Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1083

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Chapter 1083: Rebirth

"Lord Silver Dragon!" Ain half kneeled in front of the dragon egg, with reverent hands clasped together.

Adley also imitated her sister, half kneeling in front of the dragon egg.

All the fairy butterflies from the Divine Era Tower gathered, dancing around the glowing dragon egg.

In the sky filled with Fairy Dust, a shape made of starlight began to appear faintly.

"Pafu!" In a voice of celebration, Yun Xi felt his whole body become lighter, as if something was completely separating from him.

Amidst the spinning starlight, Yun Xi broke free from the silver dragon egg and emerged into this world.

The pool water, filled with milky-white magic, gently rippled in circles.

The fairy butterflies cheered, flying and dancing in a beautiful display.

Beams of starlight connected Yun Xi and the silver dragon egg, symbolizing their inseparable bond.

Silver strands of hair fell, reflecting Yun Xi's current posture on the water's surface.

It was a stance that was almost beyond human comprehension, extraordinary and flawless.

Skin whiter than fresh snow, with a radiance that resembled the perfection of a delicate masterpiece. Pale silver hair, like glass, and deep black eyes filled with a bewitching charm, reminiscent of an abyss of enchantment.

On the chest, there is a special jewel structure that doesn't belong to humans. It represents the highest symbol of love from Asha, the creator of powerful weapons.

Clearly, Yun Xi, who chose the mark of his former girlfriend, the Supreme Dragon God Asha, to suppress the marks of his other three ex-girlfriends, couldn't avoid the influence of Asha's power and underwent some unusual changes.

The best proof of these changes is the transformation of his hair into silver and the appearance of a dragon jewel on his chest.

"Huh?" Ain covered her mouth in surprise, looking at Lord Silver Dragon, who was quite different from what she had imagined.

In this world, only she had witnessed the true form of the sacred Silver Dragon falling from the sky.

However, the "Lord Silver Dragon" standing in front of her now was not what she remembered seeing back then.

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Specifically, the "Lord Silver Dragon" she knew was a majestic and regal female figure. However, the Lord Silver Dragon before her now was...

"Ah, it's Lord Silver Dragon!" Unlike Ain, who had faced the formidable Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel before, Adley had no impression of the Silver Dragon. Therefore, she easily accepted Yun Xi as he appeared before her.

Children are always the most innocent and unaware of the need to suppress their desires. The moment Adley saw Yun Xi, she felt an immediate liking towards him.

Because, this Lord Silver Dragon is so beautiful!

"Um..." Looking at his reflection on the water's surface, Yun Xi was speechless.

They escaped over a huge distance of 100,000 light years, and even separated a part of their own flesh and blood to deceive Asha's tracking mark. But their body still suffered such a huge impact?

Mei’er used an incredible power to separate one-fifth of their flesh and blood to deceive Mumu Narabel, the Star Hunting Dragon. However, some of Mumu Narabel's flesh and blood automatically assimilated with their body.

Equal exchange, it truly is a truth within truth.

The silver hair, the heart, the precious jewel in the chest, and the flawless skin that doesn't seem like something a human should have, all belonged to Mumu Narabel, the Star Hunting Dragon.

Moreover, not sure if it's an illusion, but he seems to have become smaller?

"Lord Silver Dragon!" Adley ran up to Yun Xi, hugged his shoulders, and delighted in smelling his scent.

It's not an illusion, his body has indeed become slightly smaller, probably exactly one-fifth of a difference.

Mei’er's one-fifth separation, really not a bit more or a bit less.

From a rough observation, it's like going back to being fourteen years old from sixteen.

Of course, when he was fourteen, he definitely didn't have the skin and appearance that went beyond the limits of the human race like now.

Now, even Hua Huo probably wouldn't recognize him. With a mixture of Mumu's perfect Star Hunting Dragon genes, he can hardly recognize the reflection of this silver figure on the water surface.

As Supreme Dragon God Asha's most outstanding creation, Mumu is the most perfect creator-level weapon in the dragon race, the ultimate creature built to hunt down Starchild.

After all, the core material used to conceive Mumu was the spoils obtained when four former girlfriends tore apart an unfortunate Starchild – the power of star souls representing the essence of the stars.

Of course, this is also one of the reasons why Yun Xi can easily combine with the flesh and blood of Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel.

Only partial dragonization symptoms appear, along with an appearance that surpasses the imagination of this world, just a negligible side effect.

As a result, Pafu, the pet that has always been loyal to Yun Xi, also gained tremendous benefits.

Right now, it is enjoying the convenience of its new home inside Yun Xi's Dragon Jade, going "Pafu! Pafu!".

According to Mei’er, who performed the operation, this minor side effect is completely acceptable.

However, for Yun Xi, seeing himself like this now, he is truly speechless.

Without any disguise, he now has mixed Mumu blood and flesh. Besides having a flat chest, he also has all the necessary weapons. He is perfect to the point that he can't even tell his own gender.

How can he still be a righteous gentleman like this!

"Lord Silver Dragon... Welcome to our world..." Ain looked at Yun Xi with a complex expression. This figure, who seems to be around his own age, is he really the Lord Silver Dragon that he has been longing for?

How should I put it, this flawlessly beautiful appearance and skin definitely don't seem like creatures from this world, but they don't have the imagined majesty and aura.

She would never believe it if she didn't see it with her own eyes. This is the silver dragon that broke free from the perpetual imprisonment in Sia's world's atmosphere and fell from the sky to the ground.

With a similar height to himself and that lovely and captivating appearance... it really makes him want to hug him so badly!

"Lord Silver Dragon has a really nice smell, and Adley loves it the most." Unlike the conflicted Ain, Adley says and does whatever she thinks of.

She even leaned in toward Yun Xi's ear and bit it on her own initiative.

"Adley... stop fooling around!" Ain gathered the courage to softly reprimand her unruly little sister.

Adley is usually a very obedient child, so why did she become so willful after meeting Lord Silver Dragon?

It's... so envy-inducing!

"Such a comfortable scent... Adley... likes..." Adley also gathered the courage to confess her crush to herself.

That warm scent captivated the little princess's heart.

She fell in love.