Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1108

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Chapter 1108: The Girls' Holiday

No, from the moment he made a pact with the abyss, there was no turning back.

Just to acquire the ability to move through shadows and traverse materials, he had sacrificed eleven years of his life, all in the hopes of gaining the recognition of the Black King.

Now, he had failed.

Failure always comes with a price, just like how one dies when they are killed.

"I will come back."

"You are mine, no one can take you away!"

Reluctantly, Morris looked at the silent Black Overlord, then walked towards the wall without looking back. He ignited his own life once again and disappeared silently into the armory.

Behind him, the massive Black Overlord stood tall in the darkness, as if nothing had happened.

However, for Morris, everything had changed.


It was the first weekend after the assessment of the Sia Kingdom's Divine Era Tower and the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

The long-closed Divine Era Tower finally opened its doors.

In order of their excellent performance, the first batch of members from the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, allowed to take a break from the tower, began to appear in groups of three or five.

Ain was not worried that they would never return. Once they became members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order and truly experienced the intense training with the divine artifacts, no one would want to go back to the past.

This was true for the Leviathan Empire's Princess Knight Order, the Wilderness Bride Group from the Tribal Union, as well as the young ladies from various noble worlds.

The common girls who managed to grab this chance to become members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order were even more excited. It was their only opportunity to change their own destinies.

Even the young girls who were originally spies and intelligence agents infiltrating the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order desperately seized this opportunity.

Spies and intelligence agents were secretive and dark beings that would never be seen in the light. On the other hand, being a formal member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was an honorable profession that anyone could proudly boast about.

Not to mention the magical environment resembling the divine era, which could only be found in the divine era tower, as well as the divine artifact that everyone loved.

Without Ain needing to take action, after successfully completing the entry assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, the intelligence agents who willingly surrendered themselves to the Nuclear Explosion Queen were filling up her study room.

In the end, it was Ain who voluntarily told them that she didn't mind if they spread the information from the divine era tower.

On the contrary, her purpose in establishing the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was to prepare for a new era.

The treasures sealed within the divine era tower were protected by the power of Lord Silver Dragon and were impossible for anyone to steal.

This brand-new Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was created by Ain for the future of this world.

Everything, was for the promise with the great Lord Silver Dragon.

Now, the first stage of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order's historical mission has been perfectly completed, and an even greater future is about to come.

At this moment, the girls who walked out of the ancient divine era tower began to feel somewhat uncomfortable with the thin magic in the air.

Compared to the magic concentration that even the fairy butterflies in the divine era tower were satisfied with, the free magic in the air of the real world was really too low.

It was like suddenly entering a dry desert from a lake filled with water ripples, and it was really difficult to practice in such an environment!

Fortunately, these girls were not here to train, but to relax and enjoy their vacation.

The first holiday of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order began like this.

Hmm, this is also Yun Xi's first time stepping out of the tower and onto the bustling streets since he arrived in this world.

Beside him was Adley, holding a teddy bear.

In normal situations, with their extraordinary looks, just walking down the street would cause a great commotion. But Adley is not only a princess with the bloodline of the traditional Virgin Palace, but also an extremely rare traditional Divine Era Warlock on this continent.

By using a "disguise spell," the two of them appeared as ordinary brother and sister in the eyes of others, seen everywhere.

The brother is mature and steady, looking about eighteen years old. Even with the disguise spell covering him, he naturally emits a feeling of closeness, like a big brother from the neighborhood.

The sister is innocent and adorable, only reaching her brother's waist in height. Holding a cute little yellow bear, she always sticks close to her brother, calling out, "Brother! Brother!"

Queen Ain, seeing this scene from the high tower, expressed her desire to enjoy the holiday with Lord Silver Dragon!

Unfortunately, she is just too busy.

As the one in complete control, who suppresses all who oppose her with absolute strength as the Nuclear Explosion Queen, and having just established the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, she wishes she had three brains and six hands to use.

Just the files piled up on her desk waiting for her signature are as tall as half a person, and those are only the ones selected by the secretaries that she must handle.

How did she not know before that being a queen of a nation is so busy!


On the streets of Sia Royal City, there was no trace of the recent war, and people's faces were filled with smiles.

It seems that the days when the disaster of a country being destroyed is imminent, as if the storm is coming, have never existed.

No matter which street you walk on, you can see large paintings of Princess Ain - now the queen.

In the painting, Ain has a side that Yun Xi doesn't recognize at all, with a crown on her head and a huge staff in her hand, as if she were the supreme ruler, looking down on everything.

"Come! Come! Come! Freshly baked half-body statue of the queen, made by Younger Martial Brother, now only ten silver, take it home!"

"The memoir of Nuclear Explosion Queen, a recently published novel, absolutely true, it's a shame not to read it, only one hundred copies, act fast if you want to buy."

In the shops, various paintings, statues, souvenirs, and books about Queen Ain were all very popular. The buyers were not only residents of Sia Kingdom but also many people who came from faraway lands.

The selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is a great event involving almost all the forces in the continent.

Although not many people took the underage girls who joined the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order seriously, the connections with Queen Ain were invaluable.

With the presence of Nuclear Explosion Queen, Sia Royal City, which was once in a state of war, no longer closed its gates, and even the nights became unusually lively.

The temporary residences of the various embassy groups stationed outside Sia Royal City have started to develop into permanent residences, and there is even a trend of becoming small villages.