The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Even Idol Dramas Wouldn't Use This Plotline

Uesugi Kiyoshi pondered for a moment and quietly asked the girl beside him, "Do you know about Yumura Co., Ltd?"

"You haven't even heard of this name?" Nakasone Kazuko was very surprised.

"Um, I've been abroad before and don't know much about Japanese companies."

"So that's it… From what I know, Yumura Co., Ltd is a powerful multinational corporation. They are involved in various industries and are among the best in each of them!"

She lifted her collar and showed the logo behind it, "Look, even this outfit I'm wearing is from Yumura clothing production!"


Uesugi Kiyoshi couldn't help but look down following the collar, only to be turned away by the angry girl.

"Don't be mean… By the way, they mentioned a patent, when did you apply for a patent?"

The patent office might not be open yet, besides, they have been together during this time. It wouldn't make sense for her not to know if they were applying for a patent.

"Well, it was the day after your good friend, Fujino Hidemi passed away."

Just two weeks ago, Uesugi Kiyoshi had just found out his identity when he heard the news of his classmate's death on the way to school, Fujino Hidemi.

The body was found outside the wall of her apartment, the cause of death was hanging, with a steel cable around her neck irregularly tangled on the power lines of the outer wall. Because of her own body weight, her neck was almost broken.

As a famous teenage idol star, Fujino Hidemi's death made countless fans cry, and it made Uesugi Kiyoshi realize what kind of world he was in.

While some may think she chose to hang herself on the outside wall of the apartment due to external pressures, Uesugi Kiyoshi knew that Fujino Hidemi was the first victim of Head Balloon.

After hanging her up, Head Balloon was planning to fly away, but the steel cable accidentally got tangled in the power line, so they had to abandon the body and leave alone.

Before long, the overwhelming Head Balloon would sweep in, and the sword of Damocles would hang over everyone's heads.

Uesugi Kiyoshi once considered speaking out about what he knew, but after recalling the original work where even though Head Balloon was filmed, made the news, and no one still believed, he gave up.

From that day on, he began his own plan.

"Knock, knock."

The knocking sound resounded again, the visitor persisted, and Nakasone Kazuko suddenly gasped nervously.

"Could they be… trying to steal your patent directly?"

Even she could imagine how profitable the patent for protective suits could be. Although the other party is a big company, their reputation is not very good, rumored to be involved with the underworld. Dealing with a high school student would be a piece of cake, right?

"Or, or we just ignore them!" Nakasone Kazuko clenched her fists, her mind spinning quickly, "They probably won't break in, if we don't respond, maybe these two will think we're not home and leave!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi pointed to the top of their heads.

Just kidding!

No need to look, he already knew that the two balloons on the roof are still floating around, who would believe they're not home?

Besides, he has been waiting for this moment.

"I will talk to them, you wait for me at home."

Uesugi Kiyoshi stood up, adjusted his clothes, took a few steps, then turned back to take out a hand crossbow and handed it to Nakasone Kazuko. The girl took it, hesitated for a moment, and then her gaze became determined.

"Please don't worry, I will protect you by your side!"

"Um, I just wanted you to keep this for me…"

Carrying Nakasone Kazuko upstairs, Uesugi Kiyoshi put on protective gear, walked to the entrance, and cleared his throat.

"Although you should already know, I want to emphasize that my patent is still pending approval. If something happens to the applicant, the procedure will become much more complicated."

There was a moment of silence outside the door, followed by a resigned response.

"Mr. Uesugi, do you have any misunderstanding about us? We are a lawful and trustworthy multinational corporation."

"Can a lawful and trustworthy company grow into a multinational corporation?"


"Ha, just kidding." Uesugi Kiyoshi opened the door, stepped out of the room, and said. So, shall we go?

"…Go where?"

"Of course, I should go to your company. It's such an important matter, I would like to talk with your president in person, is that too much?"


With Uesugi Kiyoshi's insistence, the two representatives finally made a compromise.

The road was filled with oil stains as their car drove cautiously, arriving in front of the building with the sign "Yumura" only in the evening.

The tall building, which should have been magnificent, now looked like an elevated fortress. The windows on the building were all covered tightly with metal sheets, and a long metal pathway was newly built at the main entrance, only wide enough for one person.

Always determined and persistent, following Uesugi Kiyoshi, however, the Head Balloon could only stop here and let out a resentful screech.

Upon entering the building, Uesugi Kiyoshi felt as though he had stepped into a different world.

Everyone they encountered on the way was wearing the same uniform, rushing around looking weary. The sound of typing and chatting filled the air, while phones rang continuously. All of this left Uesugi Kiyoshi speechless.

"How can you work normally in such an environment?"

"To be accurate, it's normal to take the company bus to work every day."

"But when they finish work, they have to find their own way home, because we have limited drivers."

The two representatives quickly arrived at the reception area, settled the visitors, and then took their leave.

"Please wait here for a moment, we need to report to our boss."

Uesugi Kiyoshi waited for nearly an hour, drinking five cups of coffee, before an elderly man in a loose bathrobe emerged.

He was around sixty years old, bald, slightly overweight, with a large forehead and small eyes, looking peculiar like a freshly set-up Go board, appearing quite strange.

"This is Yumura Hideyoshi, the president of Yumura Co., Ltd! I am his secretary, Kenichi Koike," the suit-wearing man introduced respectfully.

Uesugi Kiyoshi stood up, politely extended his hand, but Yumura Hideyoshi ignored it and sat down directly.

"Koike, what time will Dr. Noda from the research institute come to report?" he asked the man in the suit and glasses.

"We are here. Dr. Noda mentioned a breakthrough in the research on the Head Balloon!" Kenichi Koike gave Uesugi Kiyoshi a meaningful look.

"Let him wait for another 5 minutes."

After giving the order, Yumura Hideyoshi picked up a teacup, took a sip, then turned to Uesugi Kiyoshi.

"Let's begin now."

His voice sounded plain, but with the silent subordinates around and the empty room, it carried an unknown pressure.

However, Uesugi Kiyoshi felt bored.

Too cliché!

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