Interfering with the soul level technology is the pinnacle of advanced technology.

"I am Daddy's princess, forever the cutest princess." Passed Princess made a funny face at Yun Xi, with a defiant expression on her face.

With War Dancer as her companion, the courage of this little princess suddenly increased a lot. Even knowing that Yun Xi is a silver dragon, she has no fear at all.

"We are weapons of the king, and weapons only need to know how to fight." Compared to the overly naive Passed Princess, War Dancer is obviously more mature.

"Are you... all already dead?" Yun Xi could never understand this question.

At this moment, how exactly do they exist?

Ghosts and such can't be compared to them at all.

At least, Yun Xi didn't know of any ghosts that could bathe in the lava lake and defeat the strongest military empire on this continent, commanding the sea serpent legion and unmanned weapons.

From them, Yun Xi felt something extraordinary, which didn't seem like a product of Sia's world's civilization.

Even in the Endless God's Domain, interference with souls is the power of gods, and most gods don't possess such power.

This has nothing to do with strength; it requires related laws and elements. Even powerful beings like Teacher Casina the Battle God don't know how to resurrect the souls of the dead.

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Of course, she wouldn't, but sending the deceased Su back to hell would be a piece of cake for her.

"We... are special..." War Dancer looked at Yun Xi, who reached out to touch her, and for some reason, her heart softened, and she didn't refuse.

In her lifetime, she was a captivating and passionate dancer.

Her biggest wish was to bring laughter and happiness to people with her song and dance, together with the songstress.

After she died, she became the embodiment of war and fought a fierce battle with Leviathan's followers on the battlefield of the divine era.

It has been so long that she almost forgot the feeling of being touched and caressed by others.

Yun Xi lightly touched the skin of War Dancer with no intention of being rude, just a simple gesture of contact.

The concept of a soul core is filled with so much mystery, it is the highest level of mystery even in the Endless God's Domain.

If the deceased could continue to exist in this way, it is unknown how many people would pay any price for it.

The resurrection of the dead and immortality are eternal dreams of humanity.

Now, this dream is within Yun Xi's fingertips, realized by the owner of the Underground Cemetery through "some kind of method."

Compared to the black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, they are actually the most precious treasures of the Underground Cemetery.

Dots of radiance danced on Yun Xi's fingertips.

"Encountered?" Yun Xi looked at the swirling soul radiance on his fingertips, unsure of what it meant.

Clearly, no matter how carefully Passed Princess tried to touch it, she couldn't.

Despite being kicked, stepped on, and sat on by her, those were just "phenomena" caused by the interference of soul power with reality.

Passed Princess, existing in the core state of the soul, was fundamentally inaccessible, a fact that Yun Xi had already confirmed.

"Don't let your guard down!"

"Dancer, our core cannot be entered!" Passed Princess stared at War Dancer, who was communicating with Yun Xi, with an expression of utter shock, as if she had witnessed something incredibly terrifying.

"It's okay... This person... might be different."