Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1098

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Chapter 1098: The Legend of the Golden Humans

In the records about the first humans, those twelve human ancestors were actually brothers and sisters, with four males and eight females.

These twelve individuals combined and gave birth to hundreds and thousands of second-generation humans, also known as the silver humans, who are the ancestors of all human branches today.

The humans of the silver age established the outline of human civilization throughout the entire continent.

From the beginning times of tribes, the era of slaves, all the way to the magic era.

During this time, the golden ancestors gradually passed away, and the silver humans inherited the Constellation God's Weapons. While continuously multiplying, they began to glimpse at the thrones of the dragons on the continent.

It is said that the relationship between the humans of the golden age and the dragons was actually quite good. Due to their small numbers, although they had strong individual strength, they didn't pose a threat to the dragons.

The earliest period traced back in the ancient ruins in the continent related to the divine era is the period of the golden humans.

The period of multiplication is very long. The dragons, who take hundreds of years to reproduce a descendant, never expected how terrifying the speed of human reproduction is.

In the time it takes for the dragons to take a nap, the number of humans can double or even more.

The humans who possessed the SiaGod Weapon were not satisfied with being under the dragons. They relied on their huge population and the power of the remaining golden ancient people. They launched a war to compete for the domination of the continent against the dragons.

The result of the war was that the dragons ultimately withdrew from the continent, and those few last, strongest golden humans fell one by one in the war.

They, who were hailed as demi-gods, ultimately could not escape the inevitable cycle of birth, aging, illness, and death. Perhaps the war against the dragons was the final outcome they chose for their own lives.

Now, the golden age of humans has completely ended, and the silver age has begun. In this era, individual human strength has become more equal and civilization has reached its peak.

The twelve heavenly beings of the golden age had enviable lifespans of thousands of years. They even possessed some characteristics of fantasy creatures and never aged until their death.

They were called demigods, the ancestors of humans, the original humans. Their influence lasted until the last person fell in the war with the dragons.

The bloodline of the twelve individuals continued to be passed down among humans from the divine era until the death of the last person, spanning thousands of years of the silver age.

Afterwards, there were occasional occurrences of atavism, where humans with the bloodline of the demigods awakened. They were seen as chosen ones of their era and left behind many legends.

Even the girls from the villages in the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order knew about the legends of the human ancestors, their perfect and forever youthful appearance. It was the fantasy of every girl.

At this moment, this fantasy came to life before them. How could they not get excited, each one filled with anticipation.

"So, you're a heavenly being... That makes sense," Saramanda wrinkled her nose.

She should have known earlier that the origin of human bloodline was a fantasy that could rival the dragon lineage of the Leviathan faction.

The half-god body, Sia's miracle, and even more unknown secrets.

Actually, the dragon clan had intermarried with the golden humans.

Because the original humans were the only species in this world that could ignore species barriers, even dragons could get pregnant.

Ahem, it is said, but it's just hearsay.

Many monster races in the Leviathan faction have partial human appearance, and they seem to have some unclear relationship with a few of the twelve individuals.

For example, Lamia, Lamia, and Lamia.

Even the origin of the troll clan seems to have some connection with these magical beings.

Normal giants won't give birth to trolls, the short descendants. If we delve into this further, there will be many questionable issues worth discussing.

Well, these questions won't be recorded in human history books anyway.

Anyway, those first human ancestors did a lot of things in a messy way.

The original bloodline is really special, probably the only rare bloodline in the world that can rival dragons.

"I really didn't expect there to still be an original bloodline." Meross sniffed the magic-filled air, and the presence of the fairy butterflies constantly flocking around the silver-haired young man explained it.

Fairy butterflies, these creatures, are very picky fantasy beings that only get close to the purest bloodlines.

The original bloodline of humans is also the only known special bloodline that can transcend racial restrictions. There are examples in history of intermarriage with many different races.

The inheritance of the sacrificial bloodline within the Lamia clan seems to be... cough, sorry, that's something that can't be said.

"With such a strong aura, could it be..." Princess Heidi of the Mermaid clan seemed to have figured something out. The original bloodline of humans is a bloodline that can create miracles.

Well, no matter what they think, the fact that Yun Xi has the "Celestial bloodline" won't change.

Even if Yun Xi has no idea what the Celestial bloodline is, if he knew the significance of the bloodlines of celestial beings in this world, he definitely wouldn't pretend to be this cursed prince.

"Chirp chirp." The girls from the wilderness tribe gathered together and started whispering. With the title of "wilderness bride," their gaze at Yun Xi became unusually intense.

Whether they were from the human camp or the Leviathan faction, all the members of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order had no doubts about Yun Xi's royal identity.

Yun Xi, with his perfect human bloodline, could only be born in the royal family of the Sia Kingdom, which guards the most perfect divine era relics.

This miracle can be compared to the divine era tower itself.

Many of them even suspect that only in this divine era tower can the most perfect bloodline of the earliest humans be born.

"Thank you." Yun Xi sincerely thanked Ain, who endorsed his disguised identity. However, he completely failed to notice the warmth in Ain's eyes at that moment.

"Brother!" Adley raised her teddy bear excitedly, now she also has a brother starting from today!

For the royal family of the Sia Kingdom, the word "brother" has a special meaning.

As the last legitimate descendant of Sia from the divine era, the Sia royal family is devoted to maintaining the purity of their bloodline, and thus, they highly value intermarriage within their own family.

Ain and Adley's parents, who are also known as "brother" and "sister".

Well, for little Adley, the term "brother" actually means "future spouse," someone they will marry just like their own parents, with a very close bond.

Ain also feels the same way.

Marrying close relatives is a tradition in the Sia royal family.