The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Diligence Makes Up for Clumsiness

At this moment, all the politicians watching the battle stood up and clenched their fists, with serious expressions.

The atmosphere in the command room suddenly became tense, and even the sound of breathing was almost inaudible.

As the highest form of apology in shame culture, once kneeling down is done, the person being worshipped will be greatly shaken mentally, almost powerless to retaliate.

Even if one tries to fight back with the same kneeling gesture, being at a disadvantage due to losing the element of surprise.

"This is not good, even Yagi Kenichi wouldn't be able to withstand this, right? What a pity, what a pity!" Yamazaki Genshu's smile disappeared from his face, replaced by a worried expression.

"That's right, even if they manage to hold on by some chance, they will still be at a disadvantage and won't be able to hold out for long."

Faced with teasing from his competitor, Yagi Mitsuro remained incredibly calm, even returning a smile.

"As Sun Tzu's Art of War says: Know your enemy to win, the key to being a great general. Don't worry, my friend Yamazaki, we have prepared for this, if we can't resist, then we won't resist!"

Won't resist?!

It was then that everyone noticed Aze Xima's posture seemed off.

His knees touched the ground, but his hands were still in the air, and his body wasn't bent at the right angle.

No, it was not that he wasn't bending, but that he couldn't bend!

Just as Aze Xima's knees touched the ground, Yagi Kenichi suddenly braced himself with both hands, like a released arrow, darting forward, throwing himself completely.

As he lunged forward, his body underwent a transformation, lowering his head even further, bending his body more, going from a formal sitting position to a kneeling position, wedging himself directly beneath Aze Xima, acting like a jack, preventing him from completing his move.

Kneeling failed, hand signs incomplete!

"Can this, this be alright?" After watching the replay, Yamazaki Genshu was speechless.

"Of course!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi answered. He couldn't help but cheer after witnessing this exciting scene.

"If stopping the opponent's apology results in their death, it would be natural. However, Yagi player is not like that. Aze Xima can still apologize, even evolving from just apologizing to a higher level, but the opponent is kneeling!"

What great wisdom. By the way, is this where your intelligence shines?

Aze Xima realized the difficult situation he was in. He was sweating, his mind racing, trying to retreat and adjust his position. But how could Yagi Kenichi give him that chance?

"I'm sorry!"

"Very sorry!!"

"I'm truly sorry!!!"

"Sorry to bother you so much!!!"

A sincere apology made Aze Xima's heart flutter and her speed inevitably decreased.

Step by step, Aze Xima found herself unable to break free from the bond with the other.

Like insects mating, the two were tightly attached to each other and inseparable.

"Indeed a clever and effective strategy!" Uesugi Kiyoshi breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, "No wonder you chose a young man to fight, only young males have such stamina!"

His praise boosted Yagi Mitsuro's spirits, but his face quickly darkened.

"Young people also have their downsides, I actually overlooked this..."


"I hope nothing bad will happen?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi was very unhappy with the mysterious person's behavior, just as he was about to ask, the situation suddenly changed.

In the intense battle, the positions of both sides kept changing, from the street center, alleys, to the square... until they moved to the side of a trash can.

Due to the whirlwind caused by the helicopter, the garbage in the bin spilled on the ground, spreading everywhere, with sewage flowing all over.

Aze Xima didn't care about any of this, he didn't care about anything, even lying calmly in the midst of brain matter, as long as he could apologize.

But Yagi Kenichi hesitated as he approached.

In that brief moment, Aze Xima seized the opportunity, broke free from captivity, and finally touched the ground with his hands, forming a kneeling position.

Yagi Kenichi's face changed drastically, then he made up his mind, waded through the sewage, and likewise knelt down in response, but it was already too late.

What followed was the garbage time...

Seeing all this, Yagi Mitsuro covered his face with his hands, his voice filled with regret and sadness.

"Emotions, appearance, surroundings, in the end, Kensuke lost because appearance mattered the most. His prestigious background made it hard for him to disgrace himself. Kenichi from the Yagi family, a future star, withered like this... Mr. Uesugi, maybe this sacrifice is worth having a partner like you?"

"Ah, let's take a closer look at this, get ready for the next contestant!"

Yagi Kenichi's final resistance lasted nearly five hours before it came to an end, his lofty ambitions unfulfilled, turned into mere brainpower.

Xima Aze sat still, took a few quick breaths, was about to leave when a car roared up and stopped in front of him.

Getting out of the car was a middle-aged man, looking sorrowful, wearing only a loincloth, covered in bruises, and carrying a rough cane behind him.

As soon as he appeared, the man got down on the ground in a bow, apologizing profusely while moving quickly forward.

"I'm Takahiro Shinoda from the Shinoda family in Chiba Prefecture, I'm sorry for coming here!"

"You're back again?!!" Aze Xima howled, almost falling to the ground.


The intense battle lasted for seven days and nights. Many brave political elites fought one after another, but in the end, they all lost.

The last to appear was Yamazaki Genshu. His apologies were almost perfect, and he easily defeated Aze Xima. His pale hair and frail body added power to his apologies, but also made him unable to fight for long.

"What a pity, why are you so strange?!"

Yamazaki Genshu knelt weakly on the ground, his brain oozing out, expressing his regrets.

"After more than ten years of persistent practice, you have actually surpassed us professionals. Is this what they mean by 'hard work pays off'... If you were not strange and could marry into the Yamazaki family, then Japan's number one family would be within reach! What a shame, what a shame..."

Aze Xima gasped for breath and waited again, until there were no new opponents left, before finally closing his eyes in peace.

Without eating for seven consecutive days, he starved to death this time.

"So troublesome, looks like I have to be transferred too!"

Aze Qiantan quickly licked a bit of the leftovers of Yamazaki Genshu, but immediately spit it out, gagging.

"The politician's brain is really hard to swallow."