Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135: The Princess's Happy Time

Princess Passed comfortably stretched her body, her snow-white feet stepping on the terrifying high-temperature magma bubbles, making crisp popping sounds.

The huge black iron giant also made the same movements, perfectly synchronized with Princess Passed.

The princess's original human body had long turned to ashes in the past catastrophe, and now exists as the soul center of the black iron giant.

Not only her, but the human bodies of other Guardians have long returned to dust, except for the unfinished sixth-layer Guardian witch and the corpses.

As the Guardians of the Underground Cemetery, they are all deceased.

However, this doesn't prevent them from having different hobbies.

The black iron giant, who possesses the earth element, is naturally close to the earth's veins. Its body is able to swim completely in lava, or rather, only by soaking in magma can the giant's cold corpse still retain some warmth.

Similarly, as the core of the black iron giant, the Passed Princess can only feel her own existence when she takes a bath with the giant in the magma.

That scorching temperature is really fantastic.

Other Guardians also have their own similar things they like.

The War Dancer who rides the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast enjoys diving in the ocean, plunging all the way to the deepest part of the sea where even light cannot reach, getting close to the eternal coldness of the deep abyss.

The owner of the Opera House Phantom, Enchanting Songstress, still loves singing, and she always loves to sing for others no matter when.

The rider of the Rift Space Dragon, the Knight of Kingdom's Shield, dislikes staying on the ground, her favorite is to soar and dance in the high skies.

Twins...unknown hobbies.

Witch...never awakened.

With all her defenses stripped away, she finally found a lava lake with such a delicious taste that Passed Princess couldn't control herself.

Well, crushing this kingdom is about as difficult as taking a post-dinner stroll, so let's let the kingdom survive a little longer, maybe half a day or so.

She had even decided that after conquering this country on behalf of the Underground Cemetery, she would claim this lava lake with its rare properties as her own territory.

The churning magma here had an intoxicating aroma, better quality than any lava pool Passed Princess had ever soaked in before, it was simply amazing.

In order to fully enjoy this bath, she spared no effort in creating a wall of black stone using the power of the strongest giant bloodline, a strategic magic of the Underground Cemetery.

During the divine era war, this strategic magic had saved countless human armies, even the dragon clan couldn't break through it easily.

With this absolute defense in place, Passed Princess comfortably emerged from within the black iron giant, indulging in a royal-level soak in a somewhat fragile state of existence.

All the Guardians are deceased.

In theory, when they die, they become refined soul cores, and their true form is similar to a ball of light.

However, perhaps due to the deep memories of their living souls, when they appear in their true form, they all look like how they were when they were alive.

Passed Princesses didn't reach adulthood when they died, and they cannot grow any further after death.

Development and aging are privileges of living beings. The Guardians in the Underground Cemetery remain frozen in the moment of their death.

Passed Princesses appearing in their true form are just young girls around twelve years old. They wear long white stockings and their facial features resemble Adley, but they have long hair that most girls their age wouldn't have.

That golden hair is partially tied into golden bunches on both sides and the rest is intricately woven into a golden braid. It's evident that the young princess loved her hair during her life and she couldn't forget it even in death, keeping it preserved exactly as it was.

The black princess dress, paired with white stockings, gives off a sweet and forbidden aura.

"No one will come here, so I can take a nice bath." Passed Princess, who has great confidence in the black stone wall, gracefully removes her stockings and black boots, revealing her snow-white legs and tender and soft little feet like a baby rabbit.

Next, the princess's dress fell to one side, leaving her young and sweet-smelling body exposed, with only the crystal hair accessory on her head, and her long golden hair covering the important parts.

"This temperature is amazing." Standing on the constantly boiling magma bubbles, listening to the sound of the bubbles bursting, the little princess had a blissful expression on her face.

Only like this could she feel alive, the golden-red bubbles spreading from under her feet, massaging her body and releasing a warm and pleasant scent.

In the icy world, only in this magma world could she feel the warmth of being alive.

The black iron giant and the Passed Princess sat together by the shore, dipping their feet into the lava lake, then slowly sliding their bodies into the bubbling lava for a bath.

"Hmmm... Hmmm..."

"Little white rabbit, so white, with two adorable ears."

"Little white rabbit, so white, with four legs, run quickly."

Humming an unfamiliar nursery rhyme, the Passed Princess wholeheartedly enjoyed this long-awaited rest time for millions of years.

For giants, life is very long, so long that it becomes boring without something to play with.

They were born in the wreckage of Leviathan, skilled at playing with the sky, the earth, and the air. They fought several times, even causing the continents to split and drift. Eventually, the dragons at that time couldn't tolerate them anymore and took action to get rid of these chaotic individuals.

Taking a lava bath is an ancient tradition of the giant race, symbolizing the Earth Child's characteristics.

All giants are the favored descendants of the earth.

For the Passed Princess, one of the few moments of happiness she had left after her death was to put aside everything and take a bath with the giants, revealing her true form.

Well, another moment of happiness is when she tears apart the dragons.

Because of this, she didn't fight much with the second and fourth Guardians who possessed the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast and the Rift Space Dragon. The results were generally inconclusive.

Standing on the earth, she stood in an invincible position.

Diving into the water, the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast has an absolute advantage.

The sky is the [Field] of the Rift Space Dragon.

They represent three types of super war weapons: Underground Cemetery for land, sea, and air. Each has its own characteristics, and it's hard to say who would win over the other.

Apart from the Guardian Opera House Phantom on the third level, the Guardians on the first, second, and fourth levels are the most commonly deployed war weapons in the Underground Cemetery. They played a decisive role on the battlefield during the divine era.

"La la la!" Just as Passed Princess was stretching and preparing to turn over and soak a while longer, she suddenly heard a strange sound.