Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Beautiful Girl does not Go to the Toilet. Thanks

The moment he saw the familiar figure, Rin wanted to turn his head and leave, but Elise, the idiot, still grabbed him and chattered.

Luckily, it didn't take long for the ahoge hair under Elise's hat to shake, seemingly catching a strange scent.

She followed Rin's eyes to Miss Hero who was still peeking at the window and said after some thought, "Hero Emilia seems to be still busy, little Rin, let's not disturb her."

Well, how would you put it? She is quite a respectable Miss Hero. She is, after all, both the country's and the world's hope.

But even if she is the savior of the world, recently, Elise felt that she appeared in front of little Rin and herself too often, so she felt a little troubled.

Although little Rin was very cute when he was provoked by Lady Hero, she still wanted to be alone with him.

Rin glared viciously at Elise, "So I said we need to leave before, but you still pull me and blah blah blah… started talking with no end."

When he finished speaking and was about to leave, in the blink of an eye, there seemed to be a light blue wind blowing past, and Rin, who turned around, was surprised to find that Emilia miraculously appeared in front of him.

He instantly got a headache and wanted to run away from the mischief heading to him.

Coming, coming, this stinking woman is going to force him to play more dramas again.

Rin raised an eyebrow with a cold look on his face: "What?"

Emilia was silent for a long time. Her eyes stared at Rin, but because her eyes were too lifeless Rin didn't understand what she wanted to express.

"What? I didn't bring any food today."



Looking at Rin's dumbfounded face, Emilia tugged on his sleeve, pointed at the toy cat in the window, and then "meowed" again.

Her voice has no ups and downs, but is soft and light, like a kitten in a roadside paper box.

Rin admitted that at this moment, he was a little moved by her cuteness, and even his heart beat a little faster.

However, he could not understand cat language.

"Oh, that fluffy, stupid, silly cat toy is cute, right? It's quite similar to you, no?"


Elise looked at Miss Hero, then at Rin. Her eyes narrowed slightly, then blossomed into an innocent smile.

"Little Rin, Lady Emilia is just imitating being a cat and saying hello to you."

Rin scratched his head, thinking that her "meow" should mean more than that.

Could it be that… she wanted the toy cat?

But if she wanted it, based on what he knew of her personality, she should have just bought it.

It can't be that she's intending to let him buy it for her, can it? Because Miss Hero doesn't accept favors at will, and is in no position to do so.

Forget it, who can understand her thinking!

"Okay, okay, you've said hello. I have a bunch of things to do today. Bye, stupid cat."

Rin waved and reentered the store with Elise.

Emilia stood dumbfounded for a moment, finally dropped her hand and turned away, only to have her earlobes, hidden by her blue hair, redden a bit.

But neither one can guess what she was actually trying to do before.

Elise entered the store and picked around, while Rin was impatiently looking around.

Finally, his eyes fell on the toy cat.

It was a toy made by combining alchemy and puppetry. The toy was only as big as a small kitten, lying on a plate, occasionally standing up and spinning around its own tail, or meowing a few times, among other different actions and expressions.

It is fluffy and also emits a dreamy glow, and the look is more animated than real cats.

If it's put on the table, cat lovers will certainly like it a lot.

Its price is three gold coins. As a toy, it's expensive, but as a magical prop, it's really cheap.

It seems that Emilia, that stupid cat, really likes it.

But she didn't buy it somehow. Anyway, it's definitely not because she has no money, because he saw a lot of gold coins in her wallet last time.

He heard it was a reward for crusading against small magical beasts and finding material.


Right! If I buy this toy, I should only allow that 'stupid cat' to watch it but don't let her touch it, she will definitively be very angry and anxious, then I can avenge myself this way!

Revenge is so difficult. Last time, he used a mild laxative to try to murder Emilia, but she had no reaction at all. Then he remembered that she had a blessing of Abnormal State Resistance (small).

He was even mocked by the system. Damn, how could he have known that Emilia doesn't need to go to the toilet!

Not only that, the Demon King also never goes to the toilet, the silly Elise has a purification BUFF, Yuki's undying bloodline will burn everything that enters the stomach… they also don't need to go to the toilet.

And he, an ordinary villain, the only way for him to reach this level is to practice his magic until it reaches a high level.

Damn it, this group of women is too contrary to the norm.

Thinking of this, Rin bought the toy cat on the spot, which made Elise look very angry for half an hour.

After preparing the gifts, the two took a carriage to the farthest orphanage. By the time they reached the last orphanage, it was already close to evening.

Even with twice the physical strength, Rin felt fatigued. Thanks to Elise's recovery magic, he felt a little better.

Elise and the dean had something to talk about, Rin was really bored and wandered around the orphanage alone.

And at that moment, a ball flew past him, hit the wall and bounced down a few times and rolled to his heels.

Followed by the children's stammering voices.

"Big brother, can you help pass the ball back?"

Rin took a look and found about ten children dressed in orphanage clothes that were surrounding a field, and in the middle of the field, a boy and a girl were standing opposite each other.

Rin disdainfully kicked the ball back, and then continued to think about his own things, only his afterglow was occasionally attracted by the children's game.

To be honest, the game is really not much fun.

Two people stood across from each other and then threw the ball, the person who couldn't catch the ball would leave and let another child play with it. Meanwhile, the other children could only watch them play outside the field.

A little girl noticed Rin and waved her hand, "Big brother, want to play together?"

"I don't have any interest."

A boy mocked, "Big brother is taller than all of us, and he is still afraid to play with us!"

Humph, just a child's dare…

Anyway, Rin walked in immediately with his arms on his chest.

"You naughty children, it seems that I need to teach you a lesson. Only the strong can be respected!"

"Big brother is good at trash talking! Hee hee, I will learn!"

"See the harshness of adults, kids. Today, I'll teach you how to play a game called dodgeball!"

Rin didn't know that while he was playing with the kids, a tall figure was passing by, holding onto a little girl.

Noticing Rin, her eyes flashed and she unconsciously stopped and stood at a distance to watch.

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