Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1117

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Chapter 1117: The Inheritance of the Throne

"Crash!" The bonfire in the deepest part of the Underground Cemetery's palace made a crisp sound.

Like being thrown high-quality firewood, the flickering flame, which was like a candle in a storm, suddenly became brighter.

The size of the flames also changed from the size of a matchbox to the size of a person's torch.

In contrast, the Undead King sitting on the Frozen Throne no longer made any noise, and his previously lifted head slightly lowered.

This alien explorer, loved and protected by the golden humans of this world, finally completed the final journey of life today.

In fact, he had already suffered an irreversible fatal injury during the final stages of the divine era's great war. If it weren't for the special environment of the Underground Cemetery, he wouldn't have been able to cling to life until now.

However, with the arrival of the successor sent by the organization, he can finally close his eyes.

His body that had already died long ago, because of promises made to friends, benefactors, and loved ones, transcended the bondage of time and constantly watched over this silent cemetery.

"Thank you." In front of the silver-haired woman, there was the inheritance left behind by The King of Undead who had finally passed away.

Even during the divine era, this God Weapon armor was considered beyond classification, and it was a strategic God Weapon with a designated sole successor.

Whoever puts on this armor automatically gains ownership of the Underground Cemetery and inherits the title of The King of Undead.

This is a gift prepared by the previous generation's The King of Undead for his successor, and it is also his expectation.

The Underground Cemetery is an incomplete, yet-to-be-built structure.

He has been waiting and waiting for the hope that this world can break free and set off towards the endless sky of stars.

That is the shared wish of him and his past friends, benefactors, and lovers.

In order to fulfill this wish, humans didn't hesitate to wage war against dragons, seized control of the continent, and collected countless resources that have piled up in this Underground Cemetery.

In the late divine era, the mages who fled here brought even more treasures, making the Underground Cemetery the most powerful force in the whole Sia's world.

"Your sacrifice... will not be in vain..." The bonfire's flames illuminated the snowy face of the silver-haired woman. Her figure once again turned into particles of light, penetrating into the armor of the deceased left by The King of Undead.

This God Weapon is a special existence that surpasses all Constellation God's Weapons in this world. It is a nightmare God Weapon that even the dominant race, the dragon race in this world's pyramid, fears greatly.

The King of Undead, wearing the armor of the deceased, can endlessly resurrect the beings who died in war.

Even if their heads are pierced and their hearts are torn out, the deceased don't feel any pain. They only continue to move forward and kill.

In the final stage of the war between humans and dragons, humans managed to pile up the bodies of numerous dragons with the sheer number of their race. Then, under the control of The King of Undead, these dragons stood up and joined the human camp as skeletal dragons and zombie dragons.

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The dragons couldn't bear such a huge loss anymore, so they chose to give up the throne on the land and retreated into the ocean.

The Undead King became the biggest nightmare for the dragon race and the greatest hero for humans.

However, this part of history was not recorded in the official history of humans, and even humans themselves forgot about it.

The Undead King, who distorted the progress of civilization in this world and brought the period of magic decline earlier, returned to the secluded Underground Cemetery with the bodies of his friends, benefactors, and lovers.

As a result of using immature forbidden spells without authorization, the Undead King suffered a backlash and could never return to the sunlight.

In the long years that followed, he could only wait for a faint hope.

The unnatural creation he brought to this world, the bonfire, grew weaker and weaker until this moment, when the Undead King used himself as tinder to ignite the flames representing the power of souls once again.

Spreading the fire, that was the Undead King's final mission.

With the remaining power of his soul, he ignited the torch of hope for this world one last time.

He wanted to change and save this world.

He couldn't complete the task as an invader, nor did he do it after becoming The King of Undead, so he could only hope that his successor would accomplish it.

White particles of light penetrated into the armor of the dead, and the pitch-black armor that had sat on the Frozen Throne for millions of years began to emit a faint glow.

"Boom!" Within the bonfire, countless sparks flew, illuminating the deepest palace of the Underground Cemetery.

Here, it's not just The King of Undead alone.

On the enormous walls, pillars, and ceilings, there were figure after figure wearing mage robes.

Most of them looked at the throne where The King of Undead was with astonishment in their eyes, kneeling there like prisoners awaiting judgment.

Among them, there were over a dozen powerful individuals wearing red mage robes with golden embroidery on the edges, standing out from the crowd of black-robed mages.

The red robes symbolized the power of the highest mage in the late divine era. To be able to wear red robes with golden embroidery represented that these mages had once stood at the pinnacle of this world and were the rulers of the entire Sia's world.

Their combat prowess is definitely not inferior, even when facing the dragon race.

Unfortunately, they escaped to the Underground Cemetery, which was a place where the friends, benefactors, and lovers of the King of Undead were buried. It was a miraculous structure built by this outsider to return to the stars beyond this era.

The magic here is completely under the control of the King of Undead. The origin of the magic lies in this bonfire and the bodies of the golden humans buried here.

No matter how powerful the red-robed wizards were, even those who could cast forbidden spells, they couldn't even produce a fireball in the Underground Cemetery without the permission of the King of Undead.

Therefore, the red-robed wizards all met a tragic end.

They had intended to dominate the Underground Cemetery and seize it as a base for future return to the surface, but in the end, they all became decorations in the palace of the King of Undead.

After thousands of years, everyone had long since died and couldn't die anymore. However, due to the unique environment of the Underground Cemetery and the King of Undead's ultimate power over the undead, these wizards had turned into a different kind of existence.

The wizards dressed in black robes became powerful skeletal wizards.

The wizards dressed in red robes descended into eternal liches.

This was also one of the gifts prepared by the King of Undead for his successor - an undead legion that could conquer the world, possessing the terrifying strength of the Divine Era.

As the silver-haired woman put on the undead king's authoritative armor, the black and red-robed sorcerers, who were forced to become decorations in the underground cemetery, began to awaken from their long death state.