Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1003

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Chapter 1003: Infinite Power

White Lotus Sword Domain,the Sky Tower.

The tower, located next to the White Lotus Sword Palace, is collapsing loudly. This tower is a projection from the true Sky Tower in a higher world.

The power of the Dragon God Asha has torn the entire White Lotus Sword Domain away from the Sky Sword God's Domain system. The Sky Tower built on the White Lotus Sword Domain is also facing its own demise.

The true Sky Tower, which connects the various star bridges of the Endless God's Domain and represents the pinnacle of Endless God's Domain civilization, is one of the seven towers. In front of it, Lilibet pulled out her divine sword, the Sky Sword, with the Azure Excalibur.

At this moment, the divine sword, representing the power of order, is emitting a continuous high-pitched sound.

Because someone has intervened and disrupted the order maintained by one of the highest-level orders in the Endless God's Domain, the seven towers.

"The rules... have been broken..." In the compass on the icy blue hilt of Lilibet's divine sword, a reflection of an incredibly massive dragon claw appears.

This dragon claw is even larger than the entire White Lotus Sword Domain itself.

There are billions of people living here, and because of the appearance of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, many noble families from the Endless God's Domain have gathered here. The White Lotus Sword Domain of the noble children is like a toy compared to this giant dragon claw.

The power that makes up this giant dragon claw comes from the distant stars, from the throne at the northernmost part of the Endless God's Domain.

She is the Dragon of Order, the Mother of Time and Space, the Creator, and symbolizes birth, life, and death.

Asha, the Dragon God, is the ruler of the starry sky dragon clan and the master of the Dragon God's Domain.

On the compass handle of Lilibet's Azure Excalibur, a partial outline of Dragon God Asha is reflected.

It is a void dragon bathed in starlight, with countless stars shining in its pitch-black wings, representing different God's Domains.

Within the black scales that make up her tail, countless baby dragons are sleeping.

Black dragons, red dragons, green dragons, white dragons, and yellow dragons.

Gem dragons, fairy dragons, jade dragons, and the White Holy Dragon.

She is the origin of the Starry Dragon Clan. All dragon bloodlines, whether good dragons or evil dragons, can be traced back to her in the Endless God's Domain.

Her will is the will of the dragon clan.

She is the eternal mythical dragon of the dragon clan, the Dragon God of Creation who possesses the power of origins and creation!

"This is...not allowed..." Lilibet lifted her head, her blue hair instantly standing upright, emitting a special signal.

At the same time, several forces in the Treasure Space made similar actions.

Through the star bridge, a distance of billions of light years can be reduced to zero. Dragon God Asha, who first broke the rules, directly projected her power into the White Lotus Sword Domain.

This action, like a fuse, caused a huge commotion throughout the Endless God's Domain.

However, Asha didn't care.

She didn't pay attention to what consequences this action might have or what misunderstandings it might lead to.

When it's time to take action, do it without any hesitation.

The cost of hesitation and indecisiveness is something Asha experienced once and never wanted to try again.

Humans, when they make mistakes, will face punishment and the suffering of imprisonment. This is because human society has spontaneously formed certain rules or a fixed order.

However, this doesn't make any sense to Dragon God Asha, who is at the level of creation.

Even if she makes a mistake, no one has the right to punish her, let alone judge her as guilty.

Those who dare to do such things must be tired of living.


Inside the secret treasure space, a massive beam of light descended from the sky, enveloping the already wounded Star Hunting Dragon.

The chains of billions of stars began to move, tighten, and exerted immense pressure towards the inside of the secret treasure space.

This means that the cage has finally entered the final stage of capture.

Dragon God Asha, who projected his own power directly into the White Lotus Sword Domain, couldn't wait to reap the fruits.

"Hahaha... here it comes... here it comes..."

"I've been waiting for you!" Astarot, who had almost completely occupied the Earth with the Crystal Disk, firmly gripped Abyssal Condemnation and plunged it deeply into the ground.

Hundreds of golden crystals rose from the ground, resembling countless golden blades standing on the Earth.

Yes, this is the moment Astarot has been waiting for.

Not to fight against Star Hunting Dragon, who is just a puppet, but to battle the real Dragon God Asha!

Facing the power belonging to the "Creation" level, which even the legend-ranked cannot reach, it is hailed as the strongest embodiment of the world's ultimate rule, the most powerful [Field]!

Only such an enemy can arouse the fighting spirit of the strongest Demon King born in the Golden Sea of Chaos.

The shining light that fell from the sky immediately dispersed all the darkness that surrounded Star Hunting Dragon Mumu Narabel, and it had a powerful force that made people want to kneel down on the ground.

The power of the Creator God!



With endless desires, it triggers endless changes and plunges the world into chaos.

The golden crystal patterns appeared on the blade of Abyssal Condemnation, and more runes began to dance on the sword, which came from the Golden Sea of Chaos and belonged to the Demon King.

If the power of "creation" represents the highest level of the Endless God's Domain, then the power of the "Demon King" represents a kind of chaotic and extreme disorder.

The Demon King is a powerful being that destroys order and tramples on rules, and it is also the destiny that Astarot holds.

"Let me show you... what the abyss looks like..." A pleasant curve appeared at the corner of Astarot's mouth, and his golden blood boiled throughout his body.

At this moment, Yun Xi, who shares the same consciousness with Astarot, once again sees the impossible circuit.

Countless, or even more, cannot be described with words, the endless intertwining, fusion, and weaving of runes creating scenes of language.

"Armor Break" stacked one million times!

"Bloodlust" stacked five hundred thousand times!

"Thousand Strikes in an Instant" stacked one hundred thousand times!

"Blade of Chaos" stacked fifty thousand times!

"Dimensional Cut" stacked thirty thousand times!

It is definitely not something that humans can achieve. It's as if all numbers and rules have gone mad, and within the Golden Sea of Chaos, numerous combinations of runes emerge.

This is a secret hidden in Astarot's blood, only "The Realm of Infinite Desires" can create such a logic.

Regardless of whether this "reasoning" goes against the usual logic of the world, regardless of whether the infinite accumulation of power follows mathematical rules, anyway, it can be done, it is possible.

Countless combinations of runes come together to ultimately transform into a blade that even gods can be killed with, and that is the tactic Astarot excels at.

As long as she is given enough time and information, even a god can be easily killed.

The stronger the enemies she encounters, the stronger the memories she engraves upon herself, and all of this ultimately becomes nourishment for the Golden Sea of Chaos, making her even more powerful.

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