The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: A Pleasurable Apology

The person secretly protecting Uesugi Kiyoshi arrived by his side in just over thirty seconds.

At this time, Kano Academy had turned into a hellish place.

From teachers to students, nearly two thousand people, almost all collapsed on the ground, their brains melting into liquid, flowing out through the facial orifices.

These juices, most of them still retain the consciousness of being human.

They flow on the ground, not sure what has happened to their bodies.

"Why is this happening..."

"This is me..."

"What's wrong with my body?"

In confusion and bewilderment, a girl's juice on the ground was restless, writhing, and emitting angry shouts.

"It's Aze Xima, that apology maniac!"


One month ago, Aze Xima came to Shenye Academy as a transfer student.

He wore a pair of golden glasses, with neatly combed hair and a clean school uniform that fit well. He looked quite handsome, and many girls started to like him as soon as they saw him.

However, during the self-introduction, Aze Xima showed a different side of himself than usual.

"I'm really sorry this time! I apologize, I'm sorry..."

He didn't mention any personal hobbies or talents at the beginning, instead he kept bowing and apologizing to the whole class.

At first, everyone thought he was joking, but during his time at school, whenever he broke a vase or accidentally touched a classmate, he would immediately bend down and express his apologies sincerely.

As time went by, Aze Xima started standing in the middle of the school road, bowing and kneeling to every passing teacher and student, earning him the title of an apology maniac.

His unique behavior attracted the attention of the school's troublemakers, who bullied the transfer student freely and even forced him to drink water from the toilet.

As a classmate, Ariyuki Yuuko couldn't stand by and spoke up for him.

"Xima, if anyone bullies you in the future, come to me or the teacher! But you apologize too much, you can't always bow and bend like this... Why do you keep apologizing all the time?"

Aze Xima didn't answer her question, she just kept saying "I'm sorry."

Ariyuki Yuuko's confusion was only resolved when she met a peculiar little girl.

She was Aze Xima's little sister, Aze Qiantan, only about eight or nine years old, but she wasn't really cute.

What was even more terrifying were those eyes shining with evil light, a disgustingly long tongue, and a hobby of sucking brain fluid.

"My brother is a super scary person, he has been trying to summon demons since he was a child, and one day he succeeded. But demons are not something ordinary people can touch."

"So he is always apologizing, not to the humans in front of him, but praying for the demon's forgiveness."

"In return, the demon gives him immense pleasure, every time he apologizes, it makes him ecstatic and also makes the other person's brain dissolve. That's how my parents died too."

"He dissolves brains, I suck brain fluid, we siblings are the perfect match, hehehe..."

Aze Qiantan's story was so ridiculous that even when Ariyuki Yuuko saw two empty brain shells with her own eyes, she still half-believed it.

How could an apology make someone's brain melt? It's really unbelievable!

It wasn't until even the parents who often met Aze Xima melted that she made up her mind to report to the research institute and warn her classmates and teachers at school.

But upon arriving at the school, she also turned into a thick liquid.

"We can't forgive! We didn't wrong him, yet we ended up in this situation. Please make sure to seek revenge for us!"

Ariyuki Yuuko's unwilling roar startled the other bewildered teachers and students, who let out resentful cries that merged into a sentence.


Only a few were willing to accept Nakasone Kazuko's abilities, release their soul energy, and find peace. The vast majority of victims refused to rest in peace, wanting to witness the mastermind receive retribution with their own eyes.

Uesugi Kiyoshi nodded, making promises and assurances.

"Don't worry, I will definitely seek revenge for all of you!"

Following his instructions, the thick liquid on the ground was carefully separated and stored in different containers, then sent to the research institute for safekeeping.

Uesugi Kiyoshi then arrived at the command room of the research institute.

In less than an hour, the information about Aze Xima and her sister Aze Qiantan had already been delivered to him.

After the students and teachers at Kano Academy showed signs of dissolution, they immediately left Tokyo on the Shinkansen and arrived in Okayama Prefecture.

The research institute branch there quickly utilized all their resources and soon discovered their whereabouts.

"Sir, how should we deal with the two of them?"

"Let's try eliminating them first!" Facing the inquiry, Uesugi Kiyoshi replied without hesitation, "Put on noise-canceling headphones, avoid facing the target directly, and then use cold weapons, sniper rifles, or RPGs, whichever you prefer, but do it quickly and cleanly!"

The previous dissolution incidents had been dismissed by the local government as an unexplained epidemic, but now, with today's addition, a total of three thousand lives had disappeared, a sin that even death couldn't undo.

However, Uesugi Kiyoshi had not yet figured out a way to make the other party fully repay for their sins. In this case, to prevent further destruction, he had no choice but to eliminate the matter entirely.

After receiving the order, he looked at the screen.

Aze Xima siblings were walking in the mountain path with packages on their back, arguing as they walked.

At that moment, both of them were hit at the back of their heads, blood splattered, and they fell to the ground. Before hitting the ground, they were struck by a rocket.

Soon, heavily armored soldiers appeared on the screen. They approached the motionless bodies and started the chainsaw.

This process went on for a full thirty minutes, before Okayama Prefecture pressed the communication button to report that the work was completed.

Uesugi Kiyoshi waited for a moment, checked the urn for anything unusual, and was about to leave the control room to inform the victims when Ehime Prefecture pressed the communication button.

"Your Excellency, we suddenly discovered the whereabouts of Aze Xima siblings..."

"How is that possible?" The official from Okayama Prefecture said in disbelief, "As you must have seen, they have turned to ashes now."

Ehime Prefecture remained silent, but sent over their recorded video.

In the busy street on the screen, two figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere - a boy in glasses and a small girl, who were the Aze siblings.

After standing still for a moment, they touched the back of their heads, showing a mix of confusion and relief, then quickly left the street.

Coming back to life...?

Uesugi Kiyoshi rubbed his hands.

Quite interesting.