Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: The Younger Brother Is Good, and the Elder Sister Will Be Responsible for You

Yuki rubbed her chin against Rin's head and held it quietly for a while. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She let go of him and reached out to pick up a pinch of his hair. It was like discovering a new world

Rin looked up, "What's the matter?"

"My brother, your hair is a little long. Let me cut it short for you."

Rin subconsciously covered his head and said, "No! I don't want to become ugly!"

"No, you won't. I still have some experience in cutting hair."

When Yuki said this, She was really full of confidence. Rin thought, "Well, I will let you have a try."

With that, he stood up, went to the bathroom sink, put the hot water, and washed his hair consciously.

But as soon as he lowered his head, Yuki stood behind him, gently wet his hair and scratched it around his head.

Very comfortable, so Rin didn't resist.

After washing his head, Rin sat at his desk, found a mirror, and stood it on the desk. Then he sat and waited for Yuki to cut his hair.

Yuki was very professional. Even the ring had its own scissors and comb. After laying a cloth for Rin, she began to cut Rin's hair. Her movements were quite skillful.

"I didn't expect my stupid sister to have this skill. It seems that you have been practicing a lot."

Speaking of this, Rin looked a little unnatural and his face turned a little dark, because he suddenly remembered that Yuki would go back to the orphanage to see the children when she was free.

So such skills must have been practiced on the heads of those children. But she never did this to him before!

"Well, at least I'm your brother in name..."

Rin could not help but blame her. Later, he felt it was inappropriate to blame her, so he had to shut up, but his face still looked bad.

Yuki smiled at the corners of her eyes and said in a serious tone, "I used to cut my hair because I was not used to being close to others. My brother, you're the first."

Rin immediately smiled, but he just wanted to turn his head aside, Yuki forced her head to face her, so he had to look disgusted at her and said, "Well, to prevent you from hurting others. I'm trying my best to practice with you."

Yuki didn't expose him, but got busy.

As soon as Rin cut his hair, he would soon feel sleepy, so his head began to lower down in only ten minutes.

Yuki took a little effort to finish cutting the hair, looked at her achievements, and was satisfied, so she gently helped him clean up his broken hair.

Finally, looking at Rin who was still dozing off, Yuki hugged him from behind. She kissed his head and was about to kiss his neck. Rin woke up a little.

He subconsciously rubbed his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Not bad. It seems that you poor swordmaster can become a full-time barber for me in the future."

Yuki failed to kiss her brother's neck, but she didn't feel lost. She was very happy to be praised by Rin.

She glanced at the clock and was a little reluctant to give up, but said with concern, "It's getting late. My brother, you should rest now."

"I see. You can go now."

After that, they went to rest.

The next day was a holiday. During this period, Rin and Rayne were called by the school leaders and an official of the kingdom to talk.

The main report is about the demon in Luna town. Rin prevaricated the past according to his prepared words.

However, to his surprise, Rayne and Christo deliberately avoided more topics about the succubus, just saying that they happened to encounter a battle and later saw Rin taken away.

In this way, there is basically no problem.

The vice president and the official said that they would be rewarded by her Majesty the queen, and then they left.

Rin was not very happy because he was delayed for more than half a day. In addition, he felt urgent about learning, so he returned to the classroom and borrowed the learning notes of the silly elk to catch up on lessons.

The best place to study is naturally the library. As soon as the last class in the afternoon is over, Rin plans to drill into the library.

"Little Rin, I want to go with you ~"

Elise then stood up and took Rin by the arm, while the other sleeve of Rin was also pulled by Emilia.

Rin rolled his eyes, and knocked on their heads, "What are you going to do? In the math test the day after tomorrow, Emilia, do you think you can pass it? Stupid elk, you should give her a good tutorial."

"I want you to help me."

"Dream! I'm afraid I can't control my blood pressure when I teach you math. In a word, silly elk, look after this waste hero. I'm going to study quietly in the library."

With that, Rin glanced at them with threatening eyes. Seeing that they were wronged but didn't follow up, he nodded and left with satisfaction.

Are you kidding me? These two guys are so noisy. He worried to be kicked out together with them if they study together. It would be too embarrassing.

Rin came to the library and took two books that he needed, then he made his way to a secluded corner and sat down.

Spread out the textbook and Elise's notes, took out the notebook and infinite ink pen, and he began to learn and extract the key points.

Before he knew it time has passed until the sky outside the window was now yellow. Rin was still working hard.

But he was thirsty. He picked up his kettle and was about to drink, but he found that there was no water in it. Then, a delicate purple water cup was pushed over.

Rin raised his head in surprise and saw the Demon King sitting opposite him. His face suddenly changed.

[I must have never seen the almanac when I went out today, but I actually met this girl! Damn, if I knew it, I should tutor the waste hero in math.]

He quickly straightened his face and closed the book, then turned around and was about to leave. He just walked a few steps and hit his head on something. He was stunned.

He reached out and poked into the air. Sure enough, he found a ripple formed by an invisible barrier.

"Brother, why don't you say hello when you see me? It's clear that our relationship is so good." Suyu said wrongfully and sadly, like a miserable girl who was heartlessly abandoned by a scumbag.

"Who has a good relationship with you? I still remember the last time I was tied to a tree! Let me go quickly!"

In the face of the Demon King, Rin was not confident, but he still roared.

Suyu didn't think much of it. Once her weak expression changed, she suddenly turned into a black-bellied big sister, holding her chin and smiling at him.

Rin naturally ignored her, raised his chin around his arm and didn't look at her directly.

"Younger brother, I have something to discuss with you. If you don't listen to my words, I can't guarantee the consequences. By the way... Did you use the card I gave you? What the price is? Do you want me to help you have a look?"

As soon as she said this, Rin remembered it. He had to sit down and listen to her words.

"Since it's what you gave me, take good responsibility for me! Remove my curse!"

[Damn, it hurts to death!]

Suyu covered her mouth and smiled, "Well, I will be responsible for you, but you should also be obedient ~"

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