Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130: A Gift for the Gods

"Restraint?" Yun Xi doesn't believe that Pafu really has the power to break through this invisible barrier.

From his perspective, this invisible barrier is definitely of the highest level, even if Ain really knows that ultimate nuclear explosion forbidden spell, she probably can't break this barrier.

But after being contaminated by the blood and flesh of the Star Hunting Dragon, Mumu Narabel, and hatching from the dragon egg together with Yun Xi, Pafu seems to naturally counteract this barrier.

Like counteracting one thing with another, this barrier probably never expected that there are such magical creatures like Pafu in this world. Despite being very small and weak, it can accomplish incredible tasks.



Pafu, who successfully broke the barrier, tried his best to climb the gigantic body of the faceless god with its round and chubby body. It's hard to believe that this creature can break a barrier of the highest level.

After approximately fifteen minutes, Pafu finally found the entrance to the faceless god. It happened to be located on its chest.

"Click!" Pafu disappeared into the chest of the faceless god.

After about another minute, the body of the faceless god began to tremble slightly, causing the threads that make up the entire world to tremble along with it.

"Buzz!" Ain and Adley looked surprised as the faceless god stood up and skillfully assumed a defensive position, holding his head.

Hmm, this is someone he knows, Pafu.

Yun Xi looked at the faceless god, who appeared confused and motionless, even though he had gained the power of the Star Hunting Dragon, Mumu Narabel. Pafu was still just a little guy who didn't know how to do anything.

As for slimes, this is still a young slime, but Yun Xi didn't know what kind of slime Pafu was.

It was really fate for Pafu to escape together with him from the pursuit of his four ex-girlfriends from before the creation of the world.

With Pafu's invasion, the barrier of the faceless god disappeared. Although Pafu was still far from meeting the requirements of the faceless god, the fleshly aura emanating from Pafu was too powerful to resist.

It was a curse that Lord Silver Dragon, Supreme Dragon God Asha, personally inflicted upon Starchild in the Northern God's Domain. Something that Yun Xi couldn't escape from even if he wanted to.

"Lord Silver Dragon, can we use this weapon?" Ain and Adley clearly didn't understand the true nature of the faceless god standing before them.

In Ain's eyes, this was a treasure left by their ancestors, and if it needed to be used, it should be used.

In Adley's eyes, this is a very scary faceless god, but Lord Silver Dragon will definitely have a solution.

Yun Xi, the only one who knows the truth, couldn't explain this phenomenon either. It was his first time realizing how useful Pafu can be.



As Yun Xi approached, Pafu jumped out from the chest of the faceless god, eagerly summoning Yun Xi.

"Wait for me, I'll give it a try," Yun Xi said, unsure if he could really control this silver giant called the faceless god.

No matter how you look at it, this doesn't seem like an armor intended for males. The gorgeous feathers and lines, as well as the outline of the chest, clearly lean towards a feminine style.

Perhaps, there are some secrets about the origin of this world involved in all of this.

With these doubts in mind, Yun Xi walked towards the entrance Pafu had opened and stepped inside.

Yun Xi was instantly enveloped by a liquid as he passed through a transparent curtain of light.

Why is there so much water here?

Instinctively, Yun Xi covered his mouth, trying to resist the unexpected liquid.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The silver liquid quickly engulfed Yun Xi's entire body, and a massive flow of information began to wash over his consciousness.

It was about the procedures for manipulating this faceless god, a skill that only creatures who have reached the rank of legend can master.

In reality, Yun Xi didn't even meet the minimum requirements to become the owner of the faceless god. Just like he perceived it, this was not something intended for hero-ranked humans.

The faceless god is a gift prepared for the "gods."

Faceless and formless.

Without a heart and without a soul.

Like a blank piece of white paper, pure and pristine.

It carries the spirit of the gods, a vessel prepared for the gods.

It is a treasure that exists to resurrect a certain creator god for a distant future.

"Long time no see... Are you alright?"

"When I found you... you were already broken... I feel really guilty for involving you in this..."

"It will probably be a very long time before you can meet Su again... Your soul will surely encounter this puppet no matter how many times you are reborn."

"When you spread your wings and fly again, please wear this feather coat."

"Our promise... still stands..."

"To Sia - the puppet maker who once traveled with you."


Yun Xi spat out a silvery liquid, feeling dizzy and disoriented. If it wasn't for Mumu Narabel, the Star Hunting Dragon who shared a fifth of his flesh and blood, this information overload would have turned his brain into mush.

However, Yun Xi finally figured out how this faceless god, the mysterious puppet maker, came to be.

Long, long ago, the spirit of the Creator God in this world once traveled with a certain puppet maker and got caught up in a war.

During the war, they got separated. By the time the puppet maker found Sia again, her body was completely shattered, and it would take an extremely long time to heal and restore her, thanks to Su.

This faceless god is the gift prepared by the puppet maker for Sia's eventual resurrection in the distant future.

It is a treasure, capable of containing the soul of a deity, flawless in every way, specifically prepared for Sia.

Only females with Sia's bloodline can enter the inner part of this container, being observed, recorded, and calculated to determine how many generations of Sia are still needed for her resurrection.

Well, based on the information Yun Xi obtained from the data stream, it would probably take hundreds of generations before a Sia bloodline with even a slight qualification to contact the faceless god can be born.

However, the data ended up completely scrambled, which is also the reason why Yun Xi nearly had a mental breakdown.

Certain information that doesn't belong to Sia's world forcefully infiltrated and achieved great accomplishments.

The one responsible for this outcome is none other than Yun Xi's slime pet, Pafu.

Despite being incredibly weak, even Adley can easily bully Pafu, but Pafu possesses a surprising erosion ability, accomplishing things that even Yun Xi himself couldn't do.

For it, disguising, imitating, and absorbing seem like instinctual things.

So, the gift that was originally prepared by a puppet maker for the resurrected Sia in the distant future has now been discovered by Pafu.