Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: The Apostle Arrives




Unknown sounds came from nowhere, echoing between the heaven and the earth and shook everyone's souls.

The clouds, lightning, and storms had all suddenly vanished. A silver paranormal creature swam out from the broken door. Its body was over a hundred kilometers long. Its head looked like a translucent diamond with three silver horns. Under its head, at the center of its waist and on the place near its tail, there were three pairs of silver blue wings.

Its tail had three big caudal fins with noticeable wounds on them. Obviously, it was using the tail which was big enough to paddle in the void to knock the blue door. In the center of its diamond-like head, there was a giant silver gem. Its scarlet eyes were gazing at the ship, White Lotus, and the distant horizon.

After it squeezed into the world from the door, the sky suddenly cleared up and all the clouds suddenly vanished. Endless blue spread to the end of the sky, which was so magnificent and gave people an illusion that the world was stopped at this time.

"White flood dragon?" Its appearance made Red Lotus remember the flood dragon race. It was a quite famous race in the Eastern God’s Domain.

"No, it isn't." White Lotus refuted Red Lotus's guess. She didn't think that it was an 8th ranked flood dragon, for most truebred dragons were only at the hero rank, not to mention half-blood flood dragon race.

"No, it's not a dragon belonging to the Eastern God's Domain! It is a white holy dragon! A natural fantasy species! The most beautiful holy dragon!" Hua Huo realized the silver dragon's true identity.

The white holy dragon was an extremely rare dragon race. Hua Huo had only read of their record in an ancient book.

The silver gem on its forehead was a rare treasure called "White Dragon's Crystal". In addition to its wings, tail, fins, and scales, could all be used to make powerful weapons, the white holy dragon race had almost been exterminated ten thousand years ago.

Because their hearts were too innocent, they were betrayed by the humans they trusted. As a result, the entire race was almost exterminated. After that, the white holy dragons disappeared from the Western God's Domain and had become an old tale.

Who would imagine that a white holy dragon would suddenly appear in a remote sword domain in the distant Eastern God's Domain?!

"It's looking for me!" Hua Huo's eyes suddenly became shrewd.

So, they finally found her. As she had expected, the dragon god wasn't willing to forgive the rebellious Sky Flying Bloodline. In her view, only the dragon god, Asha's Dragon God's Domain, still had a few white holy dragons.

Why are you so cruel? In order to exterminate the dragon race's natural enemy, the Sky Flying Bloodline, you actually sent a rare white holy dragon to kill me?!

Sorry, Little Xi, Red Lotus, White Lotus, and everyone, I implicated you.

"This... what..." Yun Xi's mouth parched and his tongue scorched. He dumbly gazed at the huge monster in the sunny sky, as if the lightning and dark clouds he saw just now was just some joke.

Not only Yun Xi. All the people who were gazing at the great creature were speechless. They couldn't find any words to describe their shock, for the distance amongst their life forms were too great.

"Master, be careful! It is that Apostle!" As anxiety swept through Yun Xi's heart, he heard Mei'er's voice in his mind.

"Are you kidding me?! You are saying that this monster is the 7th ranked Apostle?" Yun Xi opened his mouth wide, gazing at the dragon in shock.

It was really a beautiful creature, however, its behavior of breaking the door by force and its huge body were enough to disarm everyone's fighting will. This was one of his ex-girlfriends' Apostles, the enemy he would soon face.

"Well... It has probably upgraded recently... It is already at the 8th rank now... After all, it's one of your ex-girlfriend's Apostles. Its talent must be very good..." Mei'er whispered haltingly.

"What can I do? I don't think that I can defeat it..." Yun Xi gazed at the white holy dragon with a desperate look. He found that the biggest crisis in his life suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was more dangerous than the green hippo he had defeated. Even if there were a million green hippos, they would be nothing if compared to the Apostle.

How long had he awakened his ability as the Starchild? Why did he meet such a monster so early? This wasn't as simple as a joke! He would die!

"Don't worry. It should have just known that you are in this sword domain but doesn't know your specific location. This should be just a regular search. Master, you should be careful. You'd better never turn off your greatsword maid's uniform. If it finds you, you won't have any chance to escape!"

"Ok... I see..." Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief. So, he hadn't exposed his true identity and this was just the Apostle's regular search.

Fortunately, the worst situation didn't happen.

He shouldn't give up hope till the last second!




The white holy dragon scanned the small sword domain for a while, then suddenly swung its tail.

As if the ship, White Lotus, was just a negligible leaf but not the strongest weapon of the whole White Lotus Sword Domain, the white holy dragon's tail easily swung the ship down from the sky. After that, the silver crystal on the dragon's forehead emitted endless lights, wrapping the entire core area of White Lotus Sword Domain into its range.


"Purl! Purl! Purl!" Yun Xi heard the sound of flowing water. He felt that the water was very close, but also at a very far away place.


Eh? Was someone calling him?

"Master! Wake up! This is not good!"

Mei'er's worried voice echoed in Yun Xi's ears. He ground his teeth and strenuously opened his eyes. His mouth was full of the taste of seawater. He wanted to vomit but couldn't vomit anything.

"Cough! Cough!" Yun Xi coughed on the beach. Mei'er continuously licked his face to help him clean the seaweed on his face.

"We... Did we fall overboard?" Yun XI vaguely remembered that he saw a boundless sea when the ship, White Lotus, dropped from the sky.

He remembered that the twin witches were casting a protection magic on everyone, and his childhood sweetheart was trying her best to fly towards him at that time. Unfortunately, Hua Huo didn't catch up to him. She was blown away by the floating ship's wreckage. After that, his memory blanked.

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