Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Evil God, My Sister, Forced Me to Act as a Villain

Ding! "My dear master, please portray the villain sincerely and don't try to break out of character. Otherwise, you will be punished again~."

Those harsh words were said by a lovely voice

Lin Rin sat frozen in the carriage, feeling as if he was living in a dream.

Afterward, his handsome face showed a lifeless expression.

He had transmigrated into a fictional novel world as a villainous NPC.

Furthermore, it was a harem-type light novel, where the male lead gets every girl's love and beats the shit out of the villain over and over again!

Just now, he tried to jump off the carriage, but he was viciously electrocuted.

This also reminded him that this is not a dream.

As for why he came here.

Lin Rin suddenly remembered his NEET sister, who didn't even have the slightest ability to live independently.

Is she my real sister?!

No! Not at all!

Is it possible that I am not her brother at all?

Was I picked up from the trash or rather a giveaway from a prepaid recharge?

In the end, how insane of a sister is she? How can she bear to send her own brother to a light novel world to be a villain?

If I knew my sister was not a human being, then how would I dare rate the book she wrote as garbage and praise the villain in the book?

"I'm so stupid, really."

"I only knew that Lin Wuyue was a scum who couldn't take care of herself, but I didn't think that a scum like her (if she was really a human being) would live past the age of eighteen."

Lin Rin muttered, holding his forehead in pain.

If someone else's sister was a god, she would let her brother have a big harem in another world, right? How can she make her little brother be a cuckold who gets slapped in the face by the protagonist?

Oh, yes, she claims to be an evil god who does all kinds of evil things.

That's okay, I figured it out.

Anyway, as long as I complete the villainous plot, not only can I go back, but I can also bring back all the power I have gained, right?

Not for anyone else.

When I get back, I'll be complaining to mom about all the things you've done in the last few years and all the R-18 PC games you've hidden!

You're screwed!

Good, now it’s time to reflect and try to remember the plot.

Lin Rin frowned and tried to recall.

This light novel is one of the trash novels that Lin Wuyue wrote and he criticized.

So he has a general idea of the plot.

His current character is called Gur Fenix, a villain who would become the most vile man on the entire continent in the future.

However, after he replaced this character's identity, the name Gur had become Rin, and the appearance of the character had become Rin's original appearance.

Two generations of his family are mixed blood.

The planet he is on has several continents. They are Rimkong, Autumnkong, White Album, Mangekyou, Koukaku, and many others.

The names of the continents are quite strange, but Lin Wuyue, as an evil god, is also quite strange. You can't expect her to have good taste for names.

Right now he was on the Mangekyou continent, Gioral Kingdom.

The Fenix family's head is a Grand Duke, giving their family an unshakeable status amongst the nobility.

He as the second son of the Fenix family, has a marriage contract with the kingdom's second princess, Elise Gioral.

Incidentally, Elise is the third heroine of the book, a kind and gentle girl.

They were good friends when they were young, but as time passed, they were unable to spend time together. Two years ago, Elise followed her sister to the border and she only returned before the start of the school year.

There, she heard disturbing tales regarding her betrothed.

However, Elise, the kind and gentle girl that she was, held a fair opinion toward her childhood playmate and fiancé. Even if his character was truly vile, she would still be considerate and continue to treat him fairly. She was more than willing to stop him from committing evil acts.

That was until Gur did a series of heartless things that hurt her, and only then did she leave him.

By the way, the time now was at the beginning of the novel. He was on his way to the Royal Academy of Higher Magic.

This was where the villain had made his first appearance in the plot.

'What's this about?'

Ding! System Reminder "After the carriage arrives at the commercial street, my dear master needs to go to the second hand magic card store and grab the magic card that the heroine wants to buy.

Then, you will have a conflict with the protagonist who happens to pass by. The protagonist will get acquainted with the heroine, and they will develop good feelings towards each other."


Rin thought back.

The first female heroine's class seems to be Hero, and when she first appeared, her level was 11.

In comparison, his own class was Fire Mage, at level 10, but he had the Fenix family's bloodline talent, Immortal Bird (Phoenix).Before his bloodline talent awakened, it would show itself as a kind of flame affinity, and he wouldn't be affected by fire elements that were lower than his own level.

After his talent awakened, it would become a super regeneration ability.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to live for so long after doing so many evil things.

As he thought, the carriage stopped and the attendant respectfully welcomed Rin down.

As a noble young master, he actually doesn't have a maid! This must be wrong, right?

Rin looked around. This is a busy shopping district, and because today is the first day of classes, numerous students in school uniforms were shopping.

The students who knew Rin all backed away from him while warning their peers about his infamous history of bullying other students.

Rin proudly raised his head, with a smug and mischievous smile at the corner of his mouth.

There was no other choice because the system had warned him that he must behave at least 60% similar to the original Gur Fenix, or he would fail the act.

With apparent arrogance, Rin walked to the second magic card store where the plot would start.

As soon as he entered, he saw a young girl with long light blue hair holding a card.

The other customers in the store were secretly peeking at her.

Of course, it was only because of her good looks.

No one knew she was the Hero, because she had just arrived here.

After she, Emilia, enters the school, her Hero identity would be revealed, and from then on, she was destined to be admired by millions of people, carrying the great mission of eradicating the demon king.

As a Hero, she has more than a dozen natural passive skills and several growth-type skills.

One of her passive skills, "Elusive," made it so no one could understand her emotions from her face. At first glance, she appears as an introverted taciturn scholar.

Rin remembered that in the last chapter of the novel, she told the protagonist that they could try to fall in love and then be together.

"How much is it?"

The girl's indifferent voice sounded.

Beside her, the store owner, wearing glasses and looking very sly, quickly said, "One gold coin, no haggling."

This was quite an expensive price.


Perhaps she knew nothing about the price, or she simply didn't care about money. Regardless, she nodded, and reached to take the money from her kitten purse.

Rin arrogantly walked up to her and casually picked up the magic card she had placed on the store owner's counter.

The expressionless Hero looked over. Her eyes were ice blue and looked dull.

Her skin was as white as jade, her appearance was pure, and her features were exceptionally outstanding. However, her most attractive trait was her temperament.

Obviously, the expression on her face could be called "dull." But Rin had a feeling that she was going to do something out of his expectation. This should be the effect of her passive skill, "Elusive."

With such a beautiful face, she deserves to be the first heroine.

But facing his sister every day, who had a pretty face but a sharp and venomous tongue, Rin has basically grown immune to beauty.

He withdrew his gaze, then looked at the mid-level magic card with the flaming fang pattern in his hand and spoke arrogantly.

"I'll take this one."

The attendant behind him pulled out a gold coin, put it on the table, and Rin directly took the card and prepared to leave.

"Ding! My dear master, you behaved very much like a villain! As a useful tip, the worse you behave in front of people, the higher the rewards will be after the end of the plot."

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