Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1080

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Chapter 1080: Seven Days

"Great, I finally passed the selection!"

"Today is definitely my lucky day! I completed it in 11 seconds. I almost thought I couldn't make it."

"I took 18 seconds, and it felt incredibly amazing. I thought I had entered heaven."

"Oh wow, heaven..."

The girls who passed the first round of trials for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order were all smiling with happiness in their eyes.

Without exception, everyone considered the time they persisted in this assessment as a proof of their talents.

Well, the fact is, Ain conducted this experiment for the purpose of hatching dragon eggs.

The group called "Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order" is actually a group of girls hatching dragon eggs.

The girls who didn't pass the selection of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order for the first time felt a bit sad, but they didn't lose all hope.

Because Ain told them that they were put on the reserve list of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, and they still had a chance to participate in the selection process every day.

As long as they still meet the three criteria of "under eighteen years old," "pure of heart," and "beautiful and cute," they still have a chance to join the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

From the beginning, Ain had no intention of letting go of these girls who met the criteria; the establishment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order was a huge lie in the first place.

It was not easy to select these underage girls who met the requirements for hatching using the intimidating power of her Nuclear Blast Queen. How could she just let them go because they failed the assessment once?

It would be such a waste.

Adley's performance proved that affinity with dragon eggs could be improved through training. She didn't expect these girls who failed their first trial to surpass the elite level, but as long as they met the minimum requirement of ten seconds, it would be enough.

Actually, from her perspective, the main reason these girls failed the first time was not only because of lack of talent but also because of psychological factors.

They were too nervous and cared too much about the outcome of the trial. When they were suddenly hit by the dragon egg's energy, they were completely unprepared and their minds went blank.

So, as long as they still meet the three conditions for hatching dragon eggs, Ain will let them keep trying.

And so, the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order officially begins its operation.

All the members who were selected to participate in the assessment for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order have moved into the grand palace, according to their own camps and habits.

Ain, as the Queen, established the schedule for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

In the morning, the members who passed the first assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order began the egg hatching ceremony, which these girls considered as their "trial".

During this process, even from a distance of several palaces, the aspiring girls could hear the melodious sounds coming from the large bath.

After the "trial" of the official members is completed, it's the turn for the reserve girls to step forward and face the unique assessment of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order once again.

As for the official members who have completed the egg hatching task, they start their own training and absorb the dragon's spiritual energy obtained during their morning and afternoon practices.

Ain can clearly feel that as the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order team grows stronger, the messages conveyed from the eggs of the Sacred Silver Dragons become more and more clear.

At first, there were some blurry whispers with unclear meanings.

"Hurry... It's coming..."

"Trial... Time..."



Then, a specific moment arrived.

"Only... six days left..."

"Five days..."

Each day, a new world could be discovered.

Every day, you can hear new sounds.

This sound seems to be heard only by her and Adley, and they are both waiting for that moment to come.

During this process, the growth of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order is incredibly amazing!

On the second day of the unique trial of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, the strongest member of the troll clan, Saramanda, successfully broke through the barrier between mortal and hero-ranked, displaying great strength.

When she broke through, the palace shook, and the earth rejoiced!

Bathing in the pool filled with dragon's spiritual energy, patterns of an Earth Child appeared on her skin. Her feet almost sank into the ground as the immense power of the earth surged into her body, even strengthening her giant axe.

"Saramanda!" Feeling the power of her bloodline breaking free from the constraints of the period of magic tide decline, troll Saramanda shouted her true name, holding a dragon egg in one hand and raising her giant axe in the other.

She had every right to feel proud and happy.

In ancient times, there were no barriers for the troll clan to advance to hero-ranked.

At that time, any adult troll could naturally become a terrifying monster on the battlefield, as they grew older and reached hero-ranked.

As Earth Children, they should have such natural abilities.

However, as the magic tide weakened, the overall concentration of magic in the world started to drastically decrease. Even the beloved trolls found it incredibly difficult to break through to hero-ranked.

Saramanda, the most outstanding genius in the troll clan of that era, never thought she could breakthrough to hero-ranked before reaching adulthood.

Due to the different limits of their respective races, a hero-ranked troll's strength far surpassed that of a hero-ranked human warrior. Handling three opponents was not a problem.

Furthermore, Saramanda now possessed an exclusive weapon that made all trolls envious - a giant axe she named "Crimson Dragon."

All of this stemmed from the dragon egg she held in one hand. The immense energy radiating from the egg completely filled the world's lack of magic concentration, unlocking Saramanda's potential.

For this world, the dragon egg formed from the flesh of the Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel was a miraculous artifact capable of creating wonders.

Of course, Saramanda never thought about such complex matters.

She only knew that she had started to like this place, and she had started to like the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order.

Compared to the territory of the troll clan, there are so many delicious things here, the air is also comfortable, and there are many friends to be with, it's really great.

"Long live Saramanda, big sister!"

"Indeed, Saramanda is the best!"

"Among the human heroes, Saramanda can defeat ten of them in one go!"

Watching Saramanda, who held up a crimson dual-blade heavy axe with one hand, the underage troll girls applauded together and shouted from the bottom of their hearts.

As for the underage girls of other races, their eyes became even more intense as they looked at the dragon egg wrapped in a white halo.

This is truly a sacred artifact of the divine era!