The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Sorry, You're Not Tall Enough

Anda Tuozhen quickly walked forward, raised the polyhedron with both hands, and felt around the base.


With a crisp mechanical sound, a hidden door opened.

He stooped and went inside, stood up straight, barely keeping his feet on the rectangle, then closed the door and looked back at Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"Your Excellency?"

"Let's begin."

After receiving the command, Anda Tuozhen stepped inside and moved from one rectangle to another, with the polyhedron rolling forward in sync.

At first, the movement was a bit slow, but as he got more used to it, his speed matched that of a regular person.

He even twisted his body, took a few quick steps.

Walking around the corridor in the workshop, Anda Tuozhen felt excited when she saw Uesugi Kiyoshi's satisfied smile. She shouted loudly to the workers at the door, "Open the workshop door!"

Rolling along the crack of the door onto the open field outside, the long steel cable swept in with a swooshing sound, landing on top of the polyhedron, making a dull knocking sound.


Head Balloon froze, its chubby face showing a puzzled expression. It retracted the steel cable, shook it in front of itself, as if checking for quality issues, then gently tapped a few times.

Having identified the issue with the plastic hard shell, the balloon sneered and launched another attack from a different angle.

Of course, it was still ineffective.

The strength of polycarbonate is much higher than glass. The steel cable couldn't penetrate through the glass, let alone the polyhedron.

After finally breathing a sigh of relief curled up inside, Anda Tuozhen straightened up, took a few more steps forward, then hurriedly turned back.

During this time, the Head Balloon spun around him several times, the steel cables forming a changing circle, but even at its biggest, it was far too small to fit the two-meter high polyhedron inside.

Just like a mouse stealing eggs, not knowing where to start.

"I remembered!" Nakasone Kazuko, who was leaning against the window watching, suddenly exclaimed. Isn't this just like a hamster wheel?!

"Please call it a Protective Walking Machine - Basic Model!" Uesugi Kiyoshi corrected.

He pointed to the interior of the polyhedron, introducing each feature to the girl.

"This is the steering wheel, to control the direction; this is the brake, for use when going downhill; this is the handle, for carrying it upstairs home. The future improved model will also have a mini generator installed, so the light bulb on top can be lit up while moving…"

"Indeed, it's a hamster wheel!"

"It's a Protective Walking Machine! The patent certificate has already been issued!" Uesugi Kiyoshi emphasized again.

The certificate cost him a whopping 2 billion yen! Yumura Hideyoshi was right after all, that deputy director had a strong sense of principle, once he took the money, he got things done regardless of who the client was!

Uesugi Kiyoshi had prepared well to prevent his protective suit from being intercepted. When he applied for the patent, he carefully inquired about the process of patent review, hiding the name of the inventor of the protective walking machine. With a deliberate strategy, he finally gained a chance.

Compared to the protective suit, the walking machine undoubtedly had a better physical sensation.

After all, even though he knew he wouldn't get hurt, the occasional feeling of being trapped was uncomfortable, not to mention the strong, almost unbearable greasy smell.

After wearing it for a long time, Uesugi Kiyoshi himself felt like throwing up.

"This is truly a great invention, Director!" Anda Tuozhen stood by, constantly flattering, "The market prospects must be huge, even Yumura Society's protective suit can't compare! No, it's far inferior!"

"The protective suit was also his invention," Nakasone Kazuko kindly reminded. Look at the protective suit, the trademark's lining clearly states it!

"Oh? Um…"

Uesugi Kiyoshi patted Anda Tuozhen's shoulder, "This product is not meant to replace the protective suit, but to complement it. The applications of the two are still quite different. By the way, you were the former head of the business planning department, do you have any promotion plans?"

Time was running out, he needed to promote the product as quickly as possible in order to reap the maximum benefits.

"Hmm… Can we go to the TV station to do an advertisement?"

"Too cliché, and too slow, let's change it!"

Although fewer people are going out now, the effectiveness of TV commercials has greatly increased, but they are mostly contracted by the Yumura Society. Even if Uesugi Kiyoshi wants to compete, he doesn't have the money.

Anda Tuozhen struggled to speak, but Nakasone Kazuko's eyes lit up with an idea, "How about using advertising balloons?"

"Are you joking, Miss Nakasone?" Anda Tuozhen looked at her as if she was silly.

"Is it not allowed?" Nakasone Kazuko realized, her cheeks turning red. Oh well, there are balloons everywhere in the sky…

Uesugi Kiyoshi suddenly laughed, "Great idea, Kazuko!"


Receiving Uesugi Kiyoshi's business card, Matsuda Shomei was so surprised that she almost bit off her chopsticks.

Yumura Co., Ltd's business card, he had received many before, but they were all delivered by professional intermediaries as proof of his identity.

But now, the prestigious honorary director, an upper-class person, actually condescended to come here and specifically asked to meet the head of the Senju family?

What a great honor!

"Quick, please invite the guest in!"

As the younger brother was about to leave after receiving the order, he was kicked away by Matsuda Shomei.

"Forget it, I will personally go to greet him!"

After welcoming Uesugi Kiyoshi into the main hall and seating him, Matsuda Shomei's excited feelings slightly eased, but his anxious emotions quietly grew.

As a second-rate Yakuza organization in Tokyo, besides gambling and extortion, they could not refuse tasks from big companies. And whenever they were involved, although the pay was good, they also had to pay with a price in flesh and blood.

With such a high-profile figure present this time, the situation was clearly serious, and the cost would undoubtedly be equally severe.

"I would like to borrow 200 members from your organization."

Matsuda Shomei smiled, but his fingernails were deeply embedded in his flesh.

What a generous offer! He had less than 400 people in total, and now half of them would be gone. How many of them would come back?!

But if he refused the request from the Yumura Society, he might not even keep the remaining half…

"Not enough staff? How about 150 people, would that be acceptable?"

Looking at the twisted expression of the opposite gang leader, Uesugi Kiyoshi felt some regret.

While other shops were still closed, the marble shop was already in business. Just walk into any of them, show your identity, and you will naturally find the back of the gang organization.

According to Anda Tuozhen, he did find this organization. However, if the organization lacked manpower, wouldn't it be a wasted trip? Time is very precious!

"Please rest assured, 200 people is absolutely not a problem!"

Matsuda Shomei seemed to have misunderstood something, sweating heavily and bending deeply at the waist.

"Even if it means breaking bones, I am willing to do it!"

"Oh, haha, there's no need for that. I just want you to help sell a product."

"Sell? Product? Us?"

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