Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110: The Wind Rises

"Huh?" The shopkeeper who sold the freshly baked cream bread to Yun Xi wrinkled his nose, looking puzzled at the lingering scent in the air.

He was familiar with the smell of his own bread, but he could swear that he had never smelled such a delicious aroma in his entire life.

Just a hint of that lingering scent in the air made their appetites soar. Did their bread have this unique characteristic?

"Do you have bread that smells this good? If you do, I'll take one." Just when the shopkeeper was filled with doubts, a girl with long silver hair walked up to him, making a nostalgic expression and wiggling her nose.

Graceful figure.

Calm and composed demeanor.

The skin looks as white as if it were bathed in ice and snow.

The shopkeeper opened his mouth in amazement. "Where did this princess come from? She looks just like a magical creature that walked out of a fairy tale world!"

"I'm sorry, but we probably don't have bread with that scent in our store."

The shopkeeper racked his brain and remembered. The customer who bought the bread earlier seemed to have secretly given a piece to her sister.

Unfortunately, the "West-West Bakery" where he worked couldn't make bread with that kind of scent. He had never smelled such a captivating aroma from bread before.

Perhaps only the chef employed by Queen Ain, who lived in the Divine Era Tower, could make bread of this level. It must have used a large amount of precious ingredients.

Hmm, he couldn't even imagine how bread, a food, could be made with high-quality ingredients.

"Is that so? What a pity," the silver-haired girl looked a bit disappointed as she gazed at the bakery, then shook her head.

The shopkeeper blinked, and he was sure he didn't blink, yet the silver-haired girl had disappeared without a trace.

It was daytime, but the shop assistant felt a chill down their back.

He, he must have encountered a ghost!


"Hmm?" Yun Xi, who was holding Adley's hand, turned around after leaving the bakery and looked back at it from several hundred meters away.

Just a moment ago, there was a brief magical disturbance in that direction.

It seems like this world is not completely immune to magic. There was probably a warlock who appeared just now.

In a world where mages have disappeared, only a few warlocks remaining in this world can maintain some of the magical inheritance. Although warlocks cannot choose their own magic, they can only use the fixed magic inherited in their bloodline.

Among the members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order that Yun Xi encountered, Ain and Adley are legitimate warlocks from the divine era bloodline. They are said to be descendants of the virgin palace in the twelve constellations of the divine era.

In addition to that, the underage girls of the Mermaid clan also possess special spellcasting abilities unique to their clan. Unlike the human magic system, they use chanting to harness the world's magic and unleash the power of miracles.

In Lamia's team, the priest Meross is a rare combination of magic and martial skills, practicing both talented magic and close combat abilities.

As for Saramanda, the troll clan doesn't need things like magic.

Yun Xi was somewhat concerned about the fleeting magical waves, not knowing why it gave him a sense of déjà vu.

Impossible... Thinking about what world he was in now, Yun Xi shook his head.

Mei’er used her activated stargate to travel across countless light-years, arriving in the completely isolated world of Sia's World.

In this world, there is nothing familiar to him. He is undoubtedly a complete stranger to this world.

It's just that, why is there always an indescribable fluttering in his heart?

It's like something has happened, but what?

Yun Xi closed his eyes, trying to find any trace of clues.

If only the power of the stars could still be used, but unfortunately, with Mei’er's complete silence and the huge consumption when activating the star travel, Yun Xi's star power is now at an all-time low.

Whether it's the ultimate God Weapon, the Starwings, or the ability to release "seeds," they are temporarily sealed away.

Otherwise, Ain and Adley would have already had Yun Xi's seeds planted in them.

The battle surrounded by his four ex-girlfriends was a huge turning point in Yun Xi's worldview.

Truly encountering his four ex-girlfriends, even if it was only a projection of their powers, made Yun Xi realize how terrifying and despair-inducing that power was.

The power of creation is so unreasonable and does whatever it wants.

They are his ultimate enemies!

This crisis clearly showed him that if he couldn't become stronger, as long as he was caught again, it would undoubtedly be a dead end.

Mei’er's star travel power is not easy to use. In order to save him, she even exhausted all of her own power, and it's likely that she won't be able to recover for a long time.

The only known way to restore the power of the stars is to complete the trial of the stars.

The task of collecting Sia's world Twelve Constellation Gods' Weapons must be completed as soon as possible!


In a club secretly established by young officers in the distant Leviathan Empire, Morris, who is considered one of the future titled machine drivers, raised his glass and drank heavily.

"I don't want to be human anymore!"

The sudden declaration left many young knights, centered around him, with bewildered expressions.

What's wrong with Morris?

Among these young knights, who come from minor nobility or even the lower class, Morris is the person everyone admires.

He broke through the brink of life and death in battles against monsters like trolls, becoming the empire's recognized tenth hero-ranked magic-armored knight, with a bright future ahead.

Although there is no titled machine yet, it's just a matter of time before the empire gets hold of this kind of power.

In their eyes, Morris's life path is smooth sailing, making him their idol.

The path Morris is walking is also the path they want to walk.

Now, Morris's sudden words of "I won't be human anymore" leave the young knights who idolize him at a loss.

If not being human, then what else can one be?

"I know, just like me, all of you are longing for power." Dark particles start appearing in Morris's eyes.

"Abyss" is a strange power to this world.

Sia's divine sword, the Leviathan monster, these are the two most powerful sources of power in Sia's world.

Human mages gained Sia's wisdom, while the monsters of the Leviathan gained the vitality of the beast.

This kind of power from the abyss has never appeared here before.

But now, everything is going to change.