Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: The Girls’ Scroll

Hgog Nav first noticed Hua Yue, since she was the most striking girl that was as bright as a white gold rose. After awakening her White Gold Rose Bloodline, Hua Yue was the tallest, had the slenderest legs, the fullest breasts, the most gorgeous clothes, and the most eye catching temperament. Her beauty was like her bloodline, as dignified as a king.

Hgog Nav drew a circle on the paper, vaguely outlining her figure. It was a figure that was as bright as a sunflower, perfect and lively.

The second girl Hgog Nav noticed had a very average appearance with freckles on her face, and she was carrying a common iron sword on her back. Anyway, she should be just an ordinary girl. She wasn't as bright as Hua Yue, and didn't look superior to any of the other girls. However, Hgog Nav noticed a very special charm about her body. She was like a stalk of grass that was rooted in the harshest environment. Maybe you would ignore her, but she was always there.

The wild wind couldn't blow her away.

The rainstorm couldn't wash her away.

Even an earthquake couldn't eliminate her strong will to live.

Even though she was standing beside Hua Yue, but she behaved like Hua Yue's other side, ordinary and unknown. In that case, what made him pay attention to her? Was it her determined look? She... it seemed that something special was hiding within her body, and that thing made her stand beside Hua Yue bravely.

Sunflower and grass. They were their outlines under Hgog Nav's painting brush.

The next few hours, Hgog Nav drew one female swordsman’s portrait after another. They all had their own special character and beauty. Hgog Nav had never seen so many special girls in a single day.

He could feel that there were some similar things within their bodies making them show their special and perfect side. Yes, that thing should be called "spirituality".

In the world, only very few mortals had "spirituality". Whether the person was a man or woman, if the person had "spirituality", then that person would undoubtedly show excellent talent in his or her own field.

These female swordsmaidens's "spirituality" was visible. Their confident eyes were the best evidence. They were flowers blooming in the garden. They had a bright future.

After determining every girl's place on the canvas, Hgog Nav finally moved his eyes to the center, the master and the maid.

Why did he leave them to the end? In fact, even Hgog Nav himself didn't know the reason. Till he began to observe the girl standing in the center.

"Hiss!" Hgog Nav gasped after just taking a glance. “What is that? She can't be a human!”

As an art master who had a strong sensibility, Hgog Nav realized that at the very moment he saw Hua Huo. He immediately realized how terrible this being was.

He once saw a dragon hovering in the sky, and a giant shaking the earth simply by walking, but none of them could compare to this girl. Her strong and terrifying presence wasn't something that could be described in words.

This was lightning that was breaking through the sky, a volcano that was erupting, it was a "natural disaster" that could cause fear and unrest simply by standing in place.

He sensitively perceived that there was some terrible power bound within her body, and she kept suppressing her power with great care in case that it lost control. She wasn't like any of the other girls around her. She was a living being standing on the higher realm, but for some reason, she suppressed her power and pretended to be normal.

Sword Palace? Did this monster really need to go to Sword Palace? Even if it was a real dragon, it would undoubtedly be killed by her as easy as winking!

What was her bloodline? How could she have such a terrible power at this age?

She was obviously still a mortal. If she awakened her bloodline and reached the hero rank, what would happen at that time?

Hgog Nav couldn't imagine it, but he knew that it would be a disaster. Hgog Nav shook his hands, strenuously drawing Hua Huo's figure on the canvas.

They were a pair of wings. Hgog Nav just drew the vague outline and didn't colour it, because this was already the result of developing his artistic talent to the limit.

"Puff..." After that, Hgog Nav let out a sigh of relief.

The most difficult part had been finished. He looked at the black-haired maid standing behind Hua Huo. This shouldn't be a difficult target.

After witnessing Hua Huo's terrible temperament, he didn't think that anyone could make his heart shake again. Till he saw the pair of deep, mysterious black eyes.

They weren't as bright as Hua Yue's eyes, weren't as indomitable as Xiao Cao's eyes, and weren't as overwhelming as Hua Huo's eyes. However, Hgog Nav froze the second he saw those pair of eyes.

What was these pair of eyes? He felt that he saw an infinite wisdom, endless time, and boundless stars in those eyes!

1000 years, 10,000 years, 100,000 years, 1,000,000 years... Hgog Nav only peeked at a very small part of that endless time, but it already made his consciousness get lost in the flood of time, declining into a deathly stillness.

If Hua Huo's power meant power and dignity, then the black eyes meant tolerance and equality.

Dark and light.

Evil and divinity.

Birth and death.

In the endless time, the stars kept shining on all things in the universe, watching all things in the world, and protecting all things under the starlight.

No matter whether you were evil or good, or what your race and gender was, no matter how the time flowed by and how history repeated again and again, they were always there, watching everything. They were the world itself; they were the supporting body of time; they were the base of all things' existence.

They were the earth, sky, river, and sea.

They were fire, ice, storm, light, and dark.

The stars watched all living beings’ birth and death. They watched the elapse of time.

The stars existed in the past, present, and future, never changing.

"Pa!" Hgog Nav's painting brush broke. He wasn’t able to observe that any longer.

The limit of his artistic talent couldn't even let him observe one billionth of the stars' memory. He couldn't image how great a soul must be to bear the weight of the stars' memory.

Was she a girl that was blessed by the world?

"Cough!" Hgog Nav wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth, then drew a few stars on the canvas.

"Done!" Hgog Nav turned over the canvas. A bright, beautiful group portrait, which had recorded all the girls' figures on it, appeared on the next page.

As for the first page, which Hgog Nav used his hero ranked ability to draw and had recorded a small part of these girls' characters... He decided to name it as "The Girls' Scroll", and never showed it to anyone during his lifetime.

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