Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1094

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Chapter 1094: Three Punches

Among humans, there are special individuals with a constitution that can be called "miraculous" or "almost god-like."

This constitution can come from the distant bloodline of ancestors, or it can be born from countless coincidental factors as a fantastic creation.

Although he is clearly a human, he can possess the power of a red dragon.

Even though they were human, they were able to cross the boundaries of life and death and complete twelve different trials.

Even though they were human, they were able to accomplish the legendary feats that were celebrated in mythical stories, and defeat the terrifying dragon.

In the Endless God's Domain, humans, who were regarded as the standard measure of a race, possessed the greatest potential and radiated the brilliance of shining stars.

At this moment, Yun Xi was one of the stars that could shine in the Endless God's Domain.

Aside from the uncontrollable ultimate divine sword, the Starwings, Yun Xi could rival the demigod heroes of legendary stories solely with the power of their physical body and possess the ability to create legends.

The fusion of a solid body and a soft body, combined with the tremendous energy released by the dragon jade in their chest, allowed Yun Xi to surpass the limits of human capabilities in terms of speed, strength, and explosive power.

Though they had lost one-fifth of their flesh and blood, it only slightly decreased Yun Xi's maximum power, and their slender body could better utilize the characteristics of a soft body.

The punch they just threw while taking a step forward was an experiment for Yun Xi to adjust to their increased speed.

The experimental results were close to perfection.

The simple strength of the body decreased by one-fifth, but agility and flexibility completely made up for this loss.

Moreover, due to the characteristics of dragon blood and flesh, endurance has undergone astonishing changes.

Previously, when using the strength of the body, the explosive force was indeed sufficient, but the amount of blood and energy consumed was astronomical.

The terrifying crushing power of the body is based on the boiling blood and energy inside the body, which is one of the three great secrets of the Red Steel Genre. Essentially, all of them are techniques that cause the blood and energy to surge.

The strength decreased by one-fifth, agility doubled, and more importantly, endurance increased by more than three times. The explosive force can be said to have increased rather than decreased.

These are the data tested in actual combat by Yun Xi and Saramanda, data that even surprised Yun Xi himself.

In fact, he can even feel that the potential of his body has not yet been fully unleashed.

There is even more, a greater and more immense power hidden in this body, waiting to be discovered by him.

Compared to the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, the basic data of his body can be said to have made a huge leap, completely surpassing the limits of the human race.

Saramanda's intuition is correct, the current Yun Xi is just a small-headed dragon.

His race value is already at the level of a dragon's data. If he breaks through to the hero-ranked state, maybe he can really have the ability to transform into a silver dragon.

But even so, Yun Xi hasn't reached his own threshold yet.

This is the most terrifying thing, it means that Yun Xi, just like his invincible childhood friend Hua Huo, still hasn't reached the perfect advanced state.

Even the innate ability to transform into a dragon cannot meet the advanced requirements that Yun Xi needs.

"I need to become stronger ..." Using Saramanda as a reference, Yun Xi probably tested his individual combat power in Sia's world.

Very strong, it should far exceed the hero-ranked level of this world.

However, this is not something to be complacent about, because his true opponents are far more terrifying than all the hero-ranked individuals in this world combined.

The Dragon-Hunting Chain that covers the entire world.

The endless power came down from the star bridge in the sky.

Their strength was so great that the power of the dragon was no match for them.

With such ex-girlfriends, Yun Xi would not be proud of his achievements and think he was a true strong person.


The third punch was a inch punch!

He closed the distance between himself and Saramanda, almost pushing himself into her embrace, using his shoulder to push away her giant axe, and then punching at close range.

The sound of the heart completely stopping beating.

The sound of the complete freezing of the flow of blood.

The sound of the giant axe falling to the ground.

In that moment, Saramanda's world turned into black and white.

A big, red fire lizard looked at Saramanda with a gaze full of resentment, as if mocking her in the face of her present situation.

Everything from Saramanda's sixteen years of life appeared before her like a carousel.

Since she was young, she was the strongest child in the tribe.

While other children were still babbling at the age of six or seven and couldn't even lift a proper stick, she had already grown to a height of one meter sixty and hunted in the forest carrying a wolf-toothed club taller than her own body.

Her strength surpassed even that of adult trolls.

By the age of ten, her fighting skills were already among the top ten in the tribe.

After killing the fire lizard king and taking its true name, she no longer had any opponents among the trolls.

Even the elder heroes were unable to withstand the blows of her club and one by one became her defeated minions.

Not a hero-ranked, but even stronger than hero-ranked, this is Saramanda, the troll clan's proudest prodigy.

In her life, she almost never experienced defeat.

No matter what kind of enemy she faced, she always managed to unleash greater power. Even if the odds were against her at first, she could turn the tables and secure victory.

She was a natural-born troll genius, favored by the earth, a descendant of the ancient giants' fantastic lineage.

Even a true dragon would have to fight her to truly know who is stronger. Saramanda had that kind of confidence.

However, her confidence was shattered at this moment.

It wasn't a dragon soaring through the sky, but a girl with beautiful silver hair who broke Saramanda's confidence and composure with just three punches.

So, there are still monsters like this in the world!

At the end of the carousel, Saramanda clearly saw how Yun Xi landed three punches on herself, leading her into a state of death.

Like a special slow motion effect, her consciousness became unusually clear.

The first punch, like a soaring dragon, smashed her Divine Weapon Crimson Dragon, then hit her chest around the area where her heart is, slightly towards the right.

The second punch, like a speedy flash, even in slow motion, one could feel the speed and explosive power. In comparison, she felt as clumsy as a turtle.

The third punch, like a surgical knife, accurately struck the convergence point of her Qi and blood power, the most deadly punch.

Three punches, all hitting around her heart, on the left, right, and directly in the center.

Almost smashing Saramanda's heart to pieces, it also came with additional effects.

Saramanda, unable to resist, fell in love with this sensation.