Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1115

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Chapter 1115: The King's Whisper

This is the world of the deceased.

Live beings, step aside. Only the King of Undead who rules the Underground Cemetery can awaken the guardians here and make them fulfill their original contract to fight for the great king.

Continuously awakened the first level's Guardian, the black iron giant, after the green sea dragon of the second level's Guardian, the silver-haired figure didn't continue to advance towards the third and fourth levels.

The Guardian of the third level seemed to sense something and let out a faint sigh from a distance of one level.

That sound, so beautiful that it made people's ears relax, had a enchanting charm that could rival that of a mermaid princess.

Enchanting Songstress, along with the Phantom of the Opera, is the true name and arsenal of the Guardian of the third level.

As one of the subordinates of The King of Undead, she would not refuse the king's request.

Unlike the Passed Princess who listens to everything her father says and the War Dancer who has a fanatic pursuit of power and glory, Enchanting Songstress doesn't enjoy fighting.

Even though her power is enough to cause catastrophic events and can ignore the opponent's physical and magical defenses, it has the "instant death" effect.

"Now... just a little more..." Looking at the two glowing spells on the back of her hand and the murky air inside the Underground Cemetery, the silver-haired woman shook her head.

It's not that she doesn't want to continue awakening, but the magic pulsations of the Underground Cemetery have become unstable.

The power weakening period doesn't have any impact on the Underground Cemetery, it only diminishes the effect on the Underground Cemetery that buries the golden ancient people in a special way.

The remaining magic in the Underground Cemetery can now only provide full support for the two Guardians to fight.

The awakened third-level Guardians, Enchanting Songstress and Opera House Phantom, can't appear in this era yet.

Looking further down, the Guardians of the fourth, fifth, and sixth levels are also recovering, and in the deepest hall of the seventh level, the master of the Underground Cemetery is waiting for her visit.

However, the first phase of the plan can already be launched with the black iron giant (the departed princess) and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast (the War Dancer).

The name of the Underground Cemetery will appear again in the human world.

Everything is for the future of this world.

This is the cause created from a distant era, and she is the "fruit" that comes to collect that cause.

"Wait a moment," as the awakened black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast are placed in the second-level sea area, the figure of the silver-haired woman gradually dissipates into particles of light in the air.

"Daddy is the best!" The princess who had passed away reached out her arm and touched the sparkling particles in the air, with a face full of satisfaction.

"It seems like the king's power has completed something?" War Dancer inside the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast wasn't so sure.

As deceased beings, they don't have the human sense of sight. The way they observe the world is through their soul's perception ability.

In their eyes, The King of Undead who rules over them has a much stronger mental power than before.

As the creator of the Underground Cemetery Guardian, The King of Undead naturally carries the characteristics of death and darkness in their aura. It is a trait that belongs to the dominator of the undead.

"Of course, Daddy has become even stronger. I believe in Daddy's power." In the eyes of the childlike Passed Princess, everything about her father is the best.

In this world, there is no one who can rival Daddy. Haven't you seen those arrogant dragons? They were all eventually defeated by Daddy, and even their bodies couldn't be recovered, becoming one of the forces of the Underground Cemetery.

The Dragon Tomb located in the sixth level is one of the spoils of the glorious period of the Underground Cemetery.

Even the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, which is the Guardian of the second level, was transformed from the corpse of a deceased sea dragon.

As long as Dad makes a move, no matter who the opponent is, they can't resist. This is the unbreakable truth since the divine era.

"Yes, I also believe in the power of the king."

"In the end, this world belongs to the Underground Cemetery."

"The moment the dead return is the brand new dawn of this world."

War Dancer smiled and when she was still alive, she had imagined what a peaceful world would look like.

The era she lived in was the most brutal time of war between humans and the Leviathan faction, with death, slaughter, and piles of corpses of different races and humans everywhere.

In that era, the weak were destined to perish, even if they could perform the most beautiful dance or sing songs as enchanting as mermaids, they couldn't make them survive.

The King of Undead gave them a new life, and for them, the ruler of the Underground Cemetery is the only supreme king in the world.

Fighting for the king is the most honorable mission for all Underground Cemetery Guardians.


The deepest area of the Underground Cemetery.

A lonely and desolate grand palace, with the Holy Spear and Holy Sword placed on the icy thrones on either side. The owner of the Underground Cemetery, dressed in dark armor with a deep red cloak, greeted their guests, with their head hidden beneath the helmet.

"Welcome... to Sia's world..."

"The sacred and beautiful... flowers..."

"Unfortunately... I am unable to stand up... unable to welcome you..."

The King of Undead, who personally changed the outcome of the war between humans and dragons, built the vast and boundless Underground Cemetery. It would not be an exaggeration to call them the guardian of humanity. Their voice gave an impression of burning ashes.

In front of them was a dying bonfire, with only a faint light the size of a matchstick remaining.

A silver-haired woman emerged from the flames, gently gazing at The King of Undead on the Frozen Throne.

"You've worked hard."

"Leave all the upcoming tasks to me."

"Your mission... is over..."

Within the crevices of The King of Undead's helmet, the last soul flame flickered and emitted a deep voice:

"Please take good care of the Guardians here."

"During their life, they were unable to find happiness, and even in death, they cannot find peace."

"At least, you can inherit my identity and power, making their existence meaningful."

"My time is ending... too tired..."

A silver-haired woman approached the exhausted King of Undead and lightly touched his skull.

"Originally... I thought this was a very easy task..."

"I... don't belong here, my identity is fake, my name is fake, everything is a lie."

"But being with them, having my own friends, having my own lover, I gradually started to like this world."

"Now, I can no longer make decisions about this world."

"It's ironic... When I came here, I really hated this world..."

"You came... It's so wonderful..."