Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1132

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Chapter 1132: The Pafu System

There was no choice but to tough it out, even if it meant moving forward with great difficulty.

Luckily, although the Faceless God's system was completely destroyed by Pafu, this also lifted the restriction that only a god's soul could match the God's Vessel.

Pafu's power was truly miraculous.

For Yun Xi, losing a weapon system specifically designed for gods wasn't a big deal since there were only two beings in the entire Sia's world who had reached that level.

Weapons that can't be used, no matter how powerful they may be, are just decorations.

However, how exactly does one program a system that can manipulate a body like that of a god?

At this moment, Yun Xi really wanted to go to Cyber Elf Alpha's Mechanical God's Domain for a few years of further study. The electronic deity and her team of quantum computer incarnations are the experts in this field.

Calm down, calm down, you can definitely do it!

Yun Xi took a deep breath, and then closed his eyes.

Imagine, imagine yourself at your strongest, capable of anything.

In the ocean of longing, gradually emerged a cat that cannot be observed by anyone, existing yet non-existent, somewhere between reality and fantasy.

"I like cats," Yun Xi spoke the secret code, as if unlocking a gateway to an endless sea of data.

Activate the Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword.

That is the Divine Sword Skill left behind by Yun Hai the Sky Sword, a key to accessing the endless ocean of wisdom in human form.

The Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is a Divine Sword Skill that uses calculation and wisdom to describe the principles of the universe.

For Yun Xi, this is the starter for another Divine Sword Skill called the Sky Flying Sword.

Even though he can't temporarily use the Starwings, Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is not an attachment of the Starwings, but a Divine Sword Skill that he himself comprehended.

Although his method of learning Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is very peculiar, while others start with "geometric principles" and "nine-chapter arithmetic," he started with "cats."

It seems that he has an inexplicable connection with the ghost cat that both exists and doesn't exist, driving countless mathematicians crazy.

However, Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword is not all-powerful, at least it cannot create a system powerful enough to drive the faceless god out of thin air.

Yun Xi doesn't expect to reach that level in one step, he simply needs an opportunity, a direction, to validate one of his hypotheses.

The origin of this hypothesis comes from the strange actions of the faceless god that he and Ain, Adley just witnessed.

Yes, it's the posture of the silver giant, who was huddling and defending itself when Pafu entered.

Why did it make that move when its internal systems of the faceless god had completely collapsed and turned blank?

What caused it to make that movement?

What Yun Xi wanted to know was exactly this answer. He had a feeling that if he found this answer, he would be able to solve his most important problem.

Suddenly, a bright idea flashed.

Found it.

It was as if Miss Graceful Ghost Cat gently tapped Yun Xi's forehead with her soft paw, unlocking a never-ending flow of inspiration.

Yes, just like that.

Pafu was the key to success or failure, and in the end, Pafu was the one who solved the problem!

" obedient, okay..." Yun Xi grabbed Pafu, who was fluffy and bounced like a QQ ball, and firmly pressed it into the hollow center of the silver giant's core.

Since Pafu's invasion caused the internal system of the faceless god to completely collapse, it meant that it also had an influence on the abilities of the faceless god.

The action of crouching with a head in arms just now was performed by Pafu.

In other words, Pafu partially replaced the original system of the faceless god and synchronized with this giant silver figure.

So, through Pafu's words, we might be able to create a system that can control the faceless god.

This is almost the only lifeline Yun Xi has left.

"Pafu... split!" As Pafu's owner, this was the first time Yun Xi gave a forced command to his little pet.

"Pafu!" Pafu didn't resist at all and effortlessly split into numerous small clones, resembling grains of fruit, bouncing around inside the faceless god.

"Yes, that's it." Although it felt a bit awkward and couldn't compare to the original neural system of the faceless god, made with precise intertwining of every single thread, Yun Xi finally saw a glimmer of light.

Pafu can accomplish this task.

Perhaps with some flaws, but it's enough to make this faceless god move.

"Pafu... connect!"

As Mei’er, the owner of Pafu, helped sign a contract, Yun Xi and his pet gained the ability to communicate telepathically.

However, Pafu's consciousness is quite simple, so even when they synchronize, it doesn't have much meaning.

This is delicious! Pafu!

This is soft! Pafu!

This smells good! Pafu!

This goes "QQ"! Pafu!

These are the messages Yun Xi receives when he connects with Pafu. Most of the time, this little creature uses its adorable appearance to snuggle into the chests of girls, big or small. It's seems to be its race's characteristic.

Things have changed now. After going through the four previous girlfriends with Yun Xi and gaining the power of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel, Pafu has transformed and become an even more magical creature.

The small and big clones that split up quickly spread throughout the body of the faceless god, and then they acted as a substitute system, causing the God's Vessel to move again.

The Pafu System has its own advantages, although it can't compare to the original divine system.

Because Pafu is a pet connected to Yun Xi's soul, when their consciousness is connected, Yun Xi can control Pafu's body and do anything.

The thing called "Pafu System" is Yun Xi using his imagination and initiative to turn his own pet into a temporary control system for the faceless god, thus gaining control over the silver giant.

Without a divine-level soul, they had to make do with using Pafu.

"It's moving! Brother!" Adley cheered as she watched the faceless god finally stand up.

"Lord Silver Dragon truly lives up to their name." Yun XiAin had blind confidence in Yun Xi, and he didn't disappoint.

Only Yun Xi himself knew that he was completely pushing himself beyond his limits, but he had to make it work.

The existence of the Pafu System gave him temporary control over the faceless god, but compared to the original system, it was like a simple puppetry technique.

There were no weapons or additional parts that could be activated, except for the container itself.

Those things were clearly inside the body of the faceless god, and the feather robe on the outside was one of the components of the weapon system.

These are gifts left by the unknown puppet maker for his friend Sia.