Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: I Will … Be Broken

Rin thought back to the main task.

It was to divide the freshmen into groups of 3-4 people, and then register them as trainee adventurers, to achieve 20 adventure points in half a month. After passing the actual battle test, they would be considered qualified, and the best students would be rewarded.

In this event, the protagonist was grouped with Miss Hero, the Princess, and Christo.

Because of his "protagonist's aura", they triggered special tasks.

For example, they happened to find some traces, traces that led to the the demon race, and entered the Elle Forest. They not only sabotaged the plans of the demon race, but also got a dragon egg.

Among them, he, as the villain, had been trying to find the opportunity to teach the protagonist a lesson, so he trailed the protagonist secretly. Finally, he tried to steal the dragon egg but failed, and he also ended up cursed by the demon race's magic.

What a loser.

Well, atleast this time, I'm going to separate from that "trash cat" and "idiot elk", and make them dislike me… thinking about it, it's actually a good thing.

With this in mind, Rin entered the bathroom and took a bath. He wanted to put on his pajamas, found that he forgot to wash it, so he had to wear a simple white shirt.

He sat at his desk, took out a book of magical beast illustrations, and was about to study carefully when he heard a familiar voice again.

Then came the familiar smell.

Rin was suddenly in a bit of a trance. To put it mildly, Elise smelt sweet with a hint of strawberries and milk, while Emilia's scent was akin to fresh oranges.

The demon king smelled like lavender, Yuki smelled of herbal tea, and this smell must be the kuudere Hero's.

Blah blah blah, why do I think about that kind of strange thing!

Rin retracted his thoughts and said faintly, "Waste Hero, I didn't go to the restaurant today, so there is no food for you, you can get lost."


It seemed to be the sound of something on the table, Rin looked over curiously, but saw another lunch box.

"Go out and eat, don't bother me."

He thought this waste cat had prepared her own midnight snack today and waved his hand to drive her away, but to his surprise, Emilia opened the lunch box and handed him a piece.

Seeing Rin's surprised but unmoved face, Emilia cocked her head and mewed expressionlessly, "For you."

"I'm not touched at all, and I'm not even going to eat the cat food! Leave, leave, leave!"

Rin avoided what she handed him and continued to drive her away, "By the way, you're late, I'm already full."

Emilia's hand stopped. She froze for a while before she said, "You didn't go to the dining hall."

"You are really stupid, Elise, that stupid elk brought me food. Less nonsense, get lost!"

Rin didn't know the reason, but after saying this, he suddenly felt as if there was a cold wind blowing behind him, and he curiously looked back to see if his door was left open.

The door was closed, but the cold swishing sensation was still there.

Maybe it's because the shirt is thin and soaked through a little.

Thinking so, Rin looked back and saw Emilia standing on the windowsill, using some unscientific method to retract the hooked end of the rope.

He was a little dumbfounded, "What are you doing? How are you going to go back if you retract it? Are you a fool?"

Emilia ignored him and took the hook rope down. She gazed at the rope and then hooked it to Rin's chair.

Rin still looked confused. He really couldn't keep up with Emilia's thinking.

At this moment, Emilia grabbed a book on the table with both hands, then squatted on the table and unleashed her magic power.

"Idiot, what are you doing … dong!"

"Additional Attribute: Stunning."

Emilia slammed a book onto Rin's head while making an indifferent sound of talking to herself.

The force was not heavy, but the Stunning was successful.

Finally, tossing the book aside, Emilia quickly tied Rin with a rope loop after loop.

Ten seconds later, Rin regained consciousness, with only confusion in his eyes.

"What just happened?"

Then he realized that he was tied to a chair and couldn't move at all.

And in front of him, Emilia held a lunch box in one hand and a fork in the other, inserting a piece and handing it to him.


"Meow? Meow?! What the fuck? Are you insane!? Let go of m- Mmmph!!!"

Then Rin was forced to stuff a bite. Threatened by the fork, he didn't dare to spit it out and had to swallow it.

"Don't think you can get out alive after kidn- mmng!!."

"If I don't get revenge for this, then I- Mmmph!"

Just like that, he was crazily scolding her, while being threatened to eat a whole box of food. Rin tilted his head in his chair, and his brain was in chaos.

"I-I … I really can't eat anymore, just let me go."

Like a rag doll that has been played with, Rin stared at the ceiling with his empty eyes, and his soul seemed to be floating out.

At this point, Miss Hero untied the rope, then the tip of her nose moved, came close to Rin and sniffed the taste, and finally fired the hook rope again and quickly slipped away.

As if everything was just a dream.

"Congratulations to my dear master for angering Miss Hero for unknown reasons"

Unlock a new villain achievement: No, I Will Break (small)

Obtain the Space Stomach Pouch (small): my dear master's stomach pouch has been enhanced by a mysterious power, evolving another alternate space stomach pouch that can be opened autonomously.

"Mom no longer has to worry that you can't eat enough."

Rin jumped down from the chair.

Great! I'm alive again!

Wait for it, my lifelong enemy, if I don't avenge myself, I will change my surname to your daughter's surname!

One day later, early in the morning, Yuki was called into the vice principal's office.

As the vice-principal, as well as the teaching director of all the first-year students, Ms. Lilly was here for the most important "apprenticeship adventure training".

Although she looked like a young girl of 12 or 13 year's old, her real age was at least over 30.

She handed Yuki the list that had been divided.

"This is the list for this apprenticeship adventure training, Yuki-sama, please check it and see if there are any problems."

Yuki looked at the list and swept through it quickly, finally stopping at her brother's name.

Seeing her brother's two teammates, one was a healer and the other one was a knight of unknown rank, her brow furrowed.

Lily explained, "Your brother's strength is not weak, such a division is quite normal."

She felt that Yuki, an upright Sword Master, probably looked down on her "delinquent" brother.

Yuki ignored it and continued to look down, finally stopping at Rayne's group. She directly put the list down and said coldly, "Please forgive me for not being able to say yes. A Wind Archer, the Hero, a Holy Healer, and an Alchemist, what's going on?"

Lily waved her hand, "Well, you know that alchemists have little combat power, so I just find a strong team to add him in. And the alchemy master, Lord Wick specially asked me to take care of this Rayne."

"I will never agree."

Yuki's dark red eyes turned cold, "Elise the Princess is my brother's fiancee, she should be together with my brother, and the Hero, Lord Emilia…"

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