The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Unexpected Events in Life

Driven by desire, tens of thousands of treasure hunters headed east as instructed. There stood a large building, just as the broadcast had mentioned.

In front of the building was a huge square with hundreds of girls in pink uniforms queuing up. Upon seeing the guests, they all bent down together.


After a warm welcome, the girls fluttered into the crowd like butterflies, measuring guests' height, chest, waist, and other data.

Based on the data, they were divided into dozens of teams with similar body shapes and lined up at various doors of the fitness club.

"Don't worry, today everyone can achieve their wishes!" emphasized the broadcast.

Daikyo Mineno was lucky to be among the first one thousand, and it was his turn right at eleven o'clock.

Unlike other fitness clubs he had been to before, Ami Keyue Fault Fitness Club looked more like a workshop.

Inside the spacious room, there was only one assembly line with rectangular items stacked densely on it, resembling plastic sheets. In front of the assembly line, there was a reception desk with a tired-looking receptionist sitting behind it.

"Daikyo Mineno, right? Height 175cm, waist 73.1cm, chest 82.4cm..."

The receptionist mumbled as she entered the data into the computer, then pressed the enter key. A rumbling sound immediately rang out, and the conveyor belt behind her quickly moved forward, while a mechanical arm above picked out an item from the plastic sheet and stood it upright on the ground.

"Go and see if it fits."

The words of the receptionist made Daikyo Mineno feel strange, as if he was in a clothing store. But when he saw the full view of the plastic board, he immediately dismissed that thought from his mind.

It wasn't a plastic board, but a stone board. The cracks on the stone board were so familiar, as if they were his own shadow.

These were his cracks, belonging to his hole!

Daikyo Mineno finally understood Nakahisa Kiyokyo's meaning.

The humanoid cracks like his own, seemed to have an inexplicable attraction, taking over his brain, controlling his every move.

Daikyo Mineno was like under a spell, he took off all his clothes, leaving only underwear, then stretched out his hands, step by step, walking into his own traces.

And then he stepped out.


He touched his body and asked in disbelief, "Is this the end?"

"It's only one centimeter wide. How much longer do you want to walk?" The receptionist's attitude wasn't particularly good, it was even impatient. "If you're not satisfied, you can play a few more times, but it's charged per play!"

Play a few more times...

Daikyo Mineno walked around the human-shaped trace slab, returned to the starting point, then entered again, came out, entered, came out...

That inexplicable attraction quickly disappeared, because it was really boring.

It's like when a girl in heavy makeup at the station says to you, "Come play!" But when you go over, you find out she just wants to play a matching game with you.

"If you're done playing, please pay. It's 5000 yen per play, a total of five plays, which will be a discounted price of 25,000 yen."

"Oh, it's so expensive?" Daikyo Mineno felt his heart tighten.

"Of course, building, equipment, labor - all costs money. Our operation has been audited and approved by the local administrative department - do you want to play again?"

"Never mind..."

After Daikyo Mineno paid, he looked at his empty wallet and felt nothing but regret in his heart.

He walked out of the gym and sadly looked up, only to meet the eyes of Yoshida Otoha in the distance.

The girl, who was originally looking very upset, had now completely let go of Matsushita, and even smiled at him, revealing her cute fangs.

Luckily this journey wasn't entirely fruitless...


Just as Uesugi Kiyoshi had promised, tens of thousands of people, within a day, intimately touched their own cracks once or multiple times.

The majority of people left contentedly, holding their empty wallets, but nearly a hundred chose to stay.

Their bodies were not in great shape, eager to experience the fitness services of Ami Keyue Fault Fitness Club.

On the fault, there are 104,000 cracks, with 70% of them only preserving the initial one centimeter, while the remaining spacious cracks, apart from this one centimeter, also have some extra length.

Cracks will make the visitor's body fit perfectly into the gap, thus creating a distorted body. Similarly, you can achieve the desired body shape by simply changing the shape of the gap.

Uesugi Kiyoshi evenly cut the remaining length into modules, allowing users to freely choose modules and then arrange them, ensuring that the resulting body shape is ideal.

No injections, no medication, no exercise, no dieting - just squeeze into a crack that matches your body shape, and you can shed the title of being overweight in a week.

However, forget about muscles; fault cracks don't provide this function.

Yet, that's enough - focusing on the essence without concerning about the process, this is true fitness.

"So, besides these fault cracks that provide weight loss services, can the rest be destroyed?" Hoshimi Rie asked impatiently.

She still had work to finish, and Uesugi Kiyoshi, who was supposed to be on vacation, added a bunch of tasks. Upon arriving here, she saw her own crack and almost undressed in front of Uesugi Kiyoshi.

Uesugi Kiyoshi asked in surprise, "Why would you want to destroy it?"

"Is there any other use for this... I get it!" Hoshimi Rie clapped her hands, suddenly realizing, "Are you planning to let everyone in the world give it a try?"

One person pays ten thousand yen, and the total in the world would be six hundred trillion yen, even higher than Japan's gross domestic product, it's truly a profitable deal without any risk!

"Don't be silly, it will make people very angry!" Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly denied.

Although he had thought about it, he really didn't dare to do it.

The allure of the cracks was extremely strong, if it was really made known to everyone, many people would cancel their current anniversary celebrations, contract signing dates, exam dates, just to rush there at the first opportunity...

Later on, when they sobered up, the Uesugi Society would become the enemy of all mankind.

"So, what do you plan to do with these cracks?"

"It's for a big purpose... it will definitely come in handy in the future!"

With a vague explanation, Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly cited a lack of time and boarded a private helicopter back to Tokyo.

From Nagano Prefecture to Tokyo, it only takes two hours even if you take the Shinkansen, but he still prefers flying in his own plane.

Because it's convenient and safe.

"Boss!" the driver turned around, looking serious, "Our engine has fallen off!"