Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Elise Wants a Baby

"Tsundere, hug me."

Emilia rubbed herself on him and muttered, purring like a kitten.


Rin's whole body froze. An indescribable happy, warm, shy, and mushy mood was intertwined in his heart. For a moment, he didn't know whether to push her away.

Too close, too close, too close!

Damn, is this the so called "friends with benefits"?

Can the distance between friends be so close?

Rin thought hard for a few seconds and then went crazy.

Damn, he didn't have friends before so he didn't know! However, it must not be right for friends to do this!

Finally, Rin chose to follow his instincts. He had a feeling that if he pushed the stupid hero away this time, he might regret it.

He put one hand behind Emilia's shoulder, and the other hand touched her head stiffly.

"First… First of all, I'm pitying you, so… just this once, I will do this for you. Besides, you stink."

The night should be his best cover, which could prevent her from seeing his look clearly, except Miss Hero's vision at night is as good as during the day.

She raised her head and looked at Rin's red face. Her blue eyes seemed like ripples on a lake blown by the breeze.


Emilia whispered, but she didn't believe him. It was just to appease this "tsundere", a kind lie.

Then she arched Rin's chin with her head.

To be honest, Miss Hero couldn't tell if it was friendship or anything else. She just followed her instincts and felt that it would be very fulfilling.

At least, this tsundere never only sees her as just a hero.

She can bully him, eat and drink with him at night, and play like those normal girls. Even if Rin is easily provoked and shows a look of dislike… he would never alienate and exclude her.

That's enough, I'm relieved.

The night was quiet, leaving only their breathing and Rin's violent heartbeat.

Oh, and also the silly elk making "goo hee hee" sounds while dreaming.

For a long time, Rin felt a little hot all over.

Sure enough, the waste Hero is still too close!

He didn't know what to say. After thinking about it, he gently poked Emilia on the shoulder.

Emilia rubbed her chin agaisnt him and apparently wasn't asleep.

"Waste Hero, if in the future… Well, I mean, if we have to fight each other and you must kill me… can you, can you take it easy and not be too ruthless… It's best to let me die without feeling any pain…"

Rin paused and thought. In fact, he also wanted to say that it's best not to stab him while they were confronting, otherwise, he might be heartbroken, although it may not be realistic.

"And I promise that I won't fight back."

Emilia raised her head and looked at him strangely. She didn't understand what the unknown request was about.

She just said in a serious tone she had never had before, "I will never point a weapon at you... definitely."

Rin was a little moved, but… he blew his head when he thought of what had happened before.

"Lies! Just yesterday! In order to kill a moth, you didn't care about me at all and threw a weapon directly at me! I even had to apologize to the hotel."

He was a little excited, so he couldn't control his volume.

This also caused the foolish elk behind him to wake up suddenly from her dream.

Her Royal Highness the Princess turned her eyes around and turned to look at Rin. She didn't see it clearly, but the ahoge hair on her head had become a lightning bolt.

Subconsciously, she chanted softly.

"Holy Light!"

The dazzling white light burst in the tent.

For a time, Rin just felt that his eyes were going to go blind, so he covered his eyes quickly.

Elise stood up and looked at Rin and Emilia. Suddenly, she couldn't hold her breath and began to cry.

"Why… Why? Why do I have to see this scene as soon as I wake up!"

"Waaa! It's clear that I'm the fiancee. I met Little Rin first and he hugged me first!"

"Waa, waa, I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it!"

The silly elk usually easily cried, but it was genuinely the first time that she cried so bitterly.

Seeing her crying and hiccupping, Rin hurriedly approached her to show a look of disgust but failed to follow through. Instead, he reached out and touched her head.

"Silly elk… Stop crying. You look so ugly."

Elise felt the hand on her head and felt even more wronged. She threw herself directly into Rin's arms and rubbed her tears on his shirt.

Rin shook, bit his teeth, hugged her in his arms, and patted her back gently.

There's no other way. If he doesn't calm her down quickly, the silly elk will cry to death.

Damn, why do I feel guilty!

"Don't cry, don't cry, where's your princess's dignity? You will be despised and laughed at! Look at your eyes, they look like a pair of walnuts, I'll call you silly walnuts from now on if you don't stop crying!"

"It sounds terrible."

Elise was patted on the back and felt better, she was still very sad and coincidentally had a runny nose bubble.

She reached for Rin's button and sobbed, "Why did little Rin hold Emilia!"

"That's … that's to comfort the poor and stupid waste hero."

Emilia knelt down in front of them, tilted her head and explained, "It's friendship."

"Wow liar, can friendship be like this?"

"Hey, hey." Rin's scalp turned a little numb and said in a disgusted tone. "Why not? Look, I'm still holding you now. Damn it, you sloppy elk, the snot and tears you rubbed on me are everywhere. It's disgusting!"

Elise felt it is necessary to let the two know what friendship is.

However… She hasn't had a good friend before, and she doesn't know how to explain it, but she knows it's definitely wrong!

"In short, I'm the only one who can hold little Rin, but Emilia can't!"

"Veto." The Kuudere Hero refused very decisively.

"Little Rin is my fiance! We will get married and have 10 babies and live together in the future!"

This time, it was not Emilia who reacted, but Rin who blushed instantly.

He pushed away the silly elk directly and stood up, but his head knocked on the tent. He couldn't help squatting with his teeth grinding.

"What… What! Marriage?! No, why should I marry a silly elk! And having babies! I… I'm human. How can an elk and I have a baby? WOW! Impossible! It's impossible! Mushrooms will grow out!"

Elise wiped away her tears, pursed her lips, and puffed up her cheeks, "But we are an engaged couple and are destined to get married in the future! I even have figured out all our babies' names!"

Rin opened his mouth wide and didn't dare to look at her. He just raised his head and shouted.

"Shut up! Don't open your mouth. Shut up! … Baby! Be missish! You should behave like a princess!"

Emilia suddenly said, "Baby…"

"Ahhhh! I'm so tired of this. If you don't want to sleep, get out!"

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