Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1105

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Chapter 1105: The Black Overlord

Ludwig XII and Sage Poincaré, the first alchemy warlock Asmid, decided the time for a certain plan in the empire's most secretive underground fortress and received an unexpected guest.

"Is it here, the Empire's newest titled machine, my black knight?" Wearing a black cloak, Morris strolled through the shadows, his eyes burning with desire as he looked at all kinds of large machinery around him.

A whole squadron of Tiger III models were stationed in this corridor, elite knights in magic armor patrolling around the massive steel gates, not missing a single corner.

They were all knights who had the potential to be chosen as titled machine pilots in the future, just like Morris, and were seen as the future of the Empire.

So far, the Empire's titled machines were custom-made for specific hero-ranked warriors, each one unique and symbolizing the Empire's greatest power.

However, this newest titled machine was different from the ones before. It was not designated for a specific pilot yet, still in a "blank" state.

In order to gain ownership of this blank titled machine, the major aristocratic families of the Leviathan Empire were scrambling, with rumors that over a hundred people had conducted simulation tests.

By rights, Morris, who had just advanced on the battlefield, should have been the owner of this titled machine.

But what angered Morris was that after returning from the Sia Kingdom, his request to pilot the titled machine was promptly rejected by the higher-ups in the Empire, without any hesitation.

Their reason was, "You haven't undergone any tests related to the titled machine, and your suitability is not as good as the pre-qualified pilots who have already undergone extensive testing for this titled machine."

Don't worry, the Empire's titled machine will have a place for you in the future, it just takes several years of waiting.

Young people, you need to practice and improve more, it's for your own good.

The next titled machine will definitely be yours, but for now, let's give up.

This black knight isn't the type tailor-made for you, there are better ones waiting for you.

Lying, all lies!

Morris has been in close contact with this black titled machine and coincidentally discovered that the perfect six-sided gemstones needed to build titled machines cannot be found anywhere else in the entire empire.

In other words, this blank titled machine might be the last one in the entire empire for a long time.

Why does he need to practice more and wait for a better titled machine?

The future is yours!

To consider the overall situation, let's give this opportunity to someone else for now.

Everyone is deceiving him, thinking he is an ignorant fool and a helpful person.

Actually, he is truly a good person.

During the border war, he was always brave and would charge forward. Whenever he had free time, he would be in his powerful tiger-like magic armor, improving his skills with the armor.

He genuinely loves magic armor, an amazing weapon of war. Its massive body, crushing power, and the earth-shattering sound it makes when running.

Painting his magic armor with a bright red color, he gallops on the battlefield, aiming to achieve greatness for the empire.

Perhaps this is the dream of all young people in the empire. He fulfilled his own dream and hopes to accomplish that fantastical goal in his lifetime.

The titled machine is the ultimate fantasy in the minds of all empire soldiers, and he is a member of it as well.

For this dream, he is willing to sacrifice his own life.

He is a good person, someone who joins the army for his own ideals, and is happy to help others and brave enough to charge into battle.

Therefore, when Morris realized that he had been fooled by dirty politicians and nobles, he fell into complete silence.

He didn't have great eloquence to argue with those politicians who spoke so beautifully, nor did he possess overwhelming force to prove that he was more suitable for the black knight than anyone else.

In the end, he could only make a choice.

"I want to prove that it's mine, it must be mine."

"No matter who it is, they can't take away what belongs to me."

"It, is mine!" Standing in the shadow of the corridor, Morris, who was completely covered in black particles, contracted his pupils. Facing the coveted titled machine, he had to do this.

Some things will never belong to you if you don't seize them.


The Big Picture.


There were too many obstacles in front of him. He wasn't a prince or a noble, just a knight who had recently reached the hero rank.

In terms of qualifications and the importance of the empire's big picture, his chances of getting this black titled machine were almost zero.

Why? I worked so hard and finally qualified to have my own titled machine.

You guys are weaker than me. I am the real hero-ranked knight.

No one is more qualified than me to ride this titled machine. It belongs to me!

If I miss it, I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Morris gritted his teeth and once again relied on the power of the abyss.


Many black particles flew around Morris, instantly passing through the walls made of steel and bringing Morris to the black machine that had just been completed.

This machine, called the titled machine, is Leviathan's latest creation. It is a masterpiece made with the latest technology and currently the only blank body among all titled machines without a designated driver.

A body nearly ten meters tall, adorned with imposing black heavy armor, a high horn standing on its forehead, and carrying a gigantic knight electrical spear on its back.

"My one and only wish, black king."

"The symbol of power!"

"You are mine, no one can take you away!"

From the moment Morris first laid eyes on this black titled machine, he knew it was his lifelong pursuit.

The reason he stained his armor with countless blood in the border war and threw himself into the battlefield regardless of everything was all for the thing in front of him.

The dark armor, the unique super electric rifle among all the titled machines, and the perfect powerful heavy armor all deeply attracted him.

Weight, about 200 tons.

Height, 10 meters.

Equipped with a titled weapon that can destroy a city in one strike, twelve fairy-type Coxswain light cannons, and the ability to fight in any terrain in the atmosphere.

Code name - "Black Overlord," the strongest titled machine that the Leviathan Empire invested all new technologies in to conquer the world!

And because of that, in order to select the strongest driver, there was no restriction on which hero-ranked knight could operate this titled machine.

Because it was a titled machine reserved for the yet-to-be-born "Empire's Strongest Knight," it was the black king's body!

In order to obtain it, Morris was willing to sacrifice his own life in exchange for the qualification to obtain it.